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Free Speech Frauds: Gov. Greg Abbott and the Pro-Israel Right (Video)

Glenn Greenwald

Israeli Withdrawal | Owens & Shapiro Debate | The Daily Show on DEI | Poland to Criminalize ‘hate’ (Video)

No White Guilt

Elon Musk, Rogan & J.K. Rowling DECRY Scotland’s New Hate Crimes Law! (Video)

Scotland has passed a new hate speech law that critics are decrying as an assault on free speech. While defenders of the law insist that the law safeguards free speech, the reality is that the State is granted the leeway to decide what consists of “hate speech,” which will allow for selective prosecution based on who’s “in” or “out” with the establishment.

John Waters: Hate Speech Laws & Politicians Selling Ireland Out (Video)

Gript Media

Biden Pushes Hate Crime HOAX, LIES About Nex Benedict’s Death To Push Agenda (Video)


Leftist Nex Benedict Story IS FAKE, ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX EXPOSED, Jussie Smollett 4.0 (Video)


Media Covers Up Anti-White Hate Crime (Video)

In this video I discuss an incident that occurred in NYC’s Grand Central Station where a person with a lengthy criminal history attacked 2 teenage girls ages 14 & 16 visiting from South America while expressing Anti-white views

Hate Crime Hoax: Man Burns Down His Own House (Video)

A man in Huntsville, Texas is now charged with arson for burning down his own house in a racist hate crime hoax – Matt Christiansen breaks down the story.

Finnish politician charged with HATE SPEECH – ‘It is not only about me!’ (Video)

‘It is not only about me, it is about the freedom of speech for all Finnish Christians.’ Finnish politician Paivi Rasanen discusses the implications of being charged with ‘hate speech’ and what it means for the future of free speech in the world.

The Terrifying World of Soviet Theme Parks (Video)

Greetings Comrade and welcome to the strange, terrifying world of communist theme parks. Today, we’re going to take a look at how the Soviet Union influenced different theme parks and attractions, whether they exist today or were built by the Soviets themselves.