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JD Vance Calls For BREAKING UP Google After It’s Revealed They’re RIGGING 2024 Election (Video)

Timcast IRL

The TRUTH About How De Beers Manipulated Price of Diamonds (Video)

Patrick Bet-David explains what is potentially the biggest scam and most successful marketing campaign of all time. The De Beers diamond story.

Peter Boghossian on Ivy League Cover-Ups: Harvard Plagiarism Just the Tip of the Iceberg (Video)

“The [academic] institution wanting to protect people who have committed fraud is another level of fraud. So, that’s like another story. So, you have: plagiarism is one, entire bodies of literature that are corrupt, institutions protecting people who ‘cheated’ – there’s really no there’s no politic or polite way to say it, nor should there be. And then you have other things that we can talk about, like citation cartels, etc. But those are the three areas of corruption to me.”- Peter Boghossian

Fine Art: the world’s most secret tax scam (Video)

How fine art is used to evade taxes, and how the fine art market is a scam. In this video, I’m uncovering one of the least well known things in the global tax evasion scene: how fine art is used by people to evade taxes.

African-American academics and plagiarism (Video)

From Martin Luther King to the chief diversity and inclusion officer at Harvard University, there seems to be a theme involving copying the work of others and concealing the fact.

Mass Voter Fraud CONFIRMED From Coast-To-Coast! Kari Lake Goes OFF (Video)


West Virginia Secretary of State and Gubernatorial Candidate Mac Warner Explains Why He Believes 2020 Election was “Stolen by CIA” (VIDEO)

Warner further questioned the response—or lack thereof—of active CIA and FBI operatives during the time, insinuating their complicity in what he described as suppressive actions by big tech companies.

In a live broadcast on “Gateway: Beyond the Headlines” — the flagship show of Vigilant News Network (VNN) — West Virginia Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Mac Warner explained why he believed that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen by the CIA.

During a recent debate held by Metro News, Warner doubled down on his past allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Mac Warner, a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Army and the current Secretary of State of West Virginia, made the bold statement that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a role in stealing the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump.

“The election was stolen, and it was stolen by the CIA,” he said.


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Ex-Facebook diversity leader pleads guilty to stealing more than $4 million from company

As part of the scheme, Furlow-Smiles linked PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App accounts to her Facebook credit cards and used those accounts to pay friends, relatives, and other associates for goods and services purportedly provided to Facebook.

A former global diversity strategist at Facebook pleaded guilty to wire fraud after stealing more than $4 million from the social media giant “to fund a lavish lifestyle” in California and Georgia, federal prosecutors said.

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, who led various Facebook Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs from 2017 through mid-2021, stole the money “through an elaborate scheme involving fraudulent vendors, fictitious charges, and cash kickbacks,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta said in a statement.

Furlow-Smiles, who pled guilty in Atlanta federal court on Monday, was not the top DEI leader for Facebook, whose parent company is Meta.

Among other things, prosecutors said, Furlow-Smiles, 38, caused Facebook to pay people for goods and services that were never actually provided to the company and then had those individuals pay her kickbacks.

“These individuals included friends, relatives, former interns from a prior job, nannies and babysitters, a hair stylist, and her university tutor,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.


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Elon Musk Gets MORE Based (Video)

Elon Musk shared a video on X, formerly Twitter, of a woman stuffing an Atlanta ballot box. This is huge news. If there’s anyone to blame for rigging the 2020 election, it would be the big tech oligarchs. The big tech oligarchs have been infiltrated.

8 Revelations from Sam Bankman-Fried’s Trial that Contributed to the FTX Boss Being Found Guilty

The testimony against disgraced former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried from his inner circle and his own disastrous testimony key factors leading to his conviction this week, and now the Democrat super donor faces up to 100 years in prison. Breitbart News reported on eight key facts from the trial that likely contributed to the jury’s finding of guilt.

Jurors convicted Sam Bankman-Fried of seven counts of fraud and conspiracy on Thursday. Outside of the courthouse in Manhattan, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said that the government has “no patience” for fraud and corruption.

“These players like Sam Bankman-Fried might be new, but this kind of fraud, this kind of corruption, is as old as time,” Williams said.

“We respect the jury’s decision. But we are very disappointed with the result. Mr. Bankman Fried maintains his innocence and will continue to vigorously fight the charges against him,” Bankman-Fried lead defense attorney Mark Cohen said in a statement.

Bankman-Fried has been remanded in a federal jail in Brooklyn, New York and the sentencing hearing for Bankman-Fried will reportedly start in March. A second trial for five additional charges will also begin in March.


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