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Facebook Content Creators Fight Back Against Site Censorship as Pages Removed

Like the meme page revolt earlier this year, which included some of Facebook’s largest meme pages, #PowerToThePages seeks to raise awareness of the censorship that is currently taking place on the platform.

A group of nearly a thousand of Facebook’s top page owners are attempting to put a halt to the site’s increasing censorship.

“I have lost 4.3 million likes on one of my pages with a reach of over 183 million daily, and was gaining approximately 15,000 fans weekly,” claimed page owner Jason Karpowich, who has allegedly lost around four other pages with 1 million likes each, and around 50 with between 100,000 and 500,000 likes. “Overall, with all of the Facebook page purges, I lost around 12 million fans and with the loss of these pages a few families have lost their income due to these unjust Facebook purges/unpublishings.”

“We have been trying to contact Facebook for months to no avail,” he continued. “The only response you get is from a bot and auto response, so we formed a group called #PowerToThePages to get the Facebook page owners together.”

Social media entrepreneur and WTF Magazine owner Jason M. Fyk, who is also a part of the #PowerToThePages group, told Breitbart Tech that Facebook’s purge of pages meant that he had to let go of his former employees and rethink his business steps after they reduced his traffic substantially. He was even sanctioned by the site for posting a picture of Family Guy cartoon star Peter Griffin dancing while holding his digital man-boobs.


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The communist cannibals: Shocking images reveal the depravation suffered by peasants forced to eat HUMANS during the 1920s Russian famine

The Russian famine of 1921–22, also known as Povolzhye famine, occurred in Bolshevik Russia. It began in early spring of 1921 and lasted through 1922. Civil war and Lenin’s policy of seizing food from peasants caused the devastating man-made famine. Around 30 million people were affected and around five million died.

Standing solemnly in their thick winter coats behind a table laden with children’s body parts, this is the grave photo of a couple that shows how starving people turned to cannibalism to survive during a man-made famine in 1920s Russia.

More than five million people died during the catastrophe, which began in 1921 and lasted through 1922.

Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin, had been in charge of the country since 1917. In a chilling disregard for the suffering of his fellow countrymen he instructed food to be seized from the poor.

Lenin’s Bolsheviks party believed peasants were actively trying to undermine the war effort and by taking their food away it reduced their strength.

The famine was able to take root with ease due to the economic problems caused by World War I, five years of civil war, and a drought in 1921 which led to 30 million Russians becoming malnourished.

As Lenin declared ‘let the peasants starve’, the result was to force them to resort to trading human flesh on the black market.


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Faked News: Your Guide to 22 Post-Election Hate Hoaxes

There’s been a virtual Klan rally of hate hoaxes since the 2016 presidential election, as a mob of frustrated Social Justice Warriors, bored youths, and resentful liberals hide under hoods of lies while trying to tar and stigmatize Donald Trump and his ordinary American supporters.

Given this parade of progressive fakery, journalists should be a lot more skeptical towards claims of hate crimes, and the police should be more willing to prosecute the social arsonists who concoct these costly, society-shredding hate hoaxes for personal gain.

Muslim student in Louisiana ‘fabricated’ story about Trump supporters grabbing her hijab: The student claimed that two white males assaulted her, shouted racial epithets, pulled off her head covering, and stole her wallet while she was walking near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus. She claimed one of them was wearing a Donald Trump hat.

After the story created a media and Internet firestorm, the woman admitted she fabricated the tale, and was ultimately charged with filing a false police report. Virtually none of the mainstream media reporting about her phony report was skeptical – they reported the assault as fact, not as a claim, portraying it as part of a Trump reign of terror sweeping across campuses.

Interestingly, the identity of the hoaxer never seems to have been released, despite promises that it would be. If the police ever released her name, the media lost interest in reporting that detail. There also doesn’t seem to be any follow-up journalism about her motives for fabricating the crime.

Williams College students disciplined for KKK hoax: After the election, two students doused a staircase in fake blood and wrote “AMKKK KILL” on the walls. Massachusetts State police and the FBI joined the ensuing investigation, only to determine it was a hoax hate crime.


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Arizona Man Hit with Terrorism Charges

A man from Phoenix has been accused of plotting an Islamic State (ISIS)-inspired attack, reports say.

Twenty-year-old Derrick Thompson, who changed his name to Abu Talib Al-Amriki when he converted to Islam, was charged by authorities for trying to obtain firearms and for attempting to incite others to join a radical ISIS plot to commit terror in the U.S., Arizona’s 3TV reports.

The indictment says Thompson attempted to take possession of a prohibited deadly weapon.

Thompson was arrested on December 20 after a two-year investigation by the Phoenix Field Office of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The investigators allege that Thompson has a history of searching for ISIS-related websites, and has praised so-called “lone wolf” terror attacks on social media, reported.

In October, for instance, investigators told the court that Thompson wrote in praise of ISIS, “Right, we need to get down with this ISIS s–t.”


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Sanctuary San Francisco Threatened by Rising Crime

San Francisco’s 20 years of lax law enforcement, no illegal immigration enforcement, and a growing government has turned the once beautiful city into a crime ridden haven.

The Golden Gate Bridge has always been a major attraction to see while in San Francisco. Now streets are strewn with other attractions: discarded syringes, human feces, and the smell of public urination in its subway systems and elevators that is so prolific it damages the elevators and escalators.

Marc Joffe, a director of research at the California Policy Center think tank said, “There’s a very tolerant attitude. You can very much do anything on the streets you want. As members of a civilized society, there are things you should not accept. But we have ignored that… and there is nobody on the other side setting limits.”

Democratic state Representative David Chu of San Francisco defended his city and said, “San Francisco is a world-class city with tremendous natural beauty and diverse progressive residents. We value inclusiveness and innovation, which is why so many social justice movements and tech companies have started here. We must be doing something right when 25 million visitors came last year and our economy is thriving.”

San Francisco has been known for decades for being lax and “counter-culture” since way back in the 1960’s. However, this “don’t hassle anyone” attitude has apparently caught up with them.

According to Fox News, “San Francisco now ranks at or near the top of numerous national surveys tracking homelessness, the cost of housing and other issues.”


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Man of the Year: Chief Trump Strategist Stephen K. Bannon

A tribute to an unsung hero.

TIME magazine named Donald Trump “Person of the Year” for 2016, and we could have done the same. But this would have been to over-simplify a victory that millions of Americans believe has brought this nation back from the brink of destruction, and has done so against what seemed impossible odds. In the just completed election campaign, a vicious partisan press substituted character assassination for reporting and joined malicious Democrats in demonizing Trump and his supporters as racists, sexists, Islamophobes, xenophobes and religious bigots, while dismissing the candidate as “unfit to sit in the White House.”

From the outset Trump distinguished himself as a self-confident warrior who refused to be “politically correct.” Trump won the primaries and eventually the election because, unlike Republicans before him, he refused to be intimidated by leftist witch-hunters and their reputation-burning attacks.

But Trump’s very fearlessness, self-confidence and disregard for progressive bigotry – his indisputable strengths – came with a downside that threatened to undo him. Even as he responded to the defamation from whatever quarter it came, his campaign message was pushed into the background until it was in danger of being altogether lost. Questions began to be raised and not only by opponents. Could Trump be presidential? Could he stick to a winning message? Lackluster polling numbers sparked a panic among feckless Republicans who began demanding that Trump be replaced as the nominee. Even in the camp of the faithful, supporters began to wonder if their candidate was too thin-skinned and undisciplined to win, and – equally important – whether such a strong-willed individual could listen to a voice that was not his own. Could he ever trust and then avail himself of a counselor, who would focus his message and keep him on course?


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Sarah Palin: President Trump Should ‘Call for the Unshackling of the Political Bands Tying Us to the UN’ (Audio)

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, former Alaska Governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin talked with Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam about the return of national sovereignty that began with Brexit and might lead to a United States withdrawal from the United Nations in the wake of its anti-Israel vote.

“I think many of us have called for America to really step up and consider what it is that we are funding and supporting via the UN, and how it works so hard really against U.S. interests, and just saying – look what the U.K. just did,” Palin said, referring to the Brexit vote.

“This is such an encouraging time, where it’s not just us, but those across the pond, too, are understanding that their nation’s sovereignty and security are on the line here, with the ties that bind us to interests that really don’t further our agendas,” she declared.

“So when the U.K. made its move, it was just another reason to call yet again for the U.S. to get the heck out of the UN and get the UN out of the U.S. Let’s get going on putting America first so that we can sweep our own porch before telling other nations how to sweep theirs,” she advised.


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Camille Paglia: ‘Universities Are an Absolute Wreck Right Now’ (Video)

“The universities are an absolute wreck right now,” said Camille Paglia. “For decades any graduate student in the humanities who had independent thinking was driven out.”

The 7 most outrageous student protests in 2016 (Video)

Just imagine what the protests will be like next year!

Over the past year, students have been noticeably more politically active than usual due to the election cycle. Controversial speakers spoke, posters displayed, and student groups supported various candidates.

This resulted in many protests and, ultimately, 2016 became the year of the passionate protester.

Here are the seven most outrageous student protests:

7. Students tear down anti-Hillary flyers because they ‘don’t agree’

Students at the University of Florida were caught tearing down pro-Trump and anti-Hillary posters on Election Day. When asked why they were tearing down the signs, responses ranged from “I don’t agree with it, it’s offensive,” to “I plead the Fifth.”

After another student tore down posters, she said that, “this campus should not support violence, and that is violence,” while trying to attempt to explain “the difference between free speech and actually supporting violence.”

Don’t ask us how campaign posters are violent. We’re still trying to figure it out, ourselves.

6. Code Pink students disrupt Trump speech to protest ‘horrifying’ language

In June, student protesters interrupted a campaign speech by Donald Trump, shouting “Stop trump, Stop hate.” Trump responded by labeling them “professional agitators.”

These students were members of “Code Pink” a feminist movement founded in response to the Iraq War. They claimed they were protesting “Trump’s hateful language,” adding “[w]e don’t stop talking about these people who are being harmed in war-torn regions, you know, the role that America has played in making these regions the way that they are.”


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Trump populism comes to Canada as Conservatives seek leader

“Elites pretend this isn’t an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration),” Leitch said in an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario.

Canada’s answer to Donald Trump is a pediatric surgeon and former cabinet minister who, like the U.S. president-elect, is railing against immigration and political elites.

Kellie Leitch, 46, has vaulted to the front of the race to lead the opposition Conservative Party by pushing a hard-right “Canadian values” platform that taps into discontent over the sluggish economy and Canada’s acceptance of 37,000 Syrian refugees.

Leitch is ahead of about a dozen candidates in the most recent opinion polls on the Conservative leadership election, scheduled to be held on May 27, 2017. The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

“Elites pretend this isn’t an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration),” Leitch said in an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario.

She has professed admiration for Trump’s embrace of the ordinary voter, and acknowledged similarities in their agendas.

“I am talking about screening immigrants, I am talking about building pipelines, I am talking about making sure Canadians have jobs, so yeah, some of the ideas and language are the same,” said Leitch, an energetic and plain-spoken former labor and women’s affairs minister.


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