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The Full Charles Murray: Race and IQ, Government Welfare, and Crime (Video)

Many people hate Charles Murray. They call him “dangerous” because he wrote about racial IQ differences.

‘CALIFORNIA WILL COLLAPSE’: Kennedy warns against expanding welfare state and open immigration (Video)

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss California’s move to offer universal health insurance to migrants, regardless of documentation.

NYC Gives Migrants Money and Food Meant For Citizens | Not Enough to Go Around. (Video)

Nate the Lawyer

The reparations bandwagon picks up speed and is heading our way… (Video)

The Prime Minister of Barbados has helpfully calculated how much Britain owes in reparations for slavery. She says that it comes to $24tn. In case you wonder how much that is in real money, it is 19 thousand billion pounds. Where we will find this sum is an interesting point.

Those seeking reparations for the African slave trade might like to approach some Arab nations (Video)

There is no doubt that the trade in enslaved Africans was a terrible thing, but it is possible that the transatlantic slave trade was not the worst as far as deaths go. The Arabs operating in East Africa probably were responsible for more deaths overall.

Chicago Pays $9K In Rent For Each Migrant Family While Homeless Is On The Cold Streets (Video)

Phillip Scott reports on Chicago paying up to $9000 in rent to landlords for migrants to stay in homes or apartments.

More than a dozen Broward deputies charged with PPP loan fraud (Video)

Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony joined federal law enforcement officials Thursday for a news conference announcing the arrests of 17 Broward Sheriff’s Office employees suspected of fraudulently applying for and receiving Paycheck Protection Program loans.

California Reparations Moves Forward. What’s Next? | Tony Hall (Video)

“I’ve never seen a more insidious, inane, exploitive, and cruel plan put forth to the American public. You’re asking non-slave owners to pay people who were never slaves $5 million per black guy in San Francisco. The average household is going to have to pay $600,000.”

Illegal immigrants to Britain are offered interest-free loans; only foreigners need apply (Video)

At a time when many people in this country are struggling financially and some turn to loan sharks, the British government decides to lend asylum-seekers money, without requiring interest on the loans.

Universal Basic Income NOW Confirmed w/ 100% Proof (Video)