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December 29, 2021

Mike Rowe on Lockdowns, Safety Third, Dignity of Work and College Loans (Video)

Here’s John Stossel’s full interview with Mike Rowe. We discuss a range of topics from lockdowns to why college is often a waste of money.

June 28, 2021

Mike Rowe: COVID-19 has revealed college for what it REALLY is (Video)

‘You’re gonna be left with a breathtakingly overpriced product’

In this episode of “The Rubin Report,” BlazeTV host Dave Rubin was joined by “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe to talk about the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns and how they might permanently change many aspects of our lives.

Mike explained why he believes the pandemic has revealed college and higher education to be an overpriced luxury and said he hopes that this will cause us to rethink how we structure education in the US.

“I think when the dust settles, higher education is going to be revealed as the luxury brand that it truly is,” he told Dave. “And when you take away all of the stuff that has nothing to do with learning or connecting, you’re gonna be left with a breathtakingly overpriced product.”

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:


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March 6, 2021

The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe – Episode 189: Damnatio Memoriae (That’s Latin for Cancel Culture) – Audio

In what appears to be an ongoing quest to get himself cancelled, Mike weighs in on the statue controversy much to the alarm of his producer, Chuck. Their conversation then pivots to the  situation in San Francisco, where the school board has recently voted to remove the names of Washington and Lincoln from the facades of public schools – a truly bizarre decision that left Mike to wonder how in the world so many powerful people have managed to get their heads so far up their own asses.

March 4, 2021

We Are ALL Essential with Mike Rowe (Video)

Mike Rowe tells John Stossel that Covid rules had a huge unintended consequence: They crushed work, sapping meaning from many people’s lives.

May 22, 2020

An Unsolicited Commencement Speech Delivered at the Height of the Plague (Video)

I’m very flattered by the many invitations to speak a various virtual graduations this year, and very sorry to say I’m unable to accomodate everyone. I did however, want to say something generally to all those men and women graduating from a trade school, and, to those high school graduates, about to enter one. If you know someone in either category, (and even if you don’t) I’d be grateful if you’d share this.

January 12, 2017

Mike Rowe Responds to Trump’s Promise to Bring Manufacturing Back (Video)

Television host Mike Rowe told Tucker Carlson that the idea of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, as President-elect Donald Trump has urged, is an integral part of our national identity.

Recently, Trump announced plans by Ford and Chrysler/Fiat to add thousands of positions in the United States.

Rowe said that living in a country that actually makes things is part of the American experience.

He explained the overarching hallmark of blue-collar work is “the value that comes from getting your hands on a thing and always knowing how you’re doing, because you’re part of a process.”


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December 2, 2016

Mike Rowe to Students Burning American Flag: Don’t Accept Federal Aid if You’re Anti-America (Video)

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe took to Facebook Wednesday to address Hampshire College’s decision to stop flying the American flag, as well as students at American University burning the flag to protest President-elect Donald Trump.

Rowe noted that some college students will burn the flag and criticize the United States, but will still accept federal financial aid from the government to attend school.

He also took aim at Hampshire President Jonathan Lash, saying his school should educate students “about the undeniable fact that no country on the planet affords its citizens more liberty than this one,” adding he wonders how the school would allow students to pay for their tuitions with “federal dollars provided by the same government whose flag was no longer suitable to fly at his school.”

An excerpt from Mike Rowe’s post as follows:

As I dropped one of those giant round ice cubes into a tumbler of Whistle Pig, I couldn’t help but wonder if President Lash was unaware that billions of people around the world are routinely subjected to horrific levels of racism, misogyny, and bigotry that far exceed any injustice in modern-day America. Furthermore, I was curious to know if President Lash really believed that removing our flag is a better way to assuage the fears of his frightened students, than simply educating them about the undeniable fact that no country on the planet affords its citizens more liberty than this one? Finally, I found myself wondering as to why the President of Hampshire College would allow his students to pay for their tuition with federal dollars – federal dollars provided by the same government whose flag was no longer suitable to fly at his school.


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August 24, 2016

Mike Rowe: Media Wants To Impact Election By Labeling Trump Voters ‘Uneducated’

“To your point, the words ‘uneducated white men’ now appear in hundreds of articles about Trump. But if this is truly important information, where were these reporters four years ago? In the last election, an even greater majority of African-American males who voted for President Obama had no college on their resume. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall any headlines or articles that delved into Obama’s popularity among ‘uneducated black men.’”

Mike Rowe said the press is trying to impact the election when it implies that Donald Trump’s supporters are uneducated.

An electrical contractor wrote to the 54-year-old host of “Dirty Jobs” to say that he finds it offensive when the media constantly refers to majority of the Republican nominee’s supporters as “uneducated white men.”

“If the media is referring to Trump supporters who happen to be male caucasians suffering from a lack of knowledge brought about by an absence of formal or practical instruction, than I guess ‘uneducated white men’ is a fair description,” Rowe responded in a lengthy Facebook post. “However, if the Trump supporters in question are being dubbed ‘uneducated,’ simply because they didn’t earn a four-year degree, I’d say the media’s slip is showing.”


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June 7, 2016

Don’t Follow Your Passion (Video)

Should you follow your passion, wherever it may take you? Should you do only what you love…or learn to love what you do? How can you identify which path to take? How about which paths to avoid? TV personality Mike Rowe, star of “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” shares the dirty truth in PragerU’s 2016 commencement address.

September 21, 2015

Graphic Quotes: Mike Rowe on the Current Generation and Work Ethic

Whenever Mike Rowe speaks out about the lack of work ethics in the current generation, he gets accused of pushing “right-wing propaganda”. That says a lot.. about the left wing!