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NYPD Declares Level 3 Mobilization Over Lefts Anti Israel Riot At MET Gala w/Lila Hart (Video)

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ANDY NGO REPORTS: Antifa trial of the decade exposes a violent conspiracy in San Diego riot

Prosecutors in San Diego County have laid bare the felony violent conspiracies to commit violence within a southern California cell of Antifa.

As the criminal trial of two So Cal Antifa members goes into its third week, the public is learning about how one of the notorious Antifa groups organizes and carries out violence against targets.

Jeremy Jonathan White, 41, and Brian Cortez Lightfoot Jr., 27, both of Los Angeles, are accused of carrying out violent attacks on supporters of former President Donald Trump in a felony conspiracy—the first time Antifa suspects have been charged with such a serious felony accusation anywhere in the US. Nine of their co-defendant comrades have already been convicted in plea deals, including Luis Francisco Mora, 32, who took a last-minute plea deal at the start of the trial.


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Dutch To-Be PM Geert Wilders Lashes out at Migrants for Rioting in The Hague, Netherlands (Video)

Dutch right-wing leader Geert Wilders condemns violence, promises order restoration amid chaos caused by outsiders attacking police and burning vehicles, vowing to become prime minister to address societal unrest.

Was January 6th An Inside Job? (Video)

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RAY EPPS WINS, Judge Says NO JAIL TIME With INSANE Ruling, CNN LIES About J6, IT WAS An Inside Job (Video)


Here’s What Really Happened on January 6th (Video)

This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th. Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Clay Higgins.

Filmmakers Reveal the Truth about George Floyd | Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Liz Collin & JC Chaix (Video)

Glenn Loury, John McWhorter (Columbia, New York Times, Lexicon Valley), Liz Collin (They’re Lying, The Fall of Minneapolis), and JC Chaix (They’re Lying, The Fall of Minneapolis).

BOOM! Rep. Clay Higgins Tells Lara Logan They Have PROOF of FBI Involvement in Jan. 6 (VIDEO)

“I’m Confident that Everybody on Those Buses Were FBI Assets – We’ve Identified One of the Buses – Senior Officials Deeply Involved”

Investigative journalist Lara Logan released the latest episode in her much-anticipated investigative series into the January 6, 2021 “Fed-surrection” on Thursday on Truth in Media website.

In her latest episode, Episode 9, Logan brings on former Louisiana police officer and current US Congressman Clay Higgins to discuss the events that tragic day back in January 2021.

Representative Higgins is famous for confronting FBI Director Chris Wray back in November 2022 on the confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters INSIDE the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.


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He’s EXPOSING the Truth behind the Ireland Riots | Redacted with Clayton Morris (Video)

What’s the truth behind the explosion of violence in Dubln, Ireland over the past few days? Academic Researcher David Thunder joins us to talk about Ireland’s devastating immigration policies and lax policing which led us to the recent spate of violence.

What Is Really Happening in Ireland? (Video)

Dublin, Ireland is in flames. What’s happening in Ireland will happen in the United States as well. Steve Bannon explains.