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November 1, 2017

‘Red Terror’ Alt-Left Extremists Attack Identitarian Building

Alt-left Antifa extremists attacked an Identitarian social project building in Germany by throwing bricks, lighting fires, and drilling a hole into the front door to break in to spray acid inside.

The attack occurred on Tuesday night and saw an estimated 25-30 Antifa extremists launch their largest attack on the Identitarian house in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt. Around 100 bricks were thrown at the building, according to anti-mass migration NGO Einprozent who also make use of the building and contributed to its purchase.

While the building is used by Einprozent as an office and for the local Identitarian group, known as Kontrakultur (Counter-Culture), for local events, several Identitarian activists also live inside.

The Antifa extremists are said to have used fire extinguishers on the cameras outside and then drilled into the front door to break into the building. The extremists then sprayed butyric acid, a putrid-smelling agent that Antifa attempted to use at an event during U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Piles of garbage were set on fire by the extremists and three cars parked outside the building were also severely damaged.


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October 31, 2017

Muslims team with antifa to obliterate critics of ‘religion of peace’ (Video)

Confrontations, protests, intimidation used to cancel events across U.S.

Islam is a “religion of peace,” its advocates in Western nations claim, and they’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protest, intimidate, and smear anyone who presents facts that would indicate otherwise.

There are new indications that forces on the left are building coalitions with Muslim Brotherhood fronts and fanning out across the U.S. in search of meetings, conferences, even informal church gatherings where Islam might be discussed in a negative light.

When they find them, they pounce.

The latest attempt to shut down a meeting in which a speaker was planning to provide information critical of Islam occurred in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Ron Branstner, a researcher based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, had booked space at the Sioux Falls History Club for Oct. 26. This is a club that has a 100-year history of discussing world events from the perspective of free and open debate.

But while driving to the event Thursday night, Branstner received phone a call from the venue and was told not to come. A powerful Democratic politician with connections to the history club had been contacted by a Muslim lawyer named Taneeza Islam.


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September 14, 2017

Berkeley letting cops use pepper spray on violent protesters

For the first time in 20 years, Berkeley is allowing police officers to use pepper spray for crowd control as the city prepares for possibly violent riots at a Ben Shapiro event. Officers will only be allowed to use their pepper spray on those who commit acts of violence, which the city is hoping to prevent by prohibiting weapons and masks during Shapiro’s speech.

The Berkeley Police Department has been authorised to use pepper spray as a crowd control weapon for the first time in 20 years as officers prepare for protests on Thursday night.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Berkeley City Council approved the move in a 6-3 vote Tuesday, just two days before the University of California, Berkeley is scheduled to host popular conservative speaker Ben Shapiro, and just over a week ahead of another controversial event featuring Milo Yiannopoulos.

The decision, requested by Police Chief Andrew Greenwood, overturns a 1997 ban on the use of the chemical agent for crowd-control, and allows police to utilize the tool on protesters “who are committing acts of violence upon police or others.”

Despite the relaxation of restrictions, however, officers are still not allowed to spray protesters engaged in nonviolent behavior or disperse crowds.

Meanwhile, the city also announced a temporary prohibition on weapons at various parks during Shapiro’s speech, a precaution that failed to prevent an outbreak of Antifa violence at a previous demonstration in August.


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September 11, 2017

Author: ‘Real hardcore violence’ coming in 2020

Describes how leftist movement antifa has normalized beating, kicking, shoving.

America is a different place today than it was one year ago. Opposition to the president no longer means simply delivering fiery speeches at a rally or marching in the streets holding handmade signs; today it also means beating, kicking and shoving the president’s supporters, or those believed to be his supporters.

Scott Greer, deputy editor at The Daily Caller, wrote his book “No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination” in 2016, before Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

He wrote about the vitriol many white students faced at college campuses around the country, but not even he foresaw the full extent of the venomous response Trump would arouse in so many people.

“I would say the one surprising thing is the introduction of violence, physical violence into these acts,” Greer said during a recent appearance on the Hagmann Report. “This is not something you really saw when I was writing this book.”

Greer said one of the inspirations for “No Campus For White Men” was the student-led racial protest at the University of Missouri in 2015, at which a female professor memorably called for “some muscle” to help remove a photojournalist who was trying to film the protesters.


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September 2, 2017

White House: Trump Administration Takes Antifa Violence ‘Very Seriously’ (Video)

Federal law enforcement officials in President Donald Trump’s administration will continue to monitor the violent leftist group Antifa, according to the White House.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to reports detailing how federal law officials were monitoring the rise of Antifa in the Obama administration.

“I think we’re certainly constantly monitoring all violence across the country as best we can, and it’s something certainly that the Department of Homeland Security and the administration takes very seriously and is constantly looking for ways to end all violence in all forms,” Sanders said in response to a question from Breitbart News. “So certainly that would qualify.”


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August 21, 2017

‘You will see riots’: U.S. told to brace for ‘messy’ campus unrest

College president warns of ‘ideological fascism’ exploding across America.

As colleges and universities prepare for the return of students in the coming weeks, one of the few administrators willing to criticize the tidal wave of intellectual intolerance on campus is expecting “a mess” when the new semester dawns.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Dr. Everett Piper gained tremendous notoriety in 2015 when he wrote an opinion column decrying universities for coddling student demands for safe spaces and the eradication of ideas that don’t mesh with the orthodoxy of political correctness. In that column, he famously declared that a college is not a daycare.

He is now author of “Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.” Piper said America needs to brace for more campus unrest.

“Oh, it’s going to be a mess,” Piper told WND and Radio America. “You will see protests. You will see riots. You will see the results of teaching victimization and vice for decades. When you teach victimization, you don’t get anything but vengeance and violence.


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July 25, 2017

1967 Detroit Riots WXYZ-TV Documentary (Video)

This film was recorded during the July 23-27, 1967, civil disorder in Detroit, Michigan, and was compiled into a documentary by WXYZ TV-7, an ABC affiliate. The footage includes scenes of looting, fires, interviews with victims and bystanders, scenes of police and federal troops, gunfire, and scenes of injured and dead in a hospital. The film alsoincludes portions of press conferences with government officials and concludes with funerals for police and firefighters.

Click here to watch 1967 Detroit Riots WXYZ-TV Documentary.

May 10, 2017

Hundreds of African Migrants Rampage Through Streets After Storming Spanish Border

Hundreds of African migrants have stormed the Spanish-Moroccan border, injuring guards and pouring into the streets of Melilla.

The city, which has belonged to Spain since 1497, is one of two centuries-old settlements on the North African coast which belong to the European country. Their frontiers with Morocco represent the European Union’s only land borders with an African nation.

In the early hours of 9 May an estimated 300 illegal migrants, who travelled to Morocco with Europe as their ultimate objective, launched a sustained assault on Melilla’s boundary fences. The Spanish interior ministry reports that three guards were hospitalised after the intruders bombarded them with missiles.

Around a hundred migrants broke through the city’s defences successfully, rampaging through the streets and turning cartwheels in celebration. They could not be immediately ejected due to EU rules which require the authorities to let them lodge asylum applications on reaching Spanish soil.

Melilla’s sister city, Ceuta, has also suffered from large-scale assaults in recent months. Five hundred migrants broke through its fences on 18 February, followed swiftly by another 300 on the 20th.


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May 2, 2017

What Really Happened in Paris on May Day (Video)

Lauren Southern reports.

April 21, 2017

Don’t Know Much About History: Politico Blames Trump for Berkeley Violence

Politico’s David Siders offered a revisionist history of the violent suppression of free speech at the University of California Berkeley on Thursday with an article titled: “How Berkeley became a hotbed of violence in the Trump era.”

In a classic example of question-begging, Siders, assuming Trump is the catalyst, began his farcical explanation with a visit by Trump supporter (and then-Breitbart editor) Milo Yiannopoulos to the Berkeley campus in February.

But suppression of free speech at Berkeley by leftist mobs began long before.

As recently as 2014 — during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Free Speech Movement, no less — a mob of left-wing radicals broke up a speech by entrepreneur Peter Thiel, bursting into the hall where he was speaking to students and forcing him to flee for his physical safety. The event occurred long before Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency, and even longer before Thiel became a Trump supporter.

In 2000, as Breitbart News’ Daniel J. Flynn recalled, “a similar mob, including many looking like they had crawled out from under a dock in the marina at the end of University Avenue, drowned my words with shouts of “murderer,” “racist,” and “Nazi.” They attempted to rip the microphone cord from the wall. A hirsute man ‘mooned’ me. And, in one last indignity, the hecklers seized my writings to fuel an actual book burning.”

Flynn added: “This all happened under the watchful eyes of two pleasant Cal policewomen.”


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