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July 1, 2022

Biden Says YOU WILL PAY High Gas Prices As Long As It Takes To Win In Ukraine, Demands YOU Sacrifice (Video)


June 28, 2022

Over 1 MILLION Democrats Quit And Join GOP, Democrats PANIC As Roe Ruling Escalates Civil War (Video)

The executive Branch is outright defying the judicial as conflict in the streets escalates. But the good news is that Democrats are losing and the people of the united states have issued a repudiation of leftism and progressive politics. The country is in shambles, gas prices are skyrocketing, and people are fighting in the streets. Joe Biden has failed and the Republicans are poised to dominate in the midterms.

June 23, 2022

Biden FBI Just RAIDED Trump DOJ Official Over POLITICS, Subpoenas GOP, Political Civil War IS HERE (Video)

In what may be the most dramatic escalation a former Trump official was targeted for political reasons as well as other GOP members in various states. Republicans and Trump supporters say Jeffrey Clark was just concerned about the election and wanted it to be done properly. Democrats argue he schemed with Trump to stage a coup

June 20, 2022

Texas GOP Declares Biden ILLEGITIMATELY ELECTED, Civil War Trends As Tension Goes From Bad To Worse (Video)


June 17, 2022

Ron Johnson: Biden ‘Caused All of These Crises’ (Video)

“They’re fundamentally destroying this nation, and it’s because of the radical left policies. These things didn’t just happen. This isn’t just bad luck on his watch. He caused all of these crises — he and his colleagues, his enablers in Congress. These individuals are radical leftists. They need to be stopped.”

On Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to President Joe Biden falsely claiming that inflation was “worse” all around the country than in the United States.

Johnson suggested on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” that Biden was “delusional” and ripped him for “governing as a radical leftist” after claiming to be a moderate. The senator from Wisconsin said all of the current crises under Biden’s watch were a result of the president’s promise “to fundamentally transform America.”


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June 14, 2022

‘Beyond pissed’: Border Patrol hits rock bottom under Biden

‘What’s the point?’

The morale of U.S. Border Patrol agents on the southern border has been sinking steadily over the past year, but it now has hit rock bottom amid outright animosity from the Biden administration, the Washington Examiner reports.

“Under Biden, things are the worst they have ever been by far,” said one of eight agents who spoke with the paper about the situation.

“Agents are calling in all the time. You always hear, ‘It doesn’t matter,’ or, ‘What’s the point?’ in reference to doing our job,” the Arizona-based agent said. “Agents are afraid of ending up on the news for doing their job or getting in trouble for doing their job. There is no morale.”


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May 31, 2022

Biden Makes Most INSANE Call For Gun Control, Says NO ONE Should Have 9mm, But Gun Control Is LOSING (Video)


May 29, 2022

Tucker: Jail time is now the fair penalty for disagreeing with Biden (Video)

“The Democratic Party decided the only way it could maintain power and win the next election is to convince you, the voter, that the other side is dangerous. Literally dangerous, not metaphorically dangerous. Actually dangerous to your life. The problem is you have to up the ante in every election. If they’re white supremacists this election then what are they next election? Nazis? And then what?”

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May 26, 2022

The Inconvenient Truth About Violent Crime

By ignoring the data about violent crime in America, Joe Biden does us all a deep disservice.

With an unspeakable tragedy still unfolding in Uvalde, Texas, it seems tasteless beyond words to consider counting crime by race.

But that’s what Joe Biden does — at least when it’s convenient. It’s what he did last week in Buffalo, the site of a white-on-black massacre by 18-year-old Payton Gendron, and it’s what he’d no doubt like to do now if he and his fellow racial arsonists can somehow convince us that the 18-year-old Uvalde man responsible for the murders of 19 elementary school children and two teachers is a white Hispanic white supremacist.

So we’ll oblige him.


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May 19, 2022

Alberta Premier Mocks Biden for Refusing Canadian Oil: ‘You Don’t Need the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet to Patrol the Great Lakes’

“After the United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars securing Persian Gulf energy over the last fifty years, it turns out that the solution to the challenge of energy security is your closest friend and ally!” he added.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Biden administration — and Lord knows there are a lot of things that infuriate people about them — is the way the U.S. went from a net energy exporter to record high gas prices and a reliance on oil imported from other countries.

The administration knows exactly what it’s doing. The White House has acquiesced to the environmental lobby, and the end game is a push for “green energy” that’s both infeasible and expensive, at least right now. But that hasn’t stopped the drive to punish Americans who haven’t followed the administration’s flippant advice to buy an expensive electric vehicle.

In the meantime, until all you rubes go electric, the administration is looking to nations that are hostile to American values like Venezuela and Iran. If we must import our oil, why not get it from North America? I’ve written before about one Canadian official who has invited the U.S. to buy oil from our friendly northern neighbors, and this week the premier of one Canadian province (like the governor of a state) spoke to a U.S. Senate committee to make the same offer.


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