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For the hunters… (Audio)

Don’t miss my husband Ted Nugent on the newest Faith & Freedom show discuss the importance of hunting families registering to vote to protect their God given rights and the environment

Ted Nugent and General Flynn – 3.30.24 (Video)

Ted Joins Brannon Howse And General Flynn For The Patriot TV Launch Event

Ted Speaks About the Death of Laken Riley and the Dangers We Face in Biden’s America (Audio)

Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire

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Ted Nugent: The Number One Job Of Our Government Is To Secure The Nation (Audio)

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Ted Nugent joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on how common-sense objectives like securing the U.S. Southern border and making our big cities safer places to live shouldn’t be considered radical positions.

“You know, it really isn’t partisan. I just went from a totally joyous celebration of the good over the bad and the ugly. But now we’ll delve into the bad and the ugly. I, am just a guitar player. I not only wrote Wango Tango. But I meant it. The point is, is that I can go from sheer delirium and fun beyond your wildest expectations to the most important, sincere, dedicated, and, dare I say, believable dedication to this experiment and self-government. I spend time at the border. I spend time with the National Guard, down there, with Governor Abbott, with the heroes of law enforcement. I’ve walked the border with Colonel Allen West. It is heartbreaking. It is tragic. It is an invasion. We’re talking about the United States government. I mean, I, might cry tears of blood for you because our own government is welcoming, rewarding, incentivizing jihadists from Nigeria, the Congo, the Sudan, Somalia, military age men from China. Our sworn enemies, are being welcomed into the United States of America by the Democrats and the soulless Republicans who have abandoned their moral obligation to the sacred oath to the Constitution of the United States. And we, the people are rising up. I gotta tell you, we finally put enough pressure here in Texas that we’re shutting down the border. Let me just guess. I’m just a guitar player, but bear with me. Let me guess. Number one job of our government is to secure the nation. And that begins with secure borders. Boy, am I a radical.”


Complete text and audio linked here.

Ted Nugent issues stern warning: ‘Our government is totally out of control’ (Video)

Musician and lifelong outdoorsman Ted Nugent joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Treasury Sec. Yellen’s refusal to answer questions on the administration’s surveillance of Americans’ bank transactions.

Ted Nugent Calls Electric Vehicles ‘Scam’: “It’s Rape Of Our Tax Dollars”

“The EV move is the rape of the environment. The wind turbines are the rape of the environment and the rape of our tax dollars. The solar panels are the rape of agriculture, the rape of the environment, the rape of our tax dollars! If you believe the electric vehicle is the answer, you’re a rapist of the environment and of the American Dream.”

In this week’s episode of ‘The Spirit Campfire,’ Ted Nugent voiced strong opinions against electric vehicles (EVs), labeling them as a ‘scam’ and harmful to the environment.

He said:

“Electric vehicles are a scam! You have to be mentally ill to believe in electric vehicles. You have to be a numb nut to believe that wind turbines are better than coal or oil or natural gas or propane. You have to have sh*t for brains to believe this global warming bullsh*t. If you believe it, you have sh*t for brains! While you were sleeping, someone opened your skull and took a dump in your skull. You have sh*t for brains.”


Complete text linked here.

Ted Nugent on Canadian Super Pig Invasion Jesse Watters Fox News (Video)

Ted shares how he would handle the Canadian ‘super pig’ invasion threatening America on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Nightly Nuge 9.27.23 (Video)

Uncle Sam is the enemy! Engineered toxicity at every turn.

Ted Nugent and Tony Shaffer: Why the 2nd Amendment Must be Protected – The Hard Truth (Video)

Rocker and 2nd Amendment Activist Ted Nugent – “Uncle Ted” – talks 2nd Amendment issues with LTC (Ret) Tony Shaffer on The Hard Truth. While the Left screams for as much gun control as it can get until the government takes away the right to self-defense, what is lost with many of their allies is the idea that the 2nd Amendment protects all of your rights in the Constitution. Without it, you cannot protect yourself, your family, neighbors and others while criminals run rampant around cities and government officials try to stamp on the Bill of Rights. Stick with us, Ted may even pull out his guitar for us.

Ted Nugent Performs The Star Spangled Banner At Waco, TX Trump Rally