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October 24, 2016

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August 18, 2016

Unpopular Opinion: Ted Nugent Is a National Treasure

So I guess Ted Nugent was in the news again. He wrote some kind of list about why you should support Donald Trump, which upset certain people, as every move the Nuge makes is wont to do.

But let’s put the man’s politics aside for a second (though regular readers know that Ted and I are part of the same vast right-wing conspiracy). Ted Nugent is a national treasure. You either get it or you probably really like Arcade Fire and get your news from John Oliver.

Nugent’s first band, The Amboy Dukes, were one of the more underappreciated acts of American garage punk. “Journey to the Center of the Mind” is the best song about doing so much acid you don’t know which way is up, performed by a man who inspired the straight-edge movement.

Oh, you didn’t know? Best crack open your copy of American Hardcore. Ted Nugent was beloved by what would later become the American hardcore scene. This was especially true among those in the nation’s capital who would pioneer the straight-edge movement. You see, kids, the Motor City Madman is one of the most notoriously anti-drug, anti-drink, anti-smoke rock & rollers this side of Gene Simmons.


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July 27, 2016

How Would Ted Nugent React If Hillary Clinton Used One of His Songs? We Asked Him

Here are the normally verbose Motor City Madman’s surprisingly concise answers.

The use of classic rock songs by campaigning politicians has been all over the news recently, with artists such as Queen, the Turtles and the Rolling Stones criticizing presidential candidate Donald Trump for using their music during last week’s Republican National Convention.

John Mellencamp and Heart even teamed up to record a satirical anthem called “Don’t Use Our Song” for John Oliver on his HBO show. So with the Democratic National Convention taking place this week, we decided to ask Trump supporter and noted conservative Ted Nugent for his thoughts on the intellectual property rights of his fellow artists, what song he’d like to hear when Trump takes the stage and what would happen (if hell froze over and) Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton strolled out for her acceptance speech to the strains of, say, his 1976 classic “Free for All.”

Here are the normally verbose Motor City Madman’s surprisingly concise answers.

What do you think of musicians such as Queen, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones asking Donald Trump not to use their music? Should it be within a musician’s rights to dictate who can and can’t use their songs in that manner?

Ownership of intellectual property is sacred to those of us who create it, and no one has any right to it without our permission.

Which of your songs would you most like to see Mr. Trump use during
his campaign stops?

“Stranglehold” would clinch the presidency.


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July 26, 2016

20 Reasons to Vote for Trump: By Ted Nugent

Do you agree with him? Here’s 20 reasons rockin’ Ted Nugent thinks everyone should vote for Trump.

Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro’s are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

There you go, sportsfans. … oh, and Hillary is against Trump. Duh.

Pretty sure Ted Nugent would like all this in-house nonsense to go away too.

BUT WAIT~ Uncle Ted added some honorable mentions:

Cher says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall


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July 22, 2016

Ted Nugent – Too Extreme For The RNC (Video)

Alex Jones interviews fellow liberty loving patriot and second amendment supporter Ted Nugent.

July 16, 2016

Ted Nugent tells Pags the problems we face are solvable.. if we get a clue (Audio)

Ted Nugent interview with Joe Pags.

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June 29, 2016

Q&A: Ted Nugent on Donald Trump, the media, brain-dead Green Day and the spirit of America

“Trump represents the ultimate anti-status-quo suckerpunch. Bernie and Hillary are all about bribing gullible losers to vote for the big scam that they can get other’s earnings all the while making America weaker and weaker. How pathetic.”


Q: I know you’ve been a very vocal Trump supporter, and it is a big election year. If you had a chance to talk an undecided voter into Trump, what would you say?

A: I say it all the time: Trump represents the ultimate anti-status-quo suckerpunch. Bernie and Hillary are all about bribing gullible losers to vote for the big scam that they can get other’s earnings all the while making America weaker and weaker. How pathetic.

Q: You’ve said, “I like Donald Trump because he is bold and he is treating the culture war as the culture war that it is.” Could you talk a bit about the culture war and what it means to you, and also what you think a guy like Trump could do about it?

A: Lord have mercy, I could write “Gone with the Wind” on this answer, but I will keep it simple and concise. The culture war in America can best be described by the battle between workin’ hard, playin’ hard s–tkickers that bust our ass to make America strong by earning our own way and kickin’ maximum ass versus soulless weaklings who have been brainwashed into thinking they are entitled to a free ride.

What the hell is social justice? What sort of fool can imagine income equality as dictated by bureaucrats and government thugs? I dare anyone to attempt to explain those drug-inspired fantasies in meaningful terms. There are multi-scatterings of various and associated issues and concerns, but it all boils down to accountable people versus those unwilling to be accountable. Absolutely heartbreaking.


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June 27, 2016

Ted Nugent – Motor City Madhouse (Medley)

“The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.” William Shakespeare

June 11, 2016

Ted Nugent Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On Gun Control Advocates Everywhere

Ted Nugent has a strong message for gun control advocates when they come knocking.

The 67-year-old singer disputed the notion that societies are safer without firearms when he posted a pro-gun argument that was written by a Marine on his Facebook page Thursday.

“This is the best worded pro-gun argument,” Nugent said. “This man offered you another stellar example of a letter (written by a Marine), that places the proper perspective on what a gun means to a civilized society. Interesting take and one you don’t hear much.”

The letter reads:

“Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force,” the letter reads. “If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force.”

“When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force. The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of drunken guys with baseball bats. The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.”

“People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.”


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May 29, 2016

Ted Nugent on The Joe Pags Show (5/24/2016) – Audio

Ted Nugent talks about Donald Trump support at NRA convention, gives thoughts on other Presidential candidates and more.