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July 23, 2014

Three Teens Charged With The Beating Deaths Of Two Homeless Men (Video)

Tafoya said that before they used sticks and a metal fence pole to beat the men, they approached them with cinder blocks raised up over their heads, then smashed the bricks down on the men’s face at least 10 times each.

Police have arrested three teens in the brutal murder of two homeless men who were beat to death as the slept in a vacant lot.

Alex Rios, 18, Nathaniel Carrillo, 16, and Gilbert Tafoya, 15, have all been accused of using bricks, sticks and a metal pole to beat three transients after returning home from a party Friday night, killing two of them.

One of the men was able to escape and call police to report the attack and letting officers know he recognized one of his assailants as a teen who lived in a nearby house. When police arrived at the home, all three teens were there.

Police immediately noticed Tafoya had blood on the waistband of his shorts. After his parents gave officers permission to search the home, officers would find one of the victim’s driver’s license and debit card.

The boys eventually admitted to the attack, with Rios telling them that he was just a lookout. The younger suspects, who are brothers, told police that Rios was full of shit and he’d also participated in the brutal beatings of the men.


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July 17, 2014

Gang Seeks Recruits to Kill More Jersey City Police Officers: Memo

Rookie officer Melvin Santiago was killed early Sunday while responding to an armed robbery call at a 24-7 Walgreens.

Police in Jersey City are being warned after an internal department memo obtained by NBC 4 New York says a gang there is recruiting gang members across New Jersey to kill cops after a rookie police officer was slain responding to a call of an armed robbery over the weekend.

Melvin Santiago was killed early Sunday while responding to an armed robbery call at a 24-7 Walgreens. Police say Lawrence Campbell ambushed the 23-year-old outside of the store. Police returned fire, killing Campbell.

According to the memo, “information from a reliable source” within the gang indicates the gang is asking for help from members in Camden and Newark in shooting another police officer.

The gang is targeting officers working with a Department of Transportation traffic unit, the memo says. The advisory warns gang members will “attack and shoot Jersey City EMTs because they know police officers will respond immediately to their backup.”


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July 11, 2014

Mom of Officer Killed by Illegal Immigrant Pens Scathing Letter to Obama: ‘I Want My Voice Heard On This Issue’

“If you can’t enter this country legally then you shouldn’t be here. If you commit crimes, you should pay the time any of us as US Citizens would have to serve. Letting these illegal criminals out of our jails before their time is served and turning them loose on the streets to commit further crimes and KILL our loved ones is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME!!” she wrote. “AND it shouldn’t be acceptable to any US Citizen. Mr. President, you don’t have the right to make this decision yourself……I have a say, even if it is for one moment.”

The mother of an Arizona officer killed by an undocumented immigrant driving drunk in May sent a scathing letter directly to President Barack Obama Wednesday afternoon, demanding that her voice be heard.

Mary Ann Mendoza contends the federal government knew Raul Silva Corona, whose blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit at the time of the wrong way crash, was in the country illegally, but still did not deport him.

According to KNXV-TV, court records indicate Corona pleaded guilty to a 1994 conspiracy charge in Colorado. Prosecutors dismissed other charges of burglary, assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

Mendoza said in her letter that such treatment shows the government was “lenient” on her son’s killer.

“When he was convicted of these crimes in 1994 and the government knew he was in the country illegally, why wasn’t he deported? Why are any of these illegal criminals in this country?” she asked.

“I am furious that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son!” Mendoza added in her impassioned letter.


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July 10, 2014

Illegal Unaccompanied Minors Being Held For Placement in U.S. Admit to Engaging in Torture and Murder

“We have six minors in Nogales who have admitted to killing and doing grievous bodily injuries. One admitted to killing as young as eight years old,” an agent tells Townhall anonymously for fear of losing his job for speaking out. “They are being held for placement in the U.S.”

Despite Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson vowing to “stem the tide” of unaccompanied illegal minors across the southern border with Mexico, thousands more are expected to enter the United States by the end of the year. With the system being overwhelmed, Border Patrol agents are concerned about minors who have admitted to being MS-13 members, a brutal street gang from El Salvador that has been successful in infiltrating American communities. Agents are also concerned about minors who have committed acts like torture and murder in their home countries before heading north to the United States.


By U.S. legal standards many gang members operating in Central American countries and traveling north are classified as minors due to being under the age of 18. However, many young males are actively engaged in violent cartel and criminal activity, yet are treated as children when processed through the Department of Human Services or Department of Homeland Security systems.


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July 8, 2014

SWAT patrols Chicago streets after 82 people shot over weekend (Video)

As of Monday morning, no suspects had been arrested in connection with any of the weekend shootings.

Heavily-armed police SWAT teams are patrolling the streets of Chicago following a violent Fourth of July weekend during which at least 82 people were shot, 14 of them fatally.

The Chicago Tribune reports dozens of shooting incidents occurred in America’s third-largest city over the weekend.

Among the 82 shooting victims, who were concentrated in the city’s South Side, were five people shot by police, including two boys ages 14 and 16 who were killed after allegedly refusing to drop guns they were carrying. Witnesses claim one of the slain boys, 16-year-old Warren Robinson, was unarmed and had his hands in the air when he was shot by police.

“They shot him over 20 times,” Georgiana Utendahl, Robinson’s mother, told CBS Chicago. “They are trying to say he had a gun on him and he didn’t have a gun on him.”

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the officer-involved shootings.


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June 25, 2014

The 10 world cities with the highest murder rates – in pictures

Data from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime shows the most up-to-date available homicide rates per 100,000 people for the most populous cities of 137 countries. The Americas overtook Africa as the region with the highest murder rate in 2012 – with eight of the world’s 10 deadliest cities found there.

10: Kingston, Jamaica. (Murder rate: 50.3 per 100,000 people in 2011)
The UNODC numbers capture intentional homicide, defined as ‘unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person’. A total of 328 people were murdered in Kingston in 2011 – significantly down on previous years.

9: San Salvador. (Murder rate: 52.5 in 2012)
The Central American country is riddled by powerful street gangs. A truce between the MS-13 and Barrio 18 gangs helped cut the country’s murder rate to a 10-year low of five a day last year – but last month saw national rates double those of a year earlier.

8: Panama City (Murder rate: 53.1 in 2012)
Violent crime started to rise in Panama in 2007 and topped 800 murders in 2009 – but national rates have been falling since 2010. The US Overseas Security Advisory Council ranks Panama as ‘relatively safe’ for Central America.

7: Cape Town, South Africa (Murder rate: 59.9 in 2007)
Almost two-thirds of Cape Town murders took place in just 10 of the city’s 60 police precincts, according to an analysis of 2012 crime hotspots by the Institute for Security Studies. Nationally, South Africa has halved its murder rate since the mid-90s.


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June 24, 2014

Skulls Found Inside Teddy Bears at Mexico Airport

The man said the skulls “are in demand abroad by people who practice santeria,” an Afro-Caribbean syncretic religion.

Inspectors discovered two skulls and other human remains hidden inside teddy bears at a Mexico City airport shipping company.

Company employees made the find when they ran the plush bears under an x-ray machine during a routine inspection, the Mexico City public prosecutor’s office said on Sunday.

The human remains “appear to have been recently exhumed,” the office said in a statement.

Authorities contacted and arrested the man who was mailing the package, who said he bought the skulls at a popular downtown Mexico City market.


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June 23, 2014

Mass grave found in Mexico’s Veracruz

There is no word on the cause of the deaths and officials have warned that the number of corpses could rise.

The authorities in Mexico have found more than 30 bodies in a mass grave in the eastern state of Veracruz.

There is no word on the cause of the deaths and officials have warned that the number of corpses could rise.

Fierce fighting between rival drug gangs has been seen within the region.

Thousands of Central American migrants heading to the US pass through the state each year. more than 85,000 people have died since 2007 because of Drug-related violence in Mexico.

A military official said the grave contained the bodies of 24 men and seven women. Earlier, prosecutors had put the figure at 28 bodies.

The grave was found after an anonymous call at a farm near the border with Oaxaca state.


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June 22, 2014

Chester Turner, LA Serial Killer, Convicted Of More Deaths

Former mechanic Lonnie Franklin Jr. has pleaded not guilty to 10 so-called “Grim Sleeper” killings and the attempted murder of another woman that took place between 1985 and 2007. The victims were strangled or shot and dumped in alleys near his South Los Angeles home.

A man who is on death row for killing 10 women in the Los Angeles area was convicted Thursday of four more murders.

Chester Turner, 47, was convicted of strangling the women in South Los Angeles between 1987 and 1997. Prosecutors said DNA evidence linked him to the killings.

Jurors deliberated less than a day before finding the former pizza deliveryman guilty of first-degree murder with special allegations that make him eligible for the death penalty, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Turner had been convicted and sentenced to death in 2007 for killing 10 women, including one who was pregnant. He also was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for killing the woman’s unborn baby.

Authorities say Turner was one of at least three serial killers who stalked Los Angeles-area women during a crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s and 1990s that led some women into prostitution to support their drug habits.

The attacks were dubbed the “Southside Slayer” killings before authorities concluded more than one attacker was involved.

Two years ago, Michael Hughes was sentenced to death for strangling a 15-year-old girl and two women. He previously got life for four killings.


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June 20, 2014

Woo Cho Bang Bang

Join a gang, shoot a classmate, go to jail for a few decades: business as usual for some kids in Brownsville, murder capital of New York City.

Sahiah Davis and Nathaniel Walcott crossed paths a number of times during childhood, but the last came on April 25, 2011, the night she shot him. They were both 16 and lived in Brownsville, the Brooklyn neighborhood where their parents had also spent much of their lives. Nathaniel was on a bicycle, in search of something to eat. Near a playground on Bristol Street at around 11 p.m., Sahiah and several boys stepped toward him.

Sahiah was five-nine and still growing, all limbs and shoulder blades, with a heart-shaped face and a straightened Afro that crested in a row of bangs. She liked dancing and double Dutch, and in ninth grade played on her high-school basketball team. Her father, James Davis, called her “the Kobe Bryant of Westinghouse,” the ­vocational school in Downtown Brooklyn. She was known as “Oozi,” which everybody thought sounded like “Uzi” but which her parents insisted was an innocent sobriquet, derived from the very moment she entered the world.

“She wasn’t named for no gun,” her father said. “She was Oozi because when her mother had the C-section, I seen how our daughter ooze out of her belly.”

Nathaniel, for his part, went by “AC.” “Those were the only letters he knew when he tried to sing the alphabet when he was little,” his sister LaToya explained. He was handsome like a TV actor—warm eyes, optimistic countenance—and crazy about cooking shows on TV. “He really thought he was a chef,” LaToya said. “He specialized in breakfast: weirdo omelettes, pancakes with Fruity Pebbles crushed in the batter.”


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