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October 24, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson – Canadian Parliament Shootings Are A Reminder Of Who We Are Dealing With (Audio)

Victor Davis Hanson, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and a contributor at PJ Media discusses the shootings at the Canadian Parliament.

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October 23, 2014

‘Mayor ordered police attack on missing students’ in Mexico, according to attorney general

Prosecutor alleges that Jose Luis Abarca sent police into action to prevent students disrupting an event at which his wife was presenting a report.

The mayor of a town in southern Mexico ordered a police attack that resulted in six deaths and the disappearance of 43 students who are still missing weeks later, according to the country’s top prosecutor.

Jesus Murillo Karam, the attorney general, told reporters on Wednesday that Mayor Jose Luis Abarca ordered local police into action to prevent students disrupting an event at which his wife was presenting a report.

Mr Murillo Karam said that the mayor’s wife had been linked to drug gangs and was now considered a fugitive, along with her husband and the police chief in Iguala.

He added that authorities had discovered a total of nine mass graves in the area around Iguala containing 30 bodies, two more than previously reported.

Initial DNA tests have not linked the cadavers to the missing students.


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October 19, 2014

Citizen Journalist Kidnapped and Murdered Near Texas Border By Mexican Cartel

A citizen journalist in the border city of Reynosa, Mexico has fallen victim to the hands of the Gulf Cartel in the most brazen attempt to date to silence information about the worsening security situation on the Mexican side of the shared border with Texas.

Social media postings on Thursday morning mourned the passing of Maria Del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, a Reynosa doctor better known by her Twitter handle @Miut3.

Law enforcement sources in Tamaulipas, Mexico confirmed her kidnapping Wednesday afternoon and found her body overnight. Due to the early stages of her investigation authorities didn’t release details of the murder. Officials who spoke with Breitbart Texas said they are not only looking at social media but also at her work as a doctor and acquaintances before determining the motive for the murder.

On Thursday early morning the twitter handle @miut3 posted a farewell message identifying Fuentes by name, posting her picture and telling the community to remain quiet about Reynosa and not make her mistakes “you won’t get anything out of it” as well as warning other citizen journalists that criminals were on to them. The profile image of @Miut3 was changed from the Catwoman photo she always used to a photograph of Fuentes’ bloodied body.

Other citizen journalist routine use social media to anonymously expose cartels ike @ValorxTamaulipas and @hmatamoros were quick to condemn the murder vowing to continue the fight.


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Mexico Finds Many Corpses, but Not Lost 43 (Video)

Many still believe the lost students are alive, joining the distressed fraternity of relatives of the thousands still missing from the drug war in Mexico. Such cases are rarely solved.

With borrowed shovels and pick axes, the farmers drove their battered pickup trucks to a series of suspicious clearings in the countryside, jumped out and started digging.

“Hey, hey, it’s a spine,” one of the men, part of a citizen police patrol, called out last week, fishing out what appeared to be a piece of spinal column. Soon came other fragments — a rib? a knee bone?

Five mass graves have already been discovered in the hunt for 43 students who disappeared last month after clashing with the local police — and another half dozen secret burial sites like this one are being tested to determine the origins of the remains inside.

Even with hundreds of soldiers, federal officers, state personnel and local residents on the trail, the search has still not confirmed what happened to the missing students. Instead, it has turned up something just as chilling: a multitude of clandestine graves with unknown occupants right on the outskirts of town, barely concealing the extensive toll organized crime has taken on this nation.


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October 18, 2014

Report: Far More People Killed In Chicago Than In All Mass Shootings Combined (Video)

While announcing that they would not longer give killers the opportunity at glory that comes from having their names mentioned and their photographs aired on television, Sun News also address the extremely low rate of “mass shootings” in America compared to the excruciatingly high rate of murder in gun-controlled Chicago.

According to the Sun News, mass shootings around the world–including the U.S.–are so rare that news agencies make a mistake by seizing on them.

Focusing specifically on the U.S., Sun News reported: “And in the U.S., they account for less than one percent of all gun-related deaths. Far more people have been killed in the bad neighborhoods of Chicago that were killed in all the mass shootings combined.”

Yet they say the incidents are enlarged on the public psyche via “social media,” through which “they’ve become a spectacle.”

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MS-13 members charged in 3 killings, attempted murder in Northern Virginia

This year, federal prosecutors have announced indictments tying MS-13 members to at least eight slayings in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs that took place in recent years, as well as extortion, rape and assault.

Armed with two machetes and a sawed-off shotgun, MS-13 gang members allegedly set off in a car last October to carry out an assassination at a location as brazen as it was chilling: a Prince William County school.

The plan was to shoot a wayward associate nicknamed “Peligroso,” or danger, as he left Gar-Field High School in Woodbridge after night classes wrapped up, according to a search warrant.

But the carload of armed gang members was stopped by authorities as they rolled into the school’s parking lot, court records show. An informant had tipped off police just a day earlier.

The narrowly averted hit was part of a nine-count indictment against members of MS-13 unsealed Friday in federal court in Alexandria. Thirteen purported gang members have been charged in connection with the attempted murder and with three killings across Northern Virginia and are in custody. Eleven of the defendants could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.


October 16, 2014

UN says dozens killed, missing in DR Congo gang raids

Known as “kuluna”, the youths roam the streets in packs armed with machetes, often under the influence of drugs or alcohol, snatching bags, jewellery and mobile phones and sometimes killing those who dare to resist.

The United Nations has said police in the Democratic Republic of Congo had killed and abducted dozens of people during a heavy-handed crack down on youth gangs in the capital.

Operation Likofi (which means “punch” in the local Lingala language) claimed at least 42 victims, including four children, many of whom were shot in their own neighbourhoods or even walking out of their homes, the UN’s human rights office in Kinshasa said.

The report said at least nine people had been summarily executed and 32 were forcefully “disappeared,” but warned the number could be far higher as many witnesses and relatives of victims refused to speak out for fear of retaliation.

“Most of the executions were carried out by shooting, strangling, or hanging,” and many of the bodies were then dumped in the river or buried in mass graves, said the report.

The UN said a high-ranking officer in Kinshasa had overseen the killings and several other police had carried out the orders, which happened during a police crackdown on Kinshasa’s gangs.


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October 9, 2014

Police: Letter Threatens To Behead Elementary School Students In 3 RI Communities

Johnston police received the anonymous threat by mail on Tuesday. Police say officers will be at every school in Johnston, Cranston and Warwick through Friday.

Warwick’s police chief says a threat to elementary school students in three communities mentioned beheading.

Col. Steven McCartney tells WPRO-AM that the threat specified that “beheading is planned.” He called the nature of the threat targeting children in Warwick, Cranston and Johnston chilling.

“There was a specific mention of elementary schools in this letter, the other thing which was the specific type of threat, which was beheading, is planned,” McCartney told WPRO.


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October 7, 2014

CNN Host Slams College For Inviting Cop Killer To Give Commencement (Video)

While many on the left have supported Abu-Jamal, on Saturday morning CNN host Michael Smerconish slammed the college for their invitation, accusing them of “being completely ignorant in what actually happened in the case.”

Goddard College, a small liberal arts college in Vermont, has taken it upon themselves to invite convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak at their fall commencement ceremony despite the tremendous outcry from the slain officer’s widow and much of the public.

After blasting those who have defended the cop killer, Smerconish painstakingly detailed the events that led to Officer Daniel Faulkner’s murder:

On December 9, 1981 at about 4:00 a.m., 25-year old Daniel Faulkner was executed while making what seemed like a routine traffic stop. Faulkner pulled over the brother of Abu-Jamal, William Cook, who was driving his car the wrong way on a one-way street. Abu-Jamal saw the police stop across the street. Four eyewitnesses testified at trial as to what happened next.

Their testimony portrayed a horrific sequence. Abu-Jamal ran across the street, shot the officer in the back and then finally between the eyes. Before that final, fatal shot, Officer Faulkner himself discharged his gun hitting Abu-Jamal in the stomach and with that bullet you could say he confirmed the identity of his executioner. When police arrived, Abu-Jamal was still wearing his shoulder holster. The murder weapon was registered to Abu-Jamal. He purchased it has a local sporting goods store.


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October 6, 2014

As Convicted Cop Killer Gives Controversial Commencement Address, Police Make Their Feelings Known Without Uttering One Word

Faulkner’s widow had some pointed words for Goddard: “Shame on them,” she told WCAU-TV.

At the same time a convicted cop killer gave a controversial college commencement address by video Sunday, scores of Philadelphia officers gathered at the murder site of Officer Daniel Faulkner and needed no words to make their feelings clear.

While Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former death row inmate imprisoned for Faulkner’s 1981 murder, encouraged the 20 gathered graduates of Goddard College to ”think about the myriad of problems that beset this land and strive to make it better,” police held a silent vigil honoring Faulkner as well as his widow.

The choice of Abu-Jamal to give the prerecorded address to the school in Plainfield, Vermont, angered police and politicians far and wide. Abu-Jamal was initially sentenced to death for Faulkner’s murder but re-sentenced to life in 2012.


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