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October 1, 2016

Officers Kill Six Year Old Boy (Video)

Newly-released video shows the moment two deputy marshals in Louisiana opened fire on an SUV, killing a child in the passenger seat and critically wounding his father. Linsey Davis on the charges they now face.

September 30, 2016

Suspect in Texas double homicide had been deported 3 times to Mexico

Navarro Rios returned to the U.S. at some point and was again deported in October 2009 for re-entering by falsely claiming U.S. citizenship, Rusnok said. He again came back into the U.S. and was prosecuted on vehicle burglary charges in the Texas city of Georgetown in 2010 and 2011. He was deported in March 2014 after completing a prison sentence for re-entry after deportation, according to a statement Wednesday from ICE.

A man who allegedly killed two people and kidnapped a third one over the weekend in the Dallas area was living in the United States illegally under a false name and had been deported three times to Mexico in the last two decades, immigration officials said on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old man is suspected of killing a motorist in Dallas and a man at a gas station in nearby Cedar Hill. He allegedly also kidnapped a landscape worker in Austin.

Dallas County jail officials discovered the suspect initially identified as Silvestre Franco-Luviano was actually Juan Navarro Rios. However, a sheriff’s spokesperson later said he used at least eight aliases.

“This is an example of the worst of the worst that we go after on a daily basis,” Hector Gomez, supervisory deputy marshal of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, told the Dallas Morning News.

Police have not released a motive for either slaying, both of which occurred on Sunday night.

Navarro was arrested Tuesday after a standoff at his relatives’ apartment in Georgetown, about 25 miles north of Austin. Police said he was caught after he set fire to part of the building.


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Mall shooter not a U.S. citizen – voted in 3 elections

‘We don’t have a provision in state law … to verify someone’s citizenship’

Add voter fraud to the list of Arcan Cetin’s offenses.

Cetin, 20, is the Turkish immigrant arrested Saturday for the Friday night shooting and killing of five people in a Burlington, Washington, mall. Security camera’s show Cetin entering the mall briefly without a weapon, leaving and then returning with a rifle.

Cetin fled but was apprehended 24 hours later. He has reportedly confessed to the five murders.

Now, election officials and Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, have confirmed that Cetin was illegally registered to vote and voted in three elections in the state in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Cetin is classified as a permanent resident alien with a green card that allows him to work, but he is not a citizen with the right to vote.

Cetin immigrated to the U.S. from Turkey when he was 6-years-old.

Voters in Washington must attest to their American citizenship when registering to vote, but the state does not require proof. Election officials told KVI News the state’s election system operates on the honor system.


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September 28, 2016

Keith Scott WAS carrying a stolen gun, police say – and his wife filed for a restraining order against him saying he was armed, violent and had threatened to kill her

Keith Scott’s gun had been reported stolen, authorities said on Monday. A breaking and entering suspect told officials he had sold him the gun. His wife Rakeyia got a restraining order in October last year, records show. She wrote: ‘He carries a 9mm black’ and said he had hit her and a child. Scott, 43, was shot and killed Tuesday after a confrontation with Charlotte, North Carolina police.

Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities have said.

The gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.

A breaking and entering suspect told agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that he had sold the gun to Scott, ABC 11 reported Monday. He is now in custody.

Scott’s wife Rakeyia, who filmed her husband’s killing on Tuesday, had filed for a restraining order against him and had told authorities he carried a gun, hit her as well as one of her children and had threatened to kill her, records have shown.


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September 26, 2016

Bodies Found In Quiet Long Island Town Probably Tied To MS-13

“We are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on these known gang members and we are going to be taking them out very strategically, in collaboration with our local and federal law enforcement partners.”

New York authorities have found four bodies in two weeks, with one body found as recently as Wednesday, all probably linked to the MS-13 street gang.

In the woods surrounding an abandoned psychiatric facility near Brentwood, Long Island, police found the remains of 15-year-old Miguel Garcia on Wednesday. The area is suspected of being an MS-13 dump site for the bodies of their victims.

Garcia’s stepfather said WCBS 880 that Garcia’s mother was devastated by the loss of her son. “She was so close with that kid,” said Abraham Chaparro. The bond between mother and son was so strong that Garcia’s mother had to be hospitalized after she found out her son had been found after what might have been a gangland murder.

Chaparro recalled that Garcia, “always called her ‘mom,’ every half hour he’d say, ‘mom how you doing? How’s everything?’” The Chaparro-Garcia family is not alone in their grief though since the bodies of two other teens were discovered within the past week alone in the three most recent times that police searched the same area.


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September 25, 2016

Alleged Burlington Shooter ID’d as Arcan Cetin, Immigrant from Turkey

Police have identified the alleged shooter in the Burlington mall attack as Arcan Cetin, 20, of Oak Harbor, Washington. Multiple reports indicate that Cetin was an immigrant from Turkey — not a citizen, but a legal permanent resident of the United States.

Cetin allegedly killed four women and one man at the Cascade Mall on Friday evening. Local NBC News affiliate KING-5 reports that he used three guns in the attack, all of which had been legally purchased by Cetin’s father, and which he stole.

Police arrested Cetin on Saturday evening as he walked down the street in Oak Harbor. He was reportedly unarmed at the time of his arrest. Law enforcement sources speculated that he may have acted from personal motives, given that his ex-girlfriend had once worked at the Macy’s store where the shooting took place. The investigation is still ongoing, however.

The Seattle Times reported that despite initial descriptions of a “Hispanic” suspect, Cetin is of Turkish origin:

Police said the suspect appeared to be a Hispanic male in his late teens to mid-20s with a close-shaved haircut. He used a long gun similar to a hunting rifle, Francis said.

However, according to the Cetin’s father’s Facebook page, Cetin was born in Turkey. His father met and married Cetin’s mother in Turkey and the family settled in Oak Harbor, according to the Facebook page.


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September 24, 2016

NY town mourns 4 murdered teens, and some blame federal immigration policy

Most recently, before the Mickens and Cuevas killings, three teen age gang members were charged with the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by the Brentwood Country Club in 2015.

The village of Brentwood, on New York’s Long Island, is nearly 2,000 miles from the Mexican border, but with four dead teenagers, it has become a flashpoint in the debate over federal immigration policies and their possible links to gang violence.

The murder last week of Brentwood High School students, Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 15, and the discovery of two sets of human remains, males ages 17 and 19, in a wooded area adjacent to the Long Island Railroad have allegedly been linked to the MS-13 gang that has wreaked havoc in Brentwood.

Mickens’ family said they believe gang members tried to kidnap Cuevas, and investigators say Mickens may have been killed trying to help her friend.

Suffolk County police said on Friday that the department was launching an “all-out assault” on gangs in the 11-square-mile town as well as in Central Islip and Wyandanch.

Area residents are worried and frightened given the notorious El Salvadorean gang’s growth in the area, which they say has coincided with an influx of illegal immigrants.


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September 23, 2016

Blacks Charged in Death of Elderly White Woman Who Was Beaten, Set On Fire

A clear case of a horrific racial attack against an elderly white woman by a gang of five black people has been largely ignored.

Now murder charges have been filed against four of the five, as the woman has died from the attack.

On August 4, 83-year-old Dorothy Dow, a white woman in Atlanta, Georgia, was asleep in her bed when a group of five black people broke into her home, yanked her from her bed, hit her repeatedly with a pistol until they broke her arm and bones in her hand, then doused her in a flammable liquid and set her on fire.

Dow managed to save herself by crawling to a jug of water she had on the floor and pouring it on herself.

“With one hand broken and her arm broken in four places, she pulled the top off of a gallon of water, poured it over her head and put out the fire,” said Dorothy’s daughter-in-law Beth Dow. “She then drug herself into the den on her broken arms to get to her cellphone to call 911. She said, ‘I thought they were going to kill me’. They told her that she was never going to see her sons again.”

Family members say she had been on a ventilator since the attack. But due to the extent of her injuries and severe burns, she later passed away.


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September 18, 2016

DML Interviews Mother Whose Daughter Was Murdered By Illegal Alien

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign with a warning about illegal aliens flowing into the United States: “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, and some are rapists.”

Trump’s willingness to shed light on the issue resulted in him winning the GOP nomination by a landslide.

In Friday’s DML Daily Report, Dennis Michael Lynch shares a video of an interview he had with the mother of Vinessa Hoera, who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien.

DML also shares statistics on how many illegal aliens were charged for rape of children over the past four months in just one state alone. After watching this video, you will come to believe Trump’s warning may have been an understatement.

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September 15, 2016

3 Phoenix police officers injured after car hits them, crashes into gas station (Video)

A man is facing three counts of attempted first-degree murder for driving toward a group of Phoenix police officers outside a gas station, striking two of them.

Shocking video: a driver targeting Phoenix Police officers — running them down outside a valley Quik Trip gas station near 25th Avenue and Camelback Road on Tuesday morning.

It’s hard to watch — the surveillance video shows the moment a man drove his car towards three police officers at the QT. You can see his car speeding through the parking lot — one of the officers went flying through the air.

For one of those officers, it was his first day on the job. Two of them ended up in a hospital. The third officer was able to arrest the suspect. They are all expected to be OK.

The suspect is now facing attempted murder and aggravated assault charges.

In the surveillance video’s lower left corner, you can see a red car drive through. In the lower right corner, it picks up speed — heading right towards the three officers.


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