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June 24, 2016

NBC Producer Praises Would-Be Donald Trump Assassin: ‘A Good Guy With A Gun’

An associate producer for NBCUniversal, Inc. declared that the illegal alien “hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun” on Twitter Tuesday.

“It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun,” he tweeted from Los Angeles at 11:21 P.M. Tuesday.

Matthew Mowrer — whose account is now private — was alluding to the illegal alien from the United Kingdom who told authorities he tried to grab a cop’s gun to shoot Trump at a Las Vegas rally.

Michael Steven Sanford, 19, had overstayed his visa and was living out of his car, according to his court-appointed attorney. He was arrested after grabbing an officer’s gun and trying to pull it from its holster. He told investigators he was convinced he would die while trying to kill Trump. Sanford also told authorities he went to Battlefield Vegas shooting range to practice firing a weapon, shooting 20 rounds from a 9mm Glock pistol, which a range employee confirmed.

Leftists have rioted during Trump rallies and viciously attacked Trump supporters, even women, and this is not the first time someone has tried to harm Trump at a rally. Rioters have also called for violence at Trump rallies because American Trump supporters are “heartless racists” whose political beliefs make them fair game for physical assault.


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June 23, 2016

How Does Immigration Reduce Mass Shootings? by Ann Coulter

Could we look at mass murders from the last decade?

With the media frantically hiding the content of Donald Trump’s terrorism speech from last week, he should respond to every question with the central point of that speech: How does this kind of immigration make our country better? How does it make the country safer?

Media: Show us your tax returns!

Trump: Show me how our immigration policies are good for the people who already live here.

Media: Tell us why you fired Corey Lewandowski!

Trump: Tell me how our immigration policies are making the country safer for the people who already live here.

Media: How are you going to match Hillary’s corporate fundraising?

Trump: How are our immigration policies helping the people who already live here?

Sooner or later people will say, “That’s a good question — why is this necessary?”

When the Third World immigrants admitted under Sen. Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act — as well as their children — commit mass murder, the government and media tell us it’s a gun problem. Or it’s “our” culture. Or it’s “homophobia.” Or we have to keep admitting millions of Muslims because otherwise the ones already here will REALLY hate us.


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Univision report: Man claiming to be Omar Mateen’s former lover steps forward

“He adored Latinos, gay Latinos, with brown skin—but he felt rejected,” Miguel said. “He felt used by them—there were moments in the Pulse nightclub that made him feel really bad. Guys used him. That really affected him.”

In an exclusive interview with Univision News, a man has stepped forward claiming he had a sexual relationship with Omar Mateen, the man who killed 49 people in an Orlando night club.

“I’ve cried like you have no idea,” the man told Univision News anchor Maria Elena Salinas. “But the thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism. In my opinion he did it for revenge.”

The man, who Univision (Fusion’s parent company) is calling “Miguel,” said that he met Mateen on the gay dating app Grindr. He claimed the two met 15 to 20 times over two months before the relationship ended last December, when Miguel moved away from Orlando.

Miguel described their relationship as “friends with benefits,” and said that Mateen was “100 percent” gay, Univision reported. He said he was shocked to hear Mateen was the shooter, and described him as “affectionate” and “sweet.” Mateen loved to be cuddled, Miguel added.


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June 21, 2016

Police: British Man Tried to Kill Donald Trump at Vegas Rally

A British man arrested at a weekend Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas tried to grab a police officer’s gun so he could kill the presidential candidate after planning an assassination for about a year, according to authorities.

U.S. Secret Service agents said Michael Steven Sandford approached a Las Vegas police officer at the campaign stop to say he wanted Trump’s autograph, but that he then tried to take the weapon.

A complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nevada charges Sandford, 20, with an act of violence on restricted grounds. He was denied bail during a court appearance later in the day. His court-appointed attorney said he was living out of his car and in the country illegally after overstaying a visa.

Sanford has not entered a plea.

The arrest happened relatively quietly at a campaign stop seen as peaceful compared to the mayhem at the presumptive Republican nominee’s recent events in San Jose, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Gregg Donovan was among about 1,500 gathered Saturday to see Trump at the Treasure Island casino on the Las Vegas Strip. For the event, he donned the top hat and red jacket that made him recognizable in his former job as swanky Beverly Hills’ official greeter for more than a decade.


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June 20, 2016

37 Wounded, 9 Killed in Chicago Weekend Violence, Including Teen and Mexican Singing Star

The bloody violence in Chicago took no time off for Father’s Day as the final tally ended with 37 shot and 9 killed. The dead included a 17-year-old, shot with a rifle, and a Mexican man who was on his nation’s version of the TV show The Voice, shot three times in the head.

One of the last people killed during the weekend was a 17-year-old teen shot in front of a Catholic Church with what police claimed was a “high-powered rifle.”

The teen was shot by an assailant who drove up next to him and immediately opened fire, leaving “literally dozens of empty shell casings on the street,” according to Chief of Detectives Eugene Roy.

Chief Roy said the shooting was likely gang-related.

The Mexican community in the city was also shocked with the murder of Mexican singer Alejandro Jano Fuentes. The 45-year-old celebrity seemed to have been specifically targeted, friends said.

Fuentes was a 2011 contestant on La Voz, the Mexican version of America’s The Voice.

The attack occurred outside the singer’s Tras Bambalinas School in the city’s Brighton Park neighborhood.

Police feel the singer may have been the victim of a failed carjacking or robbery, but friends think he was targeted for murder as he was the only one shot, nothing was taken from his body, and he was hit with three purposeful rounds to the head.


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June 18, 2016

Did Mateen’s family know? Shooter sold home to brother-in-law

Wife is listed as witness to suspicious transaction before killer sought ‘martyrdom’

Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen transferred ownership of his home to his brother-in-law and sister only two months before his Orlando massacre – with his wife signing as a witness in the transaction – possibly giving his family clear indications that he planned to become a “martyr” before he murdered 49 Americans and injured 53 more.

The explosive new details were uncovered by Counter Jihad Editor in Chief Paul Sperry, who is a former Washington bureau chief of WND.

Also, the London Daily Mail reports, “Mateen may have given his wife access to bank accounts and taken out life insurance policies in the past few weeks.”

Property records show Mateen sold his Port St. Lucie, Florida, home to his Afghan brother-in-law, Mustafa Abasin, and Mateen’s sister, Sabrina Abasin on April 5.

Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, is listed as a witness to the transaction.


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June 17, 2016

Orlando gun store owner: We called FBI on Omar Mateen before shooting

He asked for body armor & spoke in Arabic. Gun shop called FBI after he purchased guns. FBI did nothing. PC kills.

The co-owner of a Florida gun store says his employees contacted the FBI before the Orlando shooting when the shooter, Omar Mateen, attempted to purchase body armor and ammunition.

Robbie Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks, said his workers had a “gut feeling” about Mateen’s character when he came to the store four or five weeks ago.

Gun store owner: We alerted FBI to ‘suspicious’ customer weeks before Orlando shooting.

— ABC News (@ABC) June 16, 2016

Abell told reporters “we contacted FBI direct” after Mateen left the store and believes his employees did what they should have done.

CBS News reports:

Mateen asked for level 3 body armor, according to Abell, but was told the store didn’t carry it. He then made a phone call and spoke in Arabic before asking for bulk ammunition, but employees did not sell it to him.

Law enforcement officials have told CBS News at this point, they have not found any evidence that the gun shop contacted police about Mateen’s alleged suspicious behavior.


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June 15, 2016

3 charged with murder in Indio cold case gang killing

“This is our main problem in Riverside County in terms of crime,” Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin said at the time. “We have a gang problem, and our problems with our homicide rate and human trafficking are all gang related. We have to go after gangs. We cannot let up. And, frankly, we have let up in the past few years.”

Prosecutors have filed murder charges against three men in a 15-year-old killing by members of Jackson Terrace, which authorities have identified as one of the Coachella Valley’s most troublesome gangs.

The suspects are: Enoc Calderon, 37, of La Quinta; Frederico Sanchez, 38, of Indio; and Juan Antonio Hernandez, 34, also of Indio. All three were charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder on June 8.

Sanchez was arrested during a Desert Hot Springs traffic stop on Thursday. Calderon was caught in Sacramento County and has since been transferred to Riverside County. Hernandez was in state custody serving a prison sentence in another case. He appeared in court in this case on Monday, pleading not guilty.

The three men are suspects in the shooting of Alfred Jimenez De La Garza, 20, who was killed on Sept. 22, 2001.


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June 14, 2016

National Rifle Association Blames Obama and Political Correctness for Orlando Shooting

‘Destroy radical Islam, not the right of law-abiding Americans to protect themselves,’ NRA executive Chris Cox wrote.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando Sunday in which nearly 50 people were killed, the National Rifle Association is blaming “political correctness” for the massacre.

Chris Cox, the executive director of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, wrote an op-ed in USA Today Tuesday taking the Obama administration to task for “political correctness” and for not identifying gunman Omar Mateen as a threat.

“The terrorist in Orlando had been investigated multiple times by the FBI,” Cox wrote. “He had a government-approved security guard license with a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. Yet his former co-workers reported violent and racist comments. Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s political correctness prevented anything from being done about it.”

“Radical Islamic terrorists are not deterred by gun control laws,” Cox added. “In the aftermath of this terrorist attack, President Obama and Hillary Clinton renewed calls for more gun control, including a ban on whole categories of semi-automatic firearms. They are desperate to create the illusion that they’re doing something to protect us because their policies can’t and won’t keep us safe.”


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Orlando shooter’s classmate: He was gay

The Orlando Sentinel on Monday reported at least four regulars at Pulse, including Smith, recalled seeing Mateen at the nightclub before the attack.

A former classmate of Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, believed the 29-year-old killer was gay.

A man who was in the same 2006 police academy class told the Palm Beach Post that Mateen once asked him out romantically, and said they had spent time together at gay nightclubs after classes at the Indian River Community College police academy.

Officials say Mateen shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 others at Pulse, a gay nightclub early Sunday morning.

“We went to a few gay bars with him, and I was not out at the time, so I declined his offer,” said the former classmate said, who asked that his name not be used.

The man told the Palm Beach Post that he believed Mateen was gay, but not open about it.

“He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,” he said. “He was always socially awkward.”


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