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May 22, 2015

Captured: Quadruple murder suspect Daron Wint arrested in Northeast DC (Video)

The break in the case occurred after police matched Wint to DNA on the crust of a pizza found in the home, according to law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation.


A Maryland man wanted in the murders of a wealthy D.C. family and their housekeeper has been taken into custody in Northeast D.C., authorities say.

Daron Dylon Wint was arrested Thursday at around 11 p.m. in the 1000 block of Rhode Island Avenue, D.C. police say.

Wint was sought on a charge of first-degree murder while armed in connection to the deaths of 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos, his wife, 47-year-old Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their 57-year-old housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. The four were found dead inside the family’s burning home one week ago.

Commander Rob Fernandez of the U.S. Marshals Service said members of the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force located Wint at a Howard Johnson hotel parking lot on Route 1 in College Park, Maryland.

Wint was a passenger in a white Chevy Cruze vehicle that left the hotel parking lot following a box truck. Authorities tailed the vehicles to Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast D.C. where they were able to block in the vehicles. Multiple people were taken into custody along with Wint.


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May 18, 2015

Twin Peaks Shooting: 192 Arrested, Restaurant Shutdown for 7 Days

Waco police said the deadly gunfight at Twin Peaks could have been prevented by the restaurant’s management, as previously reported by Breitbart Texas. Sergeant Patrick Swanton said the WPD new there would be trouble in advance and attempted to work with the restaurant management. He said management refused to cooperate. The WPD placed additional officers on the scene in advance of the fight, including a SWAT team.

The Waco Police Department announced the arrest of 192 people in connection with the shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant that occurred around noon on Sunday. In a separate action, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) announced they have issued a 7-day summary suspension closing the diner for community safety reasons.

The 192 individuals arrested are being charged with Engaging in Organized Crime, according to a Waco PD statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office is assisting with processing the suspects through the County Jail.

The TABC said the suspension and closing of the Twin Peaks restaurant is not punitive and will last at least seven days. They stated the restaurant represents an “ongoing danger” to the community.

The TABC is conducting a parallel investigation into the Waco Twin Peaks and said that further action could be taken.


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May 16, 2015

Ex-New Black Panther organizer: Blacks must kill cops

‘If you can’t find the snake that bit you … any old snake in blue will do.’

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere claims to be a psychotherapist. One wonders how he could ever have gotten a license, if true. Maybe his first patient should be himself.

He claims to have been the founder of the illness Manic Aggression Personality Disorder:

Manic Aggression Personality Disorder – is a mental illness merely affecting Africans, Africans born in America,or the Pan-African Community …


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May 15, 2015

Mexican gangs keep killing politicians on the campaign trail

Also on Thursday, Héctor López Cruz, a councilman candidate from the governing party, was ambushed outside his home and reportedly shot 16 times in Huimanguillo, Tabasco state. His death has been attributed to an on-going dispute between gangs angling to steal fuel from state-owned company Pemex.

Multiple Mexican politicians have been murdered by criminal gangs in the weeks leading up to the country’s national and local legislative elections in June.

Enrique Hernández Salcedo, a mayoral candidate in the southern state of Michoacán, was gunned down in a plaza in Yurécuaro on Thursday, Jude Webber of FT reports. Hernández was running as a candidate from the leftist opposition Morena party. He was reportedly the leader of a vigilante “self-defense” group that fought against the Knights Templar drug cartel and other criminal groups in the area. He has also criticized the local government for corruption and other abuses.


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May 14, 2015

LA Police Union Denounces ‘Very Little’ Public Outcry Over Officer Deaths

It ends with the following question: “If officers continue to be consciously targeted and murdered in cold blood and little to nothing changes in the eyes of the public, what will happen? What have we as a society become?”

Members of the labor union for Los Angeles police officers are calling for more Angelenos to speak out against a string of violent crimes targeting police across the nation.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, which serves as the the labor union for LAPD officers up to the rank of lieutenant, released a statement Tuesday noting “very little outcry from the public” over the deaths of of four officers ambushed and killed while on duty in the month of May.

While community members have rallied in response to the recent officer-involved shooting deaths of homeless man Brendon Glenn in Venice and Charly Keunang along Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, the statement attributed to “LAPPL Board of Directors” alleges the public response to attacks on police officers has been far more muted.

“It seems like every few weeks we hear of another officer who has been murdered in cold blood, yet we have heard very little outcry from the public,” the blog post states. “How is it possible that the citizens in these communities are not outraged? Their protectors have bull’s-eyes on their backs, and no one seems to care.”


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May 12, 2015

FBI: Number of Police Officers Killed On-Duty Up By 89 Percent In 2014

Thirty-five of the slain officers were confirmed to be wearing body armor at the times of the incidents. Five of the 51 officers killed fired their own weapons, and six officers attempted to fire their service weapons. Seven victim officers had their weapons stolen; one officer was killed with his own weapon.

Over the course of 2014 and the months leading into 2015, the issue of alleged police brutality from Ferguson to Baltimore has been a hot topic of news cycles, race baiters like Al Sharpton and advocacy groups. But despite what many in the media would have us believe, police are human beings too and they get up everyday to do a dangerous job not many thank them for. They too deserve justice when things go wrong and especially when they lose their lives.

According to new statistics and data released today by the FBI, police shootings were up 89 percent in 2014 one officer was killed with his own gun.

Preliminary statistics released today by the FBI show that 51 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2014. This is an increase of almost 89 percent when compared to the 27 officers killed in 2013. (Note: From 1980–2014, an average of 64 law enforcement officers have been feloniously killed per year. The 2013 total, 27, was the lowest during this 35-year period.) By region, 17 officers died as a result of criminal acts that occurred in the South, 14 officers in the West, eight officers in the Midwest, eight in the Northeast, and four in Puerto Rico.


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May 11, 2015

‘Anyone can murder a woman in Honduras and nothing will happen’

Women and girls in the barrios live in constant fear of sexual attack and a violent death.

The windowless room in downtown San Pedro Sula, Honduras’s second city, bustles with activity as more than a dozen women take their seats at a long oak table. Water bottles are distributed and the electric fan switched to full blast to alleviate the oppressive summer heat creeping through the half-open door.

As the chatter dies out, Dicsa Bulnes clears her throat, introduces herself and begins to speak.

“As a woman I feel trapped. I am a prisoner in my own home, there’s nowhere for me to go. I have no freedom.”

Bulnes, who is from the marginalised Afro-Caribbean Garífuna community, pauses for a moment to take a sip of water before she continues.

“My partner nearly killed me. He still sends me threatening messages on my mobile attacking me. I’ve tried reporting him but the authorities won’t do anything. It feels like they are forcing women to buy their own coffins, to return to the attacker and suffer through the violence.”


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May 9, 2015

Obama Ignores Slain White Police Officer While Honoring Gray and Brown

Barack Obama makes a habit of castigating police for their misbehavior, and by his actions, it could easily be assumed that he is disinterested in engendering any sympathy for police, even those killed in the line of duty, while he fans the flames of anti-police rage by honoring those killed by police.

As Instapundit points out in comparing Obama’s actions vis-à-vis police, Obama honored Freddie Gray — who, according to CNN, had over 20 criminal cases filed against him before his death in police custody — by sending Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson, chair of the Obama administration’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force; Heather Foster, an adviser in the White House Office of Public Engagement; and Elias Alcantara from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to his funeral.

The Washington Post reported Obama sent three government officials to Michael Brown’s funeral: Johnson and two officials who worked in the White House Office of Public Engagement, Marlon Marshall and Heather Foster. Brown robbed a convenience store before his fatal encounter with Officer Darren Wilson.

Both Gray and Brown were black.

Yet at the funeral on Friday for Officer Brian Moore, 25, a white NYPD officer who was cold-bloodedly murdered by a black man, Obama sent no one, according to New York 1, despite the fact that tens of thousands of uniformed officers stood in formation outside the church and hundreds of others attended the funeral inside.


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May 8, 2015

Interactive map shows where in the world you are most likely to be murdered

One-in-five murder victims in the world is Brazilian, Colombian or Venezuelan.

One-in-five murder victims around the world is Brazilian, Colombian or Venezuelan, a study has shown, despite the three countries containing less than four per cent of the world’s total population.

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The Homicide Monitor data project compiled by the Brazil-based Instituto Igarape reveals the high rates of homicide around Latin America and the Caribbean, where a third of all of the world’s homicides occur.

The region contains only eight per cent of the world’s total population.

Honduras (85.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), Venezuela (53.7) and the US Virgin Islands (46.9) have the highest murder rates per population in the world.

By contrast, New Zealand’s homicide rate is 0.9 per 100,000 population (as of 2012), while Australia’s is 1.1.

But owing to Brazil and Colombia’s largest overall population, these two countries – along with Venezeula – are responsible for one-in-five of all murders in the world each year.


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May 5, 2015

Megyn Kelly Battles Bill O’Reilly Over ‘Draw Muhammad’ Shooting: ‘Should We Get Rid of All Jews?’ (Video)

“You sound like you’re defending, you are attacking the event itself,” she said.

Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly clashed Monday night over the Sunday shooting at a “draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas.

O’Reilly and Kelly both agreed that Pamela Geller and her group had the First Amendment right to hold the event, but O’Reilly contended that actually going through with it wasn’t the best move.

“It’s always cause and effect,” O’Reilly said. “And the cause, because they did it, the jihadist do what the jihadist did. … This is what happens when you light the fuse. You get violence.”

Kelly was taken back by the comment.


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