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November 27, 2015

Killing ramps up fears of Venezuela poll violence

Ramos said the shooter was believed to be a member of an “armed gang” linked to the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday the fatal shooting of an opposition leader appeared to be a gangland score-settling, dismissing claims it was politically motivated ahead of elections.

An attacker shot Luis Manuel Diaz dead on Wednesday evening in the central Guarico region at a campaign rally for the December 6 legislative elections, party officials said, ratcheting up fears that violence could erupt in the lead-up to the polls.

The event was also attended by Lilian Tintori, the wife of a jailed opposition leader and a high-profile critic of Maduro.

“They want to kill me,” Tintori told a news conference later. “I hold Nicolas Maduro directly responsible.”

Polls have indicated Maduro’s socialist government could lose its majority in the National Assembly in next month’s vote, potentially weakening his grip on power.

Maduro has warned that if the opposition wins, his side is “politically and militarily prepared to deal with it” and would “take to the streets.”

Diaz was regional coordinator of the Democratic Action party, part of an opposition coalition against Maduro, though Diaz was not running for office.


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November 26, 2015

Black gunman ‘targets white women,’ media silent

Not a peep from news agencies quick to report white-on-black shootings.

In the highly politicized climate of President Obama’s final months in the White House, when he’s stated his goal of 2016 is to go after Americans’ gun rights, every mass shooting becomes a moment for the Democrats to speak out against the Second Amendment.

Except this one.

Zebulum Lael James, a 22-year-old black student at Jackson State University, is accused of going on a shooting spree and randomly selecting his targets in Jackson, Mississippi. The capital city of the state, Jackson is 79 percent black and 18 percent white.

Both of the targets police in Jackson say James “randomly” shot were white women, Suzanne Hogan and Kristy Lynn Mitchell.

Hogan had recently moved to the city and Mitchell was visiting Jackson on a work trip.

WLBT out of Jackson reports James went on a shooting spree on Nov. 20, shooting and killing Hogan as she pumped gas and then shooting Mitchell in the parking lot of a Logan’s Roadhouse.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance said of the motives behind the shooting, “At this point, there’s no other conclusion that we can draw. Based on what we know this minute, a random act or a series of random acts, is the best conclusion I can draw right now.”


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November 25, 2015

Teen who joined ISIS ‘killed trying to escape’

Became ‘poster girl’ after arriving in Syria in 2014.

One of the Islamic State group’s “poster girls” was allegedly killed after trying to flee Syria.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, left Vienna in April 2014 to join the Sunni terror group with her 16-year-old friend Sabina Selimovic. Both were featured in propaganda videos from Raqqa, Syria, until Selimovic died in the war zone, the United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee, or CTED, reported last December.

Local Austrian papers reported that Kesinovic, who married an ISIS fighter, was killed trying to escape Raqqa, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

A unidentified Tunisian woman who claimed to have lived with both teenagers relayed the news.

David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert with CTED, said the girls, originally from Bosnia, were radicalized by an Bosnian preacher living in Vienna. The man, known as “Ebu Tejma,” was arrested and charged with funding ISIS earlier this month, the Daily Mail reported.

Austrian officials estimate that at least 130 of its citizens are now fighting in Syria on behalf of the Sunni terror network.

Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Alexander Marakovits said on Tuesday the nation was experiencing a spike in interest with ISIS among young people, the newspaper reported.


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November 24, 2015

3 arrested in murder of pastor’s pregnant wife

Police: ‘Kill gang’ sexually assaulted, shot woman during home invasion

Three suspects have been detained in connection with the sexual assault and murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pastor’s pregnant wife who was shot during a home invasion robbery on Nov. 10.

Sources tell FOX59 the three men will also be charged in three additional burglaries, including a rape at the Westlake Apartments.

Police say the men in custody are Larry Taylor, Jalen Watson and Diano Gordan. Watson and Gordon are in custody being held on parole violations. Taylor, who was previously taken into custody and released, was arrested again Sunday night at a relative’s home, according to police.


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November 21, 2015

‘Daily slaughter of blacks’ rocks major U.S. city

Civil-rights leader: ‘Stop snitching’ mantra plays ‘major role’ in crime wave.

Baltimore experienced its 305th murder this week, hitting a grim milestone. The city of more than 620,000 people now has the highest per capita murder rate in its entire history.

The Baltimore Sun reports the city now experiences 49 murders per 100,000 people, making Baltimore the second most dangerous city in the country behind St. Louis.

The city has announced a new effort designed to combat the rise in crime, including forcing police who normally work desk jobs to patrol the streets. However, the real impeteus behind the rising crime rate does not appear to be a lack of resources, but a lack of community respect for law enforcement and a reluctance by police to act aggressively to stop crime.

The city has been in turmoil since the April 19, 2015, death of Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore police. Gray’s death inspired protests against police brutality which eventually turned violent. Gray’s death seemingly also triggered a dramatic increase in crime. According to WBAL 11, from the beginning of the year to April 21, there were 62 homicides, or about .56 homicides a day. However, after April 21, the rate increased to more than one homicide per day. Even the replacement of Police Commissioner Anthony Batts in July did nothing to slow the rate of killing.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a WND columnist and the author of “The Antidote,” slammed the protests against police, especially by the Black Lives Matter movement as contributing to the problem of lawlessness.


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November 16, 2015

Kenya attack: 147 dead in Garissa University assault (Video)

At least 147 people, mostly students, have been killed in an assault by al-Shabab militants on a university in north-eastern Kenya.

Heavily armed attackers stormed Garissa University early on Thursday, killing two security guards then firing indiscriminately on students.

Four of the gunman were eventually surrounded in a dormitory, and died when their suicide vests detonated.

It is the deadliest attack yet by al-Shabab.

The militants singled out Christians and shot them, witnesses said.

More than 500 students managed to escape, 79 of whom were injured. A fifth gunman has reportedly been arrested.

Eric Wekesa, a student at Garissa, told Reuters he locked himself in his room before eventually fleeing.

“What I managed to hear from them is ‘We came to kill or finally be killed.’ That’s what they said.”


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November 9, 2015

With decapitations and dangling bodies, cartel-style crime takes root in Mexico City

After that, decapitated bodies began to appear, in the airport and the exclusive residential zone of Santa Fe and even in the city’s sprawling subway system.

On the morning of Oct. 27, a corpse was found hanging from La Concordia bridge in the impoverished Mexico City neighborhood of Iztapalapa.

Bleeding from the face and bent in two from the loop around its waist that suspended it in midair, the shocking sight unleashed a new level of horror in this capital city.

While Mexicans have seen executions like this before – in which the organized crime members seem to be sending a gruesome message to rivals, the authorities or the media – they have mostly occurred in the country’s northern states and along its Pacific coast.

In fact, Mexico City – both the D.F., or federal district, and its suburbs in the State of Mexico – historically have been spared the large-scale killings, abductions and extortion that are most commonly associated with drug cartels.

But that has been changing since the government of then-President Felipe Calderón unleashed its all-out assault on drug cartels in 2006. Over the course of the years, it has happened slowly, but recently the situation in the capital has gotten much worse, with unmistakable signs of organized crime gang activity. And the municipal government seems to be in denial over the change.


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November 8, 2015

13 hours in Benghazi – Full Interview (Video)

The REAL Story by the Security Team that were THERE! Told to STAND DOWN twice, then delayed! OBAMA watched, did nothing! Hillary “what difference does it make!” And they BOTH apologized to the MUSLIMS right afterwards for some stupid video that had nothing to do with the terrorist attack!!

Obama-Nominated Judge Gives One Year Probation to Straw Purchaser Who Bought Gun for Cop Killer

On November 2 Obama-nominated U.S. District Judge Eleanor L. Ross gave one year probation to a woman who admitted buying a gun for her boyfriend, which he later used to shoot and kill Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco.

The woman–Jalita Johnson–pleaded “guilty to providing false information to a federally licensed firearms dealer” in order to buy a guy for Marcus Wheeler, “a felon [who] gave Johnson money and told her what [gun] to buy.”

According to, Johnson took Wheeler’s money and “bought [a] Glock semi-automatic handgun, plus a 50-round drum magazine and ammunition, from a pawnshop in Jonesboro, Georgia.” On ATF form 4473 she answered “Yes” when asked if she was the actual buyer of the gun. She then gave the gun to Wheeler and, on May 20, he used to it to open fire on officers trying to arrest him. He fired nine rounds, one of which proved fatal for Orozco. Wheeler was then killed “when Sgt. Jeff Kopietz returned fire.”

In addition to the one year of probation, Judge Ross gave Johnson “40 hours of community service and 180 days of house arrest,” but that’s it. Omaha’s police union and chief of police both spoke out against the light sentence.

Breitbart News previously reported that gun crime prosecutions under Obama have never risen to the levels seen during George W. Bush’s last five years in office. For example, Syracuse University’s TRAC Reports project shows that gun crime prosecutions in 2015 represent a 15.5 percent drop in prosecutions from five years ago and a 34.8 percent drop from the midway point of Bush’s eight years in office.


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Border Patrol Agent Tied to Gulf Cartel Murder and Beheading in Texas, Say Police

Authorities in Olmito, TX have arrested a U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of working for Mexico’s Gulf Cartel and having played a role in a cartel beheading in Texas.

On Friday morning, Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio confirmed to Breitbart Texas the arrest of Joel Luna near Hebronville, Texas.

Jail records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that he is being held on 15 separate drug charges and the man is expected to also face capital murder charges for his role in the torture and beheading of an illegal alien from Honduras that was tied to the drug operations.

His exact role in the case about the beheading remains unclear, however as investigators looked into that case they were able to gather enough evidence to target Luna.

According to Lucio, Luna would use his position as an agent to have drug shipments go through the border patrol checkpoints in Jim Hogg County. During the subsequent searches, agents were able to seize about $90,000 in cash, cocaine, heroin and a customized handgun. Luna has been described as the leader of a criminal cell linked to the Gulf Cartel in Mexico.


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