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Tommy Tuberville Eviscerates Biden’s Border Policies, Points Finger At Dems For UGA Murder (Video)

During remarks on the Senate floor, Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) blamed the Democratic party for the death of a student at University of Georgia who was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien.

Venezuelans RAISE MONEY For Times Square SHOOTER PROVING How Illegal Immigration Will END The US (Video)


Super Bowl Shooter Identity REVEALED, Ann Coulter PROVEN RIGHT, Bill Maher HUMILIATED AGAIN (Video)


Black “leaders” spreading the lie of the KC shooting and others are failing their communities (Video)

Legally Armed America

” What Really Happened on RUBY RIDGE !” W/Mike Glover | JRE (Video)

Mike Glover is a Special Forces/CIA veteran, outdoorsman, CEO of Fieldcraft Survival, and host of “The Black Rifle Coffee Podcast.”

Filmmakers Reveal the Truth about George Floyd | Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Liz Collin & JC Chaix (Video)

Glenn Loury, John McWhorter (Columbia, New York Times, Lexicon Valley), Liz Collin (They’re Lying, The Fall of Minneapolis), and JC Chaix (They’re Lying, The Fall of Minneapolis).

Assata Shakur & the cop-killing campaign of the Black Liberation Army (Video)

Michelle Malkin Investigates

Hate Crime Hoax: Man Burns Down His Own House (Video)

A man in Huntsville, Texas is now charged with arson for burning down his own house in a racist hate crime hoax – Matt Christiansen breaks down the story.

Bank Shooter Targeted ‘Upper Class White People’ to Spark Stricter Gun Control (Video)

One America News Network

Robert F Kennedy Jr: Woody Harrelson’s Dad was Involved with Killing My Uncle JFK (Part 5) – Video

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently divulged that Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson, had a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. While not directly responsible for the shooting, Charles Harrelson allegedly delivered Secret Service badges to key figures involved in the plot, which was intended to be an ‘incident’ rather than a murder. Many of these conspirators were subsequently killed, including Johnny Roselli, the liaison between the CIA and the Mafia. Kennedy Jr. also shared that over 30 witnesses or potential witnesses were killed. Furthermore, Charles Harrelson, a former CIA agent and mob hitman, confessed to his part in the assassination during a police shootout and also to his son, Woody. Kennedy Jr. prompted listeners to Google search “three tramps, JFK assassination” to find photographed evidence of Harrelson at the site.