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October 21, 2016

Deputy killed in Modoc County — the 4th on-duty California officer to die in 2 weeks

Trenton Trevon Lovell, 27, was charged with murdering Owen, attempted murder of a second sheriff’s deputy, being a felony in possession of a firearm, and two counts each of residential robbery and false imprisonment.

A 31-year-old sheriff’s deputy in Northern California was fatally shot Wednesday while responding to a disturbance call, and the suspected gunman was taken into custody, authorities said.

Modoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Jack Hopkins responded to a reported assault or disturbance about 10:30 a.m. in a rural area 10 miles south of Alturas, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

While responding, Hopkins — a sworn sheriff’s deputy since 2015 — was gunned down.

It’s unclear what led to the shooting, which prompted a massive response from state and federal law enforcement, including officers from the California Highway Patrol and U.S. Forest Service. The shooting is under investigation by the CHP as well as authorities from neighboring counties’ sheriff’s offices.

By 11 a.m., a suspect was taken into custody. The suspect’s identity was not released.

Hopkins was survived by extended family and co-workers, and the sheriff’s office said the deputy’s slaying resulted in an “outpouring of support and generosity.”


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October 20, 2016

Gunman tried to assassinate officers in California, police chief says

The officers “were ambushed by somebody who has superior firepower,” Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou said.

A gunman wearing body armor targeted two California police officers who were taking a break at a coffee shop in an ambush that failed when his gun malfunctioned, authorities said Monday.

Adam Powell, 41, appeared in the doorway of a Starbucks and “attempted to assassinate” the two officers on Sunday, Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou said.

The officers were not injured because the battered weapon, its butt covered with duct tape or foil, appeared to jam. Powell of Suisan City was in critical condition after being shot by the officers during a foot chase.

It was the latest attack on police across the country. Earlier this month, a man in body armor shot and killed two officers in Palm Springs who were responding to a domestic disturbance call at the home of an ex-convict’s family.

That shooting occurred just three days after Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Steven Owen was shot and killed in Lancaster while answering a burglary call. Owen was the victim of “a calculated execution” by a parolee with a long history of arrests who pumped bullets into his body as he lay wounded, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.


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October 18, 2016

Cop Killed by Hispanic Gang Member to Be Buried in City that Celebrates Hispanics Killing Americans

If Hillary is elected, there will be thousands of Coachellas.

Coachella: The City That Hates America

October 13, 2016

Report: Mother Who Arranged Rape, Murder of Daughter Watched Attack Then Had Sex with Killer

More details have emerged in the case of a New Mexico mother who is accused of arranging the rape, murder, and dismemberment of her own ten-year-old daughter. New reports say the woman not only sat back and watched the attack and murder but then had sex with the attacker 20 minutes after her daughter died.

In August, police in New Mexico discovered the burning body of ten-year-old Victoria Martens in an Albuquerque apartment building. An investigation showed that the child had been dosed with meth, viciously raped, then stabbed to death and dismembered.

Shockingly, police accused the child’s mother, Michelle Martens, 35, of arranging for her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 31, to rape her child. Police also accused Martens of helping to stab the child to death and dismembering her. Gonzales’s cousin, Jessica Kelley, 31, was also arrested for participating in the horrific crime.

Now new details from the investigation obtained by KRQE News 13 reveal that police think Martens sat back and watched her own daughter’s death and then had sex with the child’s killer.

One hundred pages of police records show that Martens initially tried to tell police that her boyfriend’s cousin attacked them in the middle of the night and she was the one who killed the little girl.


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October 11, 2016

Over 600 bodies recovered from Mexican mass grave

Several hours before the remains were found in San Pedro, Mexican officials said that more than 3,500 body parts had been found in ranch land since April of last year.

Remains of more than 600 bodies were unearthed from what may become Mexico’s largest mass grave found to date, according to local media. It was discovered near Torreon, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The gruesome find was made in a 16-hectare paddock in San Pedro, near the city of Torreon, according to Notimundo news outlet, citing Grupo VIDA, an NGO representing the relatives of missing persons.

The bones, teeth, clothing, and footwear of more than 600 victims were found lying in the site, which appears to be a crime scene, the group said.

The NGO’s representative, Silvia Ortiz, said the remains have been handed over to the authorities for further identification. Members of the Attorney-General’s office of Mexico and its forensics unit were involved in gathering the remains, as was the National Human Rights Commission.

Ranches surrounding the San Pedro municipality have become notorious in recent years as mass killing sites used by criminal gangs active in the area. According to official data, roughly 2,000 people have gone missing as a result of protracted violence between drug cartels, EFE news agency reports.


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October 10, 2016

Palm Springs cop killer suspect had body armor, high-capacity magazines

John Hernandez Felix, 26, was previously arrested as part of a failed murder plot in 2009. Felix and another suspect managed to shoot their target but he didn’t die. Felix was charged with attempted murder, discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury and association with a criminal street gang.

A suspected Palm Springs cop killer was captured early Sunday morning after a SWAT team used tear gas to force him out of a barricaded house, pelted him with non-lethal rounds until he surrendered and took him into custody.

John Felix, 26, was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying several high-capacity magazines – but did not have a firearm – when he was taken into custody, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Felix shot three police officers who came to his doorstep on Saturday afternoon, killing two of them, police said. Felix then hid in his home for about 12 hours, ignoring officers’ demands to surrender. At one point during the standoff, the suspect managed to stay hidden when a remote-control robot pried open the front door and searched the house.

Felix has been booked in the Riverside jail and will be charged with two counts of first-degree murder with several enhancements. He is eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors have not yet decided if they will seek an execution, said District Attorney Mike Hestrin.

“I consider the brutal murder of a police officer to be a very heinous crime, so I will leave it at that,” Hestrin said.


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October 6, 2016

Illegal immigrant charged with murder in California fire had prior arrests, was never deported

Sanchez was in some kind of fight with the others and lit the fire with the intent to kill, Los Angeles Police Capt. Billy Hayes said.

The suspect charged with murder in connection with a vacant building fire in Los Angeles was in the United States illegally and had a string of arrests to his name — but the feds never deported him, officials said Friday.

Johnny Sanchez, a 21-year-old citizen of Honduras, was initially arrested in 2012 for crossing the southeastern California border illegally, the Los Angeles Times reported. Authorities said they released him because he had no criminal history or previous immigration violations at the time.

He was arrested again in January on suspicion of domestic violence and twice in the ensuing months on suspicion of drug possession, officials said.

After he crossed the border, authorities reportedly placed him under supervision and ordered Sanchez to report to them regularly — but he stopped doing so in 2014, the Times adds.


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October 3, 2016

‘They Keep Finding Bodies’: Gang Violence in Long Island Town Fuels Immigration Debate

“In the past, it used to be like rival gangs on each other,” Dr. McIntyre said. “But now it has taken another turn. When it goes after all kids, it’s a whole new realm. It’s tearing the fabric of our community apart.”

Four dead teenagers. Two weeks. One town. And a ruthless gang, the authorities say, was most likely responsible for the toll. Again.

On Sept. 13, Nisa Mickens, 15, and her best friend, Kayla Cuevas, 16, were murdered, their battered bodies found near an elementary school here. A week later and just two miles away, the skeletal remains of two more teenagers — identified as Oscar Acosta, 19, and Miguel Garcia-Moran, 15 — were found in the woods near a psychiatric hospital. Oscar had been missing since May, Miguel since February. Their deaths have been ruled homicides.

Brentwood, a hardscrabble town of nearly 60,000 on Long Island, 40 miles east of Manhattan, has reached another crisis point. For nearly two decades, MS-13, a gang with roots in Los Angeles and El Salvador, has been terrorizing the town, the authorities say, especially its young people. Since 2009, its members have been accused of at least 14 murders, court and police records show.


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October 1, 2016

Officers Kill Six Year Old Boy (Video)

Newly-released video shows the moment two deputy marshals in Louisiana opened fire on an SUV, killing a child in the passenger seat and critically wounding his father. Linsey Davis on the charges they now face.

September 30, 2016

Suspect in Texas double homicide had been deported 3 times to Mexico

Navarro Rios returned to the U.S. at some point and was again deported in October 2009 for re-entering by falsely claiming U.S. citizenship, Rusnok said. He again came back into the U.S. and was prosecuted on vehicle burglary charges in the Texas city of Georgetown in 2010 and 2011. He was deported in March 2014 after completing a prison sentence for re-entry after deportation, according to a statement Wednesday from ICE.

A man who allegedly killed two people and kidnapped a third one over the weekend in the Dallas area was living in the United States illegally under a false name and had been deported three times to Mexico in the last two decades, immigration officials said on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old man is suspected of killing a motorist in Dallas and a man at a gas station in nearby Cedar Hill. He allegedly also kidnapped a landscape worker in Austin.

Dallas County jail officials discovered the suspect initially identified as Silvestre Franco-Luviano was actually Juan Navarro Rios. However, a sheriff’s spokesperson later said he used at least eight aliases.

“This is an example of the worst of the worst that we go after on a daily basis,” Hector Gomez, supervisory deputy marshal of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, told the Dallas Morning News.

Police have not released a motive for either slaying, both of which occurred on Sunday night.

Navarro was arrested Tuesday after a standoff at his relatives’ apartment in Georgetown, about 25 miles north of Austin. Police said he was caught after he set fire to part of the building.


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