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December 3, 2016

Illegal Alien Nicknamed ‘Taliban’ Sentenced to Life in Prison After Shooting Death of American Student

An illegal alien and MS-13 gangbanger nicknamed “Taliban” will serve the rest of his life in prison after ordering another gang member to shoot into a crowd in 2010, killing a high school student.

Hugo Palencia, now 24, was one of eight MS-13 gang members convicted in part on racketeering charges:

On Nov. 11, 2010, Palencia drove another MS-13 member to the area around Barack Obama Academy in Plainfield, where they encountered students challenging MS-13. Palencia pulled over, handed a firearm to another MS-13 member and instructed him to shoot at one of the individuals. The MS-13 member shot into the crowd, killing a bystander.

As MRCTV reports, Obama’s Department of Justice did not say Palencia was an illegal alien at the time of the murder.

A jury convicted Palencia of racketeering conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, using and carrying a firearm during a crime of violence, and causing death through use of a firearm in June.

American taxpayers must pay to feed, clothe, and house the illegal alien murderer for the rest of his life.

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December 1, 2016

20-Year-Old in North Carolina Planned to Murder Hundreds for Islamic State

20-year-old Justin Nojan Sullivan pled guilty on Tuesday morning to a chilling terrorist plot in which he planned to use a silenced gun to murder hundreds of people in Virginia and North Carolina on behalf of the Islamic State. He has agreed to serve a life sentence in prison.

“Justin Sullivan planned to kill hundreds of innocent people. He pledged his support to ISIL and took calculated steps to commit a murderous rampage to prove his allegiance to the terrorist organization,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge John A. Strong, of the Charlotte, North Carolina, office, as quoted by the Associated Press.

“Sullivan admitted in court today that he attempted to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries by planning mass casualty shooting attacks on behalf of ISIL against innocent people in North Carolina and Virginia,” stated U.S. Attorney Jill Westmoreland Rose.

“It is frightening to know that the defendant in this case was able to use social media to contact and seek advice from ISIL, a murderous organization,” Rose added.

More specifically, Sullivan planned to attack a concert, nightclub, or other crowded venue, where he thought he might be able to kill up to a thousand people. He was planning to film the slaughter and give the video to ISIS. He also proposed pulling off a few “minor assassinations” for training purposes before carrying out “the big attack.”


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November 30, 2016

Graphic Video: Mexican Cartel at Border Preps to Incinerate Victims’ Hacked Bodies, Plays Soccer with Head

A leaked video obtained by the Breitbart Texas shows a crew of Gulf Cartel gunmen preparing to incinerate dozens of murdered victims. They are also seen playing soccer with a human head.

The incineration of victims is a long standing practice that allows the criminal organization to avoid scrutiny as well as help Mexican government officials continue to claim low crime statistics.

In the leaked video, a man holding a cell phone claims to be part of the Gulf Cartel and that the group is cooking “rats” or rivals members. The man appears to be holding a beer on the other hand as he narrates in Spanish the fate of their rivals.

In the background of the video, various other cartel members can be seen punching holes in 55-gallon drums and placing rocks and body parts inside. One of the men then asks for a “spark” referring to a lighter. The man with the cell phone then begins to kick the head of one of a murder victim as if it were a soccer ball. Another is heard stating that in a village, Los Zetas members had played soccer with the severed heads of children.


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November 28, 2016

Graphic: Nearly 50 Mexican Mayors Executed by Drug Cartels in 13 Years

In the last 13 years, 47 Mexican mayors have been murdered in Mexico. Most of those executions were under orders of the various drug cartels that operate in the country.

Winning a municipal election and becoming a mayor in Mexico has become a painful experience similar to those seen in high risk jobs like police officers or judges tasked with facing off cartel bosses.

Information released by the National Association of Mayors (ANAC) in Mexico revealed that since 2003, there have been 47 mayors murdered. Most of the executions were carried under orders of drug cartels and firearms were used in the crimes. The statistics include the weekend murders of two mayors from Guerrero and Chiapas, as Breitbart Texas previously reported.

In total there have been 79 criminal investigations opened by state and federal authorities in connection with the murders of politicians, the figures from ANAC revealed. The risks that come with being a mayor are not lessened by geographic region since the executions can take place in the northern border states or in the southern parts of Mexico. In each of those areas, drug cartels are looking to place “individuals of trust” in key government positions to use them as spies and allies.


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November 26, 2016

Mexico violence: 9 human heads, 32 bodies found in secret graves

Drug gangs frequently decapitate their victims.

Investigators searching clandestine graves have found 32 bodies and nine human heads in southern Mexico, authorities said Thursday.

Rival drug gangs have been engaged in a wave of extortion, kidnappings and turf battles in the area.

Soldiers and police found the graves on Tuesday in Guerrero state after receiving a tip that people were being held at the site located near a mountain in the municipality of Zitlala. They said they rescued a kidnap victim and discovered 12 bodies and human remains in coolers.

On Thursday, officials announced that further excavations of the site had found a total of 32 bodies and nine human heads.

It was unclear how long the remains, which were being transferred to the state capital of Chilpancingo to be identified, had been buried. Reuters reported that no suspects had been detained.

Roberto Alvarez Heredia, spokesman for the Guerrero Coordinating Group, said soldiers were combing the area to see if there were any more clandestine graves.


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November 25, 2016

Austin Protesters Chant “What’s Better Than 12 Dead Cops? 13 Dead Cops” (Video)

The idiots in the red face masks in the video look exactly like protesters who stood outside the Texas State Capital building in protest this weekend. They were armed with rifles and holding a sign that said “make racists afraid again”.

A few days before 4 officers were shot within a 24 hour period, Austin protesters thought it would be cute to chant about cops dying.

A video has been circulating social medial websites the past few days showing a group of children throwing a temper tantrum about god knows what, while chanting about police dying.

The video starts off with one misled young man shrieking his frustrations about law enforcement with the always original phrase “fuck the police” (nice voice crack by the way, little guy.)

They are armed with cell phones, skinny jeans, and red face masks with soviet hammer and sickles printed on them. Police officers drive beside them, ensuring that there is a safe space for them to yell their stupidity with zero consequences.


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November 24, 2016

Black couple ‘plotted to shoot cops, start race war’

Charged with planting fake bomb at school to lure police, 1st responders.

A convicted felon who claims he wanted to start a race war is behind bars in connection with the explosives device planted outside of a Trussville elementary school.

Authorities today announced state charges against 35-year-old Zachary Edwards and 34-year-old Raphel Dilligard, both of eastern Birmingham. They are charged with possession of a hoax destructive device, rendering false alarm and making terrorist threats, said Trussville police Capt. Jeff Bridges. The warrants were issued this morning after the week-long probe by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Trussville police, the Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“My guys believe this individual to be a very dangerous person,” said Dave Hyche, ATF’s assistant special agent in charge in Alabama.


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November 23, 2016

Graphic: Mexico’s Acapulco Rocked by Cartel Beheadings and Shootings

Cartel members tortured and beheaded nine men whose bodies were later dumped on the side of the road in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Separately, two off-duty Mexican marines were shot and killed with eight others in the resort town of Acapulco.

According to information released by the Guerrero State Prosecutor’s Office (Fiscalia del Estado) the bodies of the nine men were discovered on Sunday afternoon along a road leading to the town of Tixtla, about 100 kilometers north of the famous beach resort area of Acapulco.

The nine bodies exhibited obvious signs of torture with the severed remains placed partially inside burlap bags. The bodies also had a cartel banner nearby, though the message was not made public. According to state officials, the violence in the area is tied to rival drug trafficking gangs who have been fighting for control of lucrative drug distribution routes.

Also over the weekend, two Mexican marines who were among 10 victims gunned down in or near Acapulco, a once calm beach resort area that has become a battleground for cartel factions. The two marines had been assigned to the local military station and were both 27 years old.


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November 18, 2016

Electoral College voters ‘deluged’ with death threats (Video)

Hillary backers: ‘Hateful bigot, I hope you die … I will put a bullet in your brain’

Final electoral map shows Michigan in Trump’s fold but Clinton supporters have been sending threatening emails to the state’s 16 electors, trying to get them to change their allegiance to their candidate.

One of Michigan’s 16 electors who will be called upon to cast a vote validating the election of Donald Trump in the Electoral College has testified on video that he and others in the state are receiving “dozens and dozens of death threats” from Hillary Clinton supporters urging them to switch their votes to Clinton.

On Dec. 19 the Electoral College will convene to cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with each state’s electors pledged to vote for the candidate elected on Nov. 8 in their state.

But a handful of states have no laws making it illegal for the electors to change their vote while others have only a minor penalty such as a fine for doing so. If Clinton’s supporters can get enough of the 163 electors from states where Trump both won and votes can be legally switched on Dec. 19, Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States.

Michael Banerian, 22, of Oakland County, Michigan, is one of that state’s 16 official electors who will meet in the state capital of Lansing on Dec. 19 to cast their votes for Trump. He told the Detroit News Thursday he has received threatening emails, lots of them, from people telling him to vote for Democrat Clinton instead of the GOP victor he is pledged to support. Trump won Michigan’s popular vote and should be able to count on the 16 electoral votes in that state.


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Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report

Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.

On Thursday morning, Coahuila state authorities arrested Sergio Alonzo Rodriguez, the former mayor of Allende, Coahuila, on the charge of aggravated kidnapping, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Coahuila government revealed. Rodriguez was the mayor of Allende, Coahuila in March, 2011, when a commando of Los Zetas kidnapped dozens of people who were then murdered and incinerated.

Earlier this year, Breitbart Texas published the results of a three-month investigation into how Los Zetas were able to kidnap, torture, execute and incinerate approximately 300 victims–including women and children–between 2011 and 2013. Approximately 150 of the victims were taken to the Piedras Negras state prison where cartel members used 55-gallon drums to incinerate the human remains.


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