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Graphic Quotes: James Woods on Democrats and Illegal Immigrants

James Woods is absolutely correct! This is why Democrats love illegal aliens and have opened our borders from day-1.


Graphic Quotes: James Woods on the Eradication of Culture

“I think one can’t underestimate the value of a shared culture. It is a bond that transcends party politics, presidential “mandates,” and “woke” narratives. The true purpose behind our Biden border catastrophe is the intentional eradication of our traditional American culture.” – James Woods


Graphic Quotes: James Woods on Biden’s Immigration Policy w/Video

“He (Biden) proudly promised the demise of the White race in America with a “never-ending stream of immigration.” You can’t fault a politician when he promises something, you vote for it, and he delivers. You got what you asked for.” – James Woods

James Woods Claims Hollywood More Evil Than Your ‘Worst Fears’

Veteran actor James Woods claimed this week that people have no idea how truly “evil” Hollywood can be – a place far worse than their “worst fears.”

In a now-deleted tweet, a fan of Woods asked the true extent of evil Hollywood and the actor had an eyebrow-raising answer.

“James, serious question. As someone who has enormous respect for your talent as an actor, I’m curious – how evil is Hollywood?” asked the user.

“Multiply your worst fears by 100,” Woods replied.

The Once Upon a Time in America star did not elaborate and he later deleted his tweet.


Complete text linked here.

Actor James Woods Suggests Being Lead Plaintiff in Musk-Funded Suit Against Gov’t Censorship

James Woods: “I will be getting a lawyer, I will be suing the Democratic National Committee. No matter what, whether I win or lose, I am going to stand up for the rights of every American.”

After new Twitter owner Elon Musk released Friday the first batch of tweets showing that Democrats had called on the giant social media platform to suppress opposition posts, conservative actor James Woods told Musk he’d gladly be a plaintiff in a Musk-funded class action suit.

Woods, appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel show as the tweets were being released, said that his career had been destroyed by the targeting of conservative celebrities:

“I’m not a celebrity, I’m hardly recognizable anymore because my career has been destroyed by these very people. And I will too, and I’m hoping other people will too. And if it turns out there are a lot of us on this list, where the DNC targeted us, and I will quote the immortal words of Joseph Welch when he attacked Joe McCarthy, with the enemies list he had: ‘At long last sir, have you no shame?’

“President Biden, all of your proxies, little operatives in the DNC who have targeted American citizens. Have you, Mr. President, have all of you. at last, no shame?”


Complete text linked here.

James Woods: Elon Musk may have saved America (Video)

Actor joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to react to reports the DNC ordered Twitter to remove the actor’s tweets, telling the government, ‘I am not afraid of you.’

Graphic Quotes: James Woods on Small Businesses

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of America. Why, then, do Democrats hate them so? Because small businesses are the soul of capitalism and the shining beacons of hard work, achievement, and true community. Everything socialist Democrats loathe and cannot control.” – James Woods

Graphic Quotes: James Woods on the Illegal Invasion

“Fourteen million immigrants since 2006. That’s 14,000,000 living off the system. The #Democrats promote this invasion in the hopes that just TEN PERCENT will vote illegally. Ten percent will swing any election. Just look at California. And make no mistake. This IS an invasion.” – James Woods

Complete Classic Movie: End Game (2006)

Actor: Cuba Gooding Jr., Angie Harmon, James Woods. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Angie Harmon, James Woods, this thriller follows Secret Service agent Alex, who is obsessed with the President’s murder. Latr he teams up with an investigative reporter named Kate, and soon find themselves embroiled in a far-reaching conspiracy.

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Complete Classic Movie: True Believer (1989)

Actor: James Woods, Robert Downey Jr., Margaret Colin. Eddie Dodd is a burnt-out attorney who has left behind civil rights work to defend drug dealers. Roger Baron is an idealistic young legal clerk, fresh out of law school, who encourages Dodd to take on the case of Shu Kai Kim, a young Korean man who was imprisoned for a gang-related murder and has now killed a fellow inmate.

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