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January 27, 2021

The Politically Incorrect Guide: The New Animated Webseries

Season one is 10 episodes long, each episode lasting 12 to 15 minutes and releasing throughout 2021. The show will educate “people on true but politically incorrect facts,” says Joseph (Jake) Klein, series producer and founder of Dangerous Documentaries.

The Politically Incorrect Guide, a project of Dangerous Documentaries and the Capital Research Center, kicked off this morning, releasing its first episode, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution.”

Podcasters and authors Tom Woods and Michael Malice have created an ingenious prescription to heal the sickness of misinformation rampant throughout the country: an animated webseries that educates viewers beyond the politically correct rhetoric increasingly infecting American universities and society at large.

Based on the Regnery book series of the same name, each episode will cover stories from history, culture, and social movements that students in today’s mainstream education system may never hear, but need to know. The book series contains 32 works, each written by a different expert, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, both of which will be among the show’s upcoming episodes.


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April 20, 2020

Graphic Quotes: James Woods on Globalism

Name one benefit any American CITIZEN has gleaned from globalization…

February 25, 2018

Graphic Quotes: James Woods on the Bill of Rights

“There is not one chance in a million any part of the Bill of Rights will ever be amended or overturned. So why are we having that argument? Why are we not putting our energies into sound security measures and mental health initiatives?” – James Woods


February 24, 2018

James Woods supports Brendan Fraser against Philip Berk: ‘I too was blacklisted’ (Video)

After the news of Fraser’s interview spread, Woods shared the article on his Twitter page and claimed he too had been blacklisted by Berk, but for political reasons.

James Woods thanked fellow actor Brendan Fraser for speaking against former Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) president Philip Berk and shared his own story about the organization.

On Thursday, Fraser revealed in an interview with GQ that he believed his career in Hollywood declined because he suffered depression after he says he was groped by then-HFPA president, Berk.

After the news of Fraser’s interview spread, Woods shared the article on his Twitter page and claimed he too had been blacklisted by Berk, but for political reasons.

The conservative actor tweeted, “I recommend this interview highly. I, too, was blacklisted by that individual at #HFPA after nine Golden Globe nominations. During a press junket with HFPA, he asked if I would support Hillary Clinton if she ever ran for president. Never nominated again.”


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January 11, 2018

James Woods Warns Trump: ‘If You Fold on Immigration, You’re a One-Term President’

Actor James Woods took to Twitter Tuesday to issue a stern warning to President Donald Trump: cave to Democrats on the immigration issue and become a “one-term president.”

The conservative actor used his social media account to weigh in on Tuesday’s bipartisan meeting between Trump and leaders from the House and Senate on immigration, during which the president suggested he would be open to a comprehensive immigration reform deal that would resolve the status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

“If you fold on immigration, you are a one-term president,” Woods wrote in a tweet.

Woods added that at the very least, if Trump were to defer on the issue of DACA, the actor would not vote for him in 2020.


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October 10, 2017

James Woods: Here’s The Funny Story Behind That False Report That I’m Retiring For Being Blacklisted

News of his retirement “greatly exaggerated.”

As The Daily Wire has chronicled, James Woods is one of the few conservative voices left in Hollywood who’s willing to push back against the progressive agenda promoted in lock-step by his colleagues. After decades of duking it out with his fellow celebrities, the 70-year-old actor appeared to have announced on Friday that he was officially retiring from the film industry — just a few weeks after saying that he’d accepted that he had been “blacklisted” in Hollywood because of his openly conservative views. However, after sitting back and watching the story go viral, Woods revealed on Saturday that the news of his retirement had been “greatly exaggerated.”

Woods relayed to The Washington Post this weekend the funny story about how the false retirement announcement came to be.

Reports that Woods was officially retiring from acting came via his real estate agent Allen Gammons’ press release on Friday stating that the actor was retiring from Hollywood to spend more time with his passions and was selling his $1.39 million house in Exeter to help “simplify his life.” The Providence Journal reported:

Woods, a graduate of Pilgrim High School in Warwick, is retiring from the entertainment industry and hopes to “simplify his life” by selling “his many real estate holdings on both coasts,” Gammons said in a news release.


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August 29, 2017

James Woods ‘Blacklisted’ from Hollywood

Woods tweeted that he wasn’t always a conservative social warrior, in fact, he was a Democrat until Bill Clinton was impeached and every Democrat “stood behind a convicted perjurer.”

James Woods is a well-known veteran Hollywood actor who, prior to 2013, was frequently seen on the big and small screen. Things changed in 2013 when Woods became an outspoken critic of then President Obama, which is a big “no-no” in Hollywood. Why? Because being a conservative in Hollywood can cost you jobs, it’s like modern-day McCarthyism and career death sentence.

On his blacklisted Hollywood status, Woods tweeted on August 21: “The only reason I express my views is that I have accepted the fact that I’m blacklisted. Also I bought Apple stock in the 80’s…”

In 2013, Woods famously tweeted a response to a fan who asked him if he were concerned that his conservative views would cost him work. He practically predicted his future: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first…”


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June 27, 2017

James Woods: ‘Free Speech Is Dead in Liberal America’

Check out the reasons the conservative actor turns down most of the interviews he’s offered these days.

Actor James Woods is more outspoken than ever about his conservative political and cultural beliefs. He’s earned nearly 700,000 followers on Twitter thanks to his sharp and constant commentary about the news — and about the Left.

Surprisingly, the actor doesn’t often take his opinions beyond social media. He doesn’t pop up in many interviews or throw himself at the press. It appears this is for a very good reason.

A writer at Independent Journal Review recently attempted to interview Woods to get the artist’s opinion about Johnny Depp’s assassination “joke” — and Woods politely declined. He explained why he generally avoids the press these days — even press of which he approves.

“Well, I’m deeply flattered, but turn down hundreds of requests to do interviews. I’m a big fan of IJR, but I must graciously decline. I find that Twitter makes it impossible for the sleaze liberal press to take my words out of context. If I were to do an IJR interview, surely CNN and NYT would misrepresent my thoughts and words. As honorable as IJR may be, they can’t stop others from engaging in malicious behavior. Sadly, free speech is dead in liberal America,” wrote Woods to the reporter who requested the interview.


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June 2, 2017

Complete Classic Movie: The Hard Way (1991)

Stars: Michael J. Fox, James Woods, Stephen Lang. An action movie star researching a role is allowed to tag along with a hardboiled New York policeman, who finds him superficial and irritating.

Click here to watch The Hard Way.

September 17, 2016

James Woods: ‘I Will Never Watch the NFL Again’ (Video)

Actor James Woods is fed up with the way the NFL has handled Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest — so much so that he has vowed never to watch a league game ever again.

The 69-year-old conservative actor ripped the league in an impromptu interview with TMZ this week.

“They can do what they want, they can say whatever they think and I respect their Constitutional right to do it,” Woods said when asked about Kaepernick’s protest, during which he takes a knee during the National Anthem to protest the United States’ treatment of minority citizens.

“I hope they respect my Constitutional right never to watch the NFL again,” Woods added. “I will never watch the NFL again, ever.”

When asked whether there was anything the league could do to win back his viewership, Woods shut them down: “I don’t know, cause I’m never gonna watch them again, so how would I know?”

Woods has been one of the most vocal critics of Kaerpernick’s National Anthem protest. Shortly after the San Francisco 49ers quarterback first made his statement ahead of a pre-season game in August, Woods told Kaepernick not to “tarnish out flag by standing.”

“Just stay where you choose to be, with your worthless ass in the mud,” the actor tweeted.


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