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DEFINING 2021: Words, Events & MEMES (Video)

Felix Rex

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – The Petersens (LIVE)

What a year!!! We are so thankful to each and every one of you for listening, commenting, subscribing, and sharing our music. You have brought us so much joy and we can’t wait to do it all again next year. Happy New Year!


The Officer Tatum

Why Scrooge, the Grinch and the Left Hate Christmas, Themselves, and the Rest of Reality (Video)

Prof. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

A rare look inside one Mexican cartel’s fentanyl operation, and how the drug reaches the U.S. (Video)

The opioid epidemic has ravaged the United States, with the drug fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, delivering particularly fatal outcomes. Fentanyl’s high potency combined with its low production cost has allowed powerful Mexican cartels to create and sell the drug in massive quantities. With the support of the Pulitzer Center, special correspondent Monica Villamizar and producer Zach Fannin traveled between the U.S. and Mexico to get a rare look inside these fentanyl operations, revealing the devastating effect the drug has on every community it touches.

Defense Claims FBI “Fabricated” 2020 Conspiracy to Kidnap Governor Whitmer

This alleged plot fits neatly with the narrative — promoted by the FBI and other federal agencies — that “white extremists” are the greatest danger to America. Part of that narrative is that “white extremist” Trump supporters attempted to overthrow the federal government on January 6. This case appears tailor-made to fit that narrative,

After more than a year of investigations, arrests, and trial preparation in the case of the plot by a “right-wing” militia group to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, information is surfacing that casts a very different light on the case than that offered by the FBI and federal prosecutors. It appears the whole thing was a big government scam and the plot to kidnap the Democrat governor was all the work of the government itself.

According to investigators and the prosecution, the FBI discovered the kidnapping plot in early 2020, after a U.S. Army veteran — known only as “Dan” — joined a group of “right-wing” Trump supporters who had formed a “white” militia group and became concerned about their use of a hunting app that could be used to track the addresses of police officers. “Dan” then was put in touch with the FBI by a friend at a local police department. He subsequently became an FBI informant infiltrating the group to report on any plans to kill police officers.

“Dan” was paid $50,000 by the FBI for his trouble.


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What Cobra Kai Can Teach a Generation Marinated in Victimhood and ‘Safetyism’

Cobra Kai might be the best show on TV—and much of it has to do with its radical message of individualism and self-reliance.

Cobra Kai is back. Season 4 begins Friday, and my family will be watching what is perhaps the most surprising hit in a decade—and our personal favorite.

The Karate Kid spinoff had “flop” written all over it. After several sequels and reboots, the franchise felt spent. Moreover, it was launched as part of YouTube’s ill-fated plan to compete with Amazon and Netflix in original content production.

Nevertheless, Cobra Kai has proven a smash. After being acquired by Netflix in June 2020, the show dominated the Nielsen streaming charts, quickly racking up more than 2 billion streaming minutes.The acquisition, as Forbes put it, turned Cobra Kai from an obscure hit into the #1 show in America.

The show works for several reasons and has struck a chord with young people (my kids can’t get enough of it), largely by running against postmodern sacred cows and embracing some radical ideas: self-ownership, personal responsibility, and individualism (as well as 1980s-style bad*ssery).

Cobra Kai does all this with humor and a twist. The themes of individualism and self-improvement are channeled not through a wise Miyagi-like sensei—but through “ace degenerate” Johnny Lawrence, the villain of Karate Kid who famously got his face kicked in the fifth act.


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France Fights Back, Shutters Mosque After What Imam Allegedly Said

The document outlining the closure of the mosque said that “the terrorist threat remains at a very high level” and the closure had “the aim of forestalling acts of terrorism being committed,”

France is shutting down the Great Mosque of Beauvais in the northern region of Oise after authorities said the imam’s radical sermons “defended jihad,” the BBC reported Tuesday.

The Beauvais mosque will remain closed for six months.

The outlet said France has been checking on mosques and Islamic places of worship that have suspected links to terrorism.

Local authorities said sermons at the mosque referred to jihadists as “heroes” and incited violence and hatred, the BBC reported.

France’s interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, said two weeks ago that the imam was “targeting Christians, homosexuals and Jews” in his sermons and started the process to shut down the mosque. Authorities gave the mosque 10 days to respond.


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Jeffrey Epstein: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special (Video)

It’s a Jeffrey Epstein episode of The Megyn Kelly Show’s True Crime Christmas week. Megyn Kelly is joined by Barry Levine, author of “The Spider,” to talk about how Epstein got all is money, Ghislaine Maxwell’s crucial role to the rise of Epstein, efforts to bring him to justice, attempts to revive his reputation post-jail, whether Epstein really killed himself, and more.

Data Matters: School Closures Only Accomplished Harm; Teachers’ Unions Must Be Held Accountable

Bottom line: The CDC, teachers’ unions, and leftist politicians pursued lockdown policies, then continued to double down as they failed.

As American taxpayers labor through the holidays to fund another extended paid vacation for public school teachers, it’s rarely been more evident that capricious policies from purported experts and media allies produced a terrifying amount of harmful consequences on the most vulnerable among us. That singular group, which continues to be abused by COVID-19 neurotics, is school children.

Many teachers demanded school closures in exchange for disastrous remote learning. Ignoring data showing that the virus does not significantly impact those who aren’t elderly (nearly all teachers in America are under 60), they were unwilling to assume even a remote risk.


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