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February 19, 2018

FBI under siege: Top brass, agents slammed as bureau fights to overcome scandals and blunders (Video)

But Hosko says as long as the FBI keeps making mistakes — such as the “catastrophic” Florida one or the “embarrassing” text message exchanges between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two former members of Mueller’s team who blasted the president – the hits against the agency will keep coming.

From the storied hallways of the J. Edgar Hoover building to field offices around the country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation faces a crisis of confidence as rank-and-file agents are blamed for not preventing recent attacks and top brass finds itself in the middle of an unfolding political fight.

The blitz of bad news is taking a toll on the intensely proud bureau’s members, both past and present.

“In my experience, I can’t say I know of any parallel to what is going on now,” former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko told Fox News.

The two-pronged attack on the bureau’s credibility reached a crescendo last week, when the bureau admitted it had not acted on a tip that might have stopped Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz. President Trump, in turn, seized on the grave error to effectively accuse the bureau of making mistakes because agents have been consumed with the Russia probe.


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February 16, 2018

How Stupid Is The FBI? Couldn’t Find HS Shooter — Even Though He Used REAL NAME In YouTube Threat!

Now, though, the endless shortcomings of the FBI are coming into focus. If the Bureau can’t track down a kid WHO USES HIS REAL NAME IN A THREATENING MESSAGE, then maybe it’s time to disband the agency and start over.

Is the FBI completely incompetent? Or is the Bureau just stupid?

Unfortunately, those are the only two choices available at this point.

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at a Florida high school which left 17 dead and 14 wounded, it was revealed that the FBI had been warned five months ago about the shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz.

A video blogger on YouTube notified the FBI in September about an alarming comment on a video he’d posted. “Im going to be a professional school shooter,” read the comment left by a user with the name Nikolas Cruz — the same name of the now-confessed shooter.

But on Thursday, the FBI agent in charge of the Florida shooting probe said the Bureau (make sure you’re sitting down for the next part) COULD NOT IDENTIFY THE PERSON WHO LEFT THE COMMENT!


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February 9, 2018

Bombshell: FBI Informant In Uranium One Scandal Testifies Against Obama. Here’s What He Said

“I was frustrated watching the U.S. government make numerous decisions benefiting Rosatom and Tenex while those entities were engaged in serious criminal conduct on U.S. soil.”

The FBI’s informant in the Uranium One scandal involving the Obama administration gave written testimony to three congressional committees this week in which he accused the Obama administration of making decisions that directly benefited the Russian government and their goals of gaining geopolitical advantages over the United States.

The informant, Douglas Campbell, told congressional investigators on Wednesday that Moscow sent millions of dollars to the U.S. with the expectation that it would benefit the Clintons, while Hillary Clinton “quarterbacked a ‘reset’ in US-Russian relations” in her role as Secretary of State during the Obama administration, The Hill reported.

Key facts:

* Campbell participated in closed-door interviews with the Senate Judiciary, House Intelligence and House Oversight and Government Reform committees.

* Campbell said that Russian nuclear officials told him that Moscow hired an American lobbying firm, APCO Worldwide, because it was in a unique position to influence the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton in particular.

* Democrats are aggressively trying to discredit him but are having little success as “the FBI found Campbell’s undercover work valuable enough to reward him with a $50,000 check in 2016.”


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February 6, 2018

Rep. Paul Gosar calls for ‘criminal prosecution’ of former top FBI, DOJ officials after release of Nunes memo

Gosar said in a statement to the Washington Examiner that the former director and deputy FBI director, and two former deputy attorneys general “have made a mockery of the FBI.”

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., called for the criminal prosecution of multiple former FBI and Justice Department officials after the release Friday of the Republican memo about surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser.

Gosar said in a statement posted to Twitter Friday that he will be co-authoring a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions seeking the “criminal prosecution” of former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for their “illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA.”

“I will be leading a letter to the Attorney General seeking criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation,” Gosar said in a statement.


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February 4, 2018

‘Biggest Snow Job in Political History’: Judge Jeanine Tears Into Dems for Using Dreamers as ‘Pawns’ (Video)

“I’d like to know what country… that would let 1.8 million people [in] who violated their rules and disrespected their laws, but were still willing to forgive them and generously allow them citizenship,” Pirro said.

In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro called the illegal immigration fight the “biggest snow job in political history.”

Pirro said Democrats and illegal immigrants are trying to make citizens feel bad about the president’s offer to grant amnesty to millions of people.


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Donald Trump Shares Dynamite Editorial Criticizing the FBI

President Donald Trump shared the text of a Wall Street Journal editorial sounding the alarm about the information revealed in the memo declassified by the House Intelligence Committee.

The editorial accused the FBI of using the FISA court and the phony opposition dossier funded by Hillary Clinton to influence the election.

It read:

We don’t know the political motives of the FBI and Justice officials, but the facts are damaging enough. The FBI in essence let itself and the FISA court be used to promote a major theme of the Clinton campaign. Mr. Steele and Fusion then leaked the fact of the investigation to friendly reporters to try to defeat Mr. Trump before the election. And afterward they continued to leak all this to the press to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s victory.

No matter its motives, the FBI became a tool of anti-Trump political actors. This is unacceptable in a democracy and ought to alarm anyone who wants the FBI to be a nonpartisan enforcer of the law.

The Journal’s editorial called for the declassification of more documents and praised House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes for releasing the memo.

“[E]xposing abuses is the essence of accountability in a democracy,” the editorial read.


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January 28, 2018

Slain rancher Finicum’s family sues feds for $70 million

Alleges ‘pre-planned government ambush’

The family of an Arizona rancher who was killed by police during the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon alleged in a $70 million federal lawsuit Friday that he was “deliberately executed by a preplanned government ambush.”

The wrongful-death lawsuit, filed in Portland on the second anniversary of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum’s death, seeks at least $5 million in damages for his widow and each of their 12 children, plus $5 million for “the estate,” for a total of $70 million, as well as special and punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

The United States is listed as a defendant, along with the FBI, Oregon State Police, Gov. Kate Brown and others.

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele said the agency does not comment on pending litigation. Representatives for the governor and state police did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Finicum served as a spokesman for the armed group led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy that occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in early 2016 to oppose federal control of land in the U.S. West and the imprisonment of two ranchers.


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January 24, 2018

Did Democrats Turn The FBI Into A Corrupt Anti-Trump Tool, Or Are Republicans Destroying A Treasured Institution To Save Trump? by Ben Shapiro

If Republicans are right, Democrats turned the FBI into a political whorehouse. If they’re not, they’re destroying one of the nation’s great institutions to protect Trump. Either way, this ends ugly.

So, here’s a list of the revelations from the past few weeks surrounding the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government:

Text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page talked openly about a “path you threw out for consideration in [deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe’s office]” as an “insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40,” with reference to a Trump election. Strzok worked heavily on the Hillary investigation, and crafted the language exonerating her. He was also deeply involved in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation;

According to Reps. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and John Ratcliffe (R-TX), text messages between the pair referenced a “secret society” working against Trump;

The FBI somehow “lost” a batch of text messages between Strzok and Page, conveniently identified as the period between December 2016 and May 2017, when special counsel Robert Mueller took over the probe;


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January 1, 2018

11 Outrageous Ways Federal Government Wasted $473 Billion in Taxpayer Money

The federal government wastes or ineffectively uses billions of taxpayer dollars every year. In late November, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) released the annual waste report: “Federal Fumbles: 100 Ways the Government Dropped the Ball.”

The report provides examples of waste and mismanagement that took place over eleven months, including newly documented past waste and ongoing wasteful practices.

The total wasted dollars dug up for the report: $473 billion. Lankford wrote in the introductory remarks in the report:

Included in ‘Federal Fumbles’ is just a sampling of instances where federal agencies or departments have wasted or inefficiently used billions of your dollars. The program and grant funding discussed in this book has already been allocated or spent and cannot be recovered. But highlighting it here provides lessons for agencies and hopefully encourages Congress to utilize its oversight and legislative authority to prevent future waste and misuse of federal tax dollars.

Lankford said the report should be utilized by members of Congress to curtail the waste and make sure federal agencies “are doing the right thing, the right way.”

“Americans rightly expect great things from their leaders in Washington,” Lankford said. “I offer this book as a guide for elected officials of both parties to identify areas of improvement so we may come together to do the work our constituents expect and our country deserves.”


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December 30, 2017

Jalisco congressman murdered in Tomatlán

The longtime politician had registered last Wednesday to run for a second term as mayor.

A longtime Jalisco politician was shot and killed this morning in his native Tomatlán.

Democratic Revolution Party Congressman Saúl Galindo Plazola was traveling on federal highway 200 when he was attacked by gunfire at about 9:00am, local police said.

He was rushed to the regional hospital but died en route.

Galindo was mayor of Tomatlán from 2013 to 2015 and had registered yesterday to seek another term in next year’s elections. In November 2015 he was named a deputy in the state Congress, where he was head of the justice commission.

The current mayor of Tomatlán declined to speculate about the motive for Galindo’s killing but acknowledged that crime was up in the municipality.


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