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Britain is massively in debt with major youth unemployment. What do we do? Throw open our borders

It astonishes me that many of the well-to-do luvvies who want to save the world have not seen the misery in our own backyard. Birmingham was recently branded as one of the worst places in the western world to grow up by the Chief Ofsted Inspector, comparing unfavourably to communist Cuba and Eastern Europe.

Vast swathes of the British political establishment now seem to have their heads buried so deep in the sand I’m surprised they know whether it’s day or night. We stand as a country buried in hundreds of billions of pounds of debt, with a government still spending vast amounts more than it raises, and yet the inevitable pressures are set to continue. Pressures which will be of our own government’s making.

alking about mass migration is a silly game of scaremongering, say many of those in Westminster. Yet today we find out that once again, they are wrong. No fewer than 200,000 Roma are already in Britain and that’s before the doors open to Romania and Bulgaria next year. As the Telegraph reports:

Britain has one of the largest Roma populations in western Europe as around 200,000 migrants have set up home in the country, a new study has found.

The figures contradict government claims made in 2011 that “relatively few Roma citizens” were living in the UK. A report prepared for the Department of Children School and Families in 2009 estimated that there were around 49,204 Roma living in England.


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Complete Classic Movie: Frankenstein (1931)

Stars: Colin Clive, Mae Clarke, Boris Karloff. Horror classic in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts ofd corpses.

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In Global Persecution of Journalists, U.S. Takes the Lead

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Thomas Jefferson, 1786

Liberty, if Jefferson is to be believed, is nearly lost around the world.

In Morocco, for example, journalist Ali Anouzla was arrested because a story he wrote linked to a story in Spain’s El Pais newspaper that, in turn, contained a link to a video allegedly uploaded by someone supposedly associated with the al-Qaeda branch known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Anouzla’s connection to terror is tenuous at best. It is the prosecutorial equivalent of a signature strike: A missile is fired at a target not for what the target did, but because they are near a place where people have associated with people who have demonstrated questionable behavior at some point in the past — allegedly.

Anouzla’s case is not unique, unfortunately. And more distressing is the irrefutable fact that the U.S. government under the control of President Barack Obama has set the international standard for the persecution of the press.

Consider, for example, the recent attempts by the U.S. Congress to officially decide who qualifies as a journalist.

In September, during committee hearings on a bill aimed at protecting journalists from having to reveal their sources, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) offered an amendment that would have limited the protection to those reporters who conformed to her own narrow definition of a journalist.


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Halloween Parody: ‘He Did the Mash…the Health Care Mash’ (Video)

Just in time for Halloween, libertarian outlet Reason presents a parody of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s classic “Monster Mash.”

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Land, Migrants and Poets: The Day of the Dead 2013

Organized by La Raza Unida and Cambio, the theme of this year’s parade is: “People are not illegal. Our ancestors are our documentation.”

New Mexico and the borderland will come alive this weekend with activities related to the annual Day of the Dead celebration, which falls on Saturday, November 2, this year. As befits a cultural boom that is drawing in thousands and thousands of people, this year promises bigger and broader events than ever before, encompassing art, music, literature, and culinary treats.

“Without a doubt,” the growth of immigrant and Mexican populations on this side of the border is “exponentially” related to the expansion of the Day of the Dead, said Albuquerque poet and longtime community activist Jaime Chavez. The celebration honors the dearly departed through altars, music, food, and family and community gatherings.

New immigrants have re-infused Chicano and Native cultures long connected to the greater Mesoamerican world, Chavez told FNS. “Our roots are coming to fruit,” he said.

Issues of land, water and climate loom large in 2013, conveying a special significance for a holiday that falls at the end of the harvest cycle. “As land-based cultures and New Mexicans, we remember,” Chavez added. “That’s why we look to the three sisters-corn, beans and squash.”


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Former Undercover Agent Emerges to Expose the Connection Between Gangs and Human Trafficking in Shocking New Book

80% of all violent crime is gang related, with gangs playing a major role in the supply of trafficked victims.


Both Sides of the Fence is the true story of a man known only as Bishop to protect his identity, who lived a double life as a deep undercover agent in an outlaw motorcycle gang. Rising to a chapter boss in less than a year, “Bishop” initially went undercover to ferret out bad cops. Instead, he discovered a highly structured criminal organization whose members engage in violent crime, weapons trafficking, international drug trafficking and widespread prostitution. This real-life Sons of Anarchy story will take you on the emotional roller-coaster ride of a family man and devoted husband who covertly worked to bring down some of his “brothers.”

“During the course of the case we experienced first-hand the connection that gangs and the cartels have with human trafficking,” says Bishop. “My wife and I know that we went through the storm because we have been called to expose this dirty secret in the United States.”

Refusing to enter a federal protection program, Bishop now spends his days risking his own life to help educate audiences and expose the connection between gangs and human trafficking in the United States. He lives anonymously, moves frequently, and wears a trademark custom white mask when telling his story to further conceal his identity – even to those that he works with.

Human trafficking has become an epidemic in the United States and traffickers are targeting our children and family members in our neighborhoods, schools, malls and public events. According to the gang threat assessment from the Department of Justice, there are over one million members in 20,000 gangs operating in the 50 United States. 80% of all violent crime is gang related, with gangs playing a major role in the supply of trafficked victims. The sale of a victim is more profitable then guns or drugs due to the fact that people can be sold over and over and drugs and guns are a one-time exchange. Less than one percent of victims are ever identified, and 83% of those are U.S. citizens.


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Free speech rocks! by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent defends anti-NRA prof responsible for ‘vile’ tweet.

They don’t call me the Motor City Madman because I bite my tongue. As a free man who has an overabundance of good old American defiance and freedom attitude coursing through my veins due to the lessons learned from hanging out with heroes of the U.S. military who remind me daily that freedom is not free, I let it rip loud, proud and often.

Heavily armed with whatever media bully pulpit I can muster, I exercise my First Amendment rights like my hero Rosa Parks who refused to sit at the back of the bus when that numb-nut law existed. I’m Rosa Parks with a Gibson.

Free speech rocks. The right to express our concerns and criticize Fedzillacrats and other power abusers is a basic and fundamental God-given individual right of a free people. As much as I encourage Americans to arm themselves against bug-eyed lunatics and various other paroled vermin walking the streets, I also encourage Americans to speak up and express themselves often. The First and Second Amendments go hand in hand.

As a self-made man who bows down to no man or institution, my free speech is a veritable G.E. Minigun of truth and common sense that mows down liars, socialists and other anti-American vermin with a high capacity magazine full of facts, confirmed evidence, self-evident truths and real world logic.

Not so surprising to me or anyone else who is actually paying attention, many of our universities are intellectually poisonous dens of collectivists, socialists and Marxist vipers.

In the latest example of intellectual dishonesty, David Guth, a University of Kansas journalism professor, tweeted after the Washington, D.C., Naval Yard shooting that, “The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God damn you.”


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Is Obama Still President? by Victor Davis Hanson

His cadences soar on, through scandal after fiasco after disaster.­

We are currently learning whether the United States really needs a president. Barack Obama has become a mere figurehead, who gives speeches few listen to any more, issues threats that scare fewer, and makes promises that almost no one believes he will keep. Yet America continues on, despite the fact that the foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama are unraveling, in a manner unusual even for star-crossed presidential second terms.

Abroad, American policy in the Middle East is leaderless and in shambles after the Arab Spring — we’ve had the Syrian fiasco and bloodbath, leading from behind in Libya all the way to Benghazi, and the non-coup, non-junta in Egypt. This administration has managed to unite existential Shiite and Sunni enemies in a shared dislike of the United States. While Iran follows the Putin script from Syria, Israel seems ready to preempt its nuclear program, and Obama still mumbles empty “game changers” and “red line” threats of years past.

We have gone from reset with Russia to Putin as the playmaker of the Middle East. The Persian Gulf sheikhdoms are now mostly anti-American. The leaders of Germany and the people of France resent having their private communications tapped by Barack Obama — the constitutional lawyer and champion of universal human rights. Angela Merkel long ago grasped that President Obama would rather fly across the Atlantic to lobby for a Chicago Olympic Games — or tap her phone — than sit through a 20th-anniversary commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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Liberal Academia and My Struggle for Survival by David E. Firester

This is what people mean when they describe academia as a cesspool of liberal ideologues. Over the years, I had come to see the students and professors (in New York City) as overwhelmingly liberally biased. What I now can see is how such a bias is sustained by willfully suppressing any material that conflicts with the agenda.

When Stephen Hawking decided to boycott Israel earlier this year based on the opinions of academics like Noam Chomsky I was astonished. How can it be that one of the smartest people in the world can hold such a dumb view? It turns out that this is quite common. As I began to teach at Queens College (City University of New York), I have seen firsthand how this can be.

It has often been said that there is no cure for stupid, while ignorance is easily treated through education. What happens when educators willfully steer their ships in an ignorant direction? It seems that many academic ships are sailing in this direction. I happened to board one myself recently.

I began teaching “Introduction to Political Science” (PoliSci 101) at Queens College as a Graduate Teaching Fellow this semester. As I am new, I was given a “mentor” whose syllabus I essentially mirrored. After a brief review of the content I got a sense of what textbooks are being used in the practice of college-level teaching. I researched syllabi elsewhere to get some more ideas. It seems that what is being assigned at Queens College is not all that different from what professors assign elsewhere.


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Glenn Beck inks deal to become movie star (Video)

Media giant teams with famous leftist to act in horror film.

Glenn Beck is already a giant in the world of media, experiencing massive success as a television and radio host, as well as being a bestselling author.

Now, he’s about to add film actor to his bucket list, and he won’t be portraying himself on the silver screen.

Beck, who is a darling of the tea-party movement and many on the political right, will actually team up with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, a noted leftist, as they play “the ultimate cop/buddy team” in a horror film titled “Director’s Cut.”

The driving force behind the project is Penn Jillette, the well-known magician, author, comedian, actor and outspoken atheist.

“I’m friends with Glenn Beck. I’m friends with Lawrence O’Donnell,” says Jillette on his website promoting the movie, which is being financed by public donations. “I don’t believe anyone else in the world can claim both of these things. And I disagree with both of them, almost as much as they disagree with each other.”


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