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How to Defeat Big Tech Using Just One Weird Trick (Video)

On the surface it’s a question about whether or not the targeted killing of Christians and Conservatives will force an increase in the number of both open and concealed-carry permits. But the main point of this episode is to serve as AN EXPERIMENT, and you are one essential part of it. Help us see if this ONE WEIRD TRICK really does affect total views. It might just work, but we need your help.

Who Owns the News? (Video)

Not ‘who owns the news media,’ but rather, WHO OWNS THE NEWS? The facts. Unfortunately but not unsurprisingly, many mainstream journalists believe that THEY do… and therein lies much mischief.

The True Story of the Atomic Bombs (Video)

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the Second World War. Don’t take my word for it: hear it from the lips of the one person capable of making that decision.

The Communists: Who Will Speak for Victims of Mass Killings as Americans Embrace Communism? (Video)

Communism, to many idealistic Americans, is a beautiful idea. But experience shows that every time the charming theory meets reality, mass killings follow. Bill Whittle just came off the set of his new series on the Soviet Union, and the intense research and writing on what happens when people embrace the Communists, assures him that the ideology fails not just because Russia “didn’t do it right.” Mass slaughter is not a bug, but a feature.

Flagellants: Wealthy White Women Pay Black Woman to Tell Them What Racists They Are (Video)

A new documentary chronicles a group of wealthy White women who pay a Black woman to enjoy a lovely lunch with them and tell them what racists they are. Would you hire someone to evaluate your level of racial bias and White privilege, asking you awkward questions over a sumptuous meal? How should conservatives react to such moral provocation?

Stinking Badges: “They Are Now the Enemy of Everything I Believe In” (Video)

What happens to a country when a segment of the population no longer trusts the morality and actions of its leading domestic law enforcement agency? While the FBI has long raised concerns about its tactics, today we have an increasingly vocal opposition to The Bureau arising from the political party that has historically treasured its ‘law and order’ plank. Bill Whittle takes it even further: “They are now the enemy of everything I believe in.” Do we need to abolish the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and start clean? Or will any government entity ultimately fall into corruption?

Telling the Truth: ‘Most Powerful Political Ad Ever’ Features Graphic Violence that All Need to See (Video)

Citizens for Sanity releases what might be the most powerful political ad ever, a barrage of graphic violence with a narrator listing growing crime statistics. But this is not Hollywood fiction.

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Apollo 11: What We Saw – Part 4 | Magnificent Desolation (Video)

Nearly every single human with access to a TV set watched the blurry, almost surreal image of Neil Armstrong stepping live onto the surface of the moon. But after Apollo 11 returned to earth, we got an entirely different view of those first historic moments.Join us for the journey of Apollo 11, the seven Apollo Missions that followed, and decades of disappointments and shortfalls, crowned at last with a new hope for our future in space.

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Lightning Round LIX: Theatre for Neurotic White People by Neurotic White People…That’s Woke (Video)

University of Pennsylvania nominates born-male swimmer Lea Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year —Vice President Kamala Harris and California Gov. Gavin Newsom position themselves for the 2024 Democratic nomination should Biden decline to run. But would they run even if he does? —Portland Antifa to host summer camp for kids…really. Does every Babylon Bee headline eventually come true?

Sleeper Cell: Senate Candidate Caught in Racially-Charged Plot to Plant Black Democrats in GOP (Video)

South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Krystle Matthews, gets caught by Project Veritas on a recorded line speaking with a prison inmate about planting “secret sleeper” candidates (read: Black Democrats) in local races as the only way to “change the dynamics” in Palmetto State politics. Using racially-charged language, Matthews says more than she intends about the future of the Democratic Party in her state and across the nation.