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Teachers sue Gavin Newsom for forcing them to lie about students’ gender (Video)

Attorney Paul Jonna and Elizabeth Mirabelli, a plaintiff in the case, joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the latest on the lawsuit and why the teachers were forced to take action over the policy.

The Dark Truth About Hollywood & California | Joe Rogan & Tom Green (Video)

Tom Green is a comedian, actor, musician, filmmaker, and podcaster. Catch him on “The Tom Green Podcast” or live on tour in 2024.

‘UNPRECEDENTED’: Southern California swells to migrant crisis epicenter (Video)

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R) on how the border crisis is impacting southern California and how immigration could impact Democrats in the upcoming election

Why California Razed it’s Ancient Redwood Forests (Video)

The history of California’s lost redwood forests is a poignant tale of environmental transformation and exploitation. Before the mid-19th century, vast expanses of ancient redwood groves blanketed the coastal regions of northern California, creating awe-inspiring landscapes with towering trees that stood for thousands of years. However, the Gold Rush of 1849 triggered an influx of settlers, leading to widespread logging and clearing of these majestic forests to meet the demands for timber and land.

California Secessionists Call For NATIONAL DIVORCE To Avoid CIVIL WAR As Conflict Boils In Texas (Video)


Jack the Bipper (Video)

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan

Shocking Daylight Attacks: The New Reality in California’s State Capitol Suburbs | Kristina Rogers (Video)

The once idyllic Land Park neighborhood in Sacramento is facing a growing crisis of crime and drug addiction, according to Kristina Rogers, leader of the Land Park Community Association. Rogers describes shocking incidents of violence against children and joggers in recent years. Local businesses like Starbucks and Jamba Juice have also been forced to close due to safety concerns from drug dealing and erratic behavior on their properties.

California’s Demise Was Orchestrated (Video)

Tucker Carlson speaks at an event hosted by the Independent Institute on October 16th, 2018.

Secret Chinese Biolab With Viral Diseases in California Under Investigation | Kevin Kiley (Video)

In this special episode, we’ll discuss an unlicensed Chinese biolab in California that was illegally researching viral diseases. Siyamak sits down with investigative reporters Steve Ispas and Lear Zhou from The Epoch Times. He also talked to Congressman Kevin Kiley (R-Calif.), who, along with his colleagues in Congress, has been investigating this case.

Why is California Losing Hollywood? | David Graves (Video)

“We’re not leading the way—we’re starting the way. And we’re letting other states lead the way. I consider Louisiana and Georgia to be our main competitors.”