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Experts Of Catastrophe Say Civil War In America Is 30% Likely To HAPPEN (Video)

Tim Pool

UK just reached tipping point! (Video)

If this continues, we will see the break up of the UK, but not along nationalist lines – oh no, it will split along religious lines, that will ignore the UK’s traditional internal borders.

Balkanization: The Inevitable Path Forward for America

As the divide between different groups within the country continues to grow, the likelihood of a peaceful resolution becomes increasingly unlikely. The process of balkanization has already begun with the formation of smaller, more homogenous regions across the country, which we are already seeing unfold as conservatives flee blue states for red states and vice versa. These regions will be defined by their unique cultural and ideological identities, with each group seeking to assert their own values and beliefs. 

The United States of America is undergoing a radical demographic shift, with tens of millions of people from various cultures and beliefs being imported into the country over the past few decades. This transformation raises a critical question: Can a nation survive such a significant demographic change and remain united? The answer, as history has shown, is unequivocally no.

Throughout history there have been numerous examples of multi-cultural nations that have fallen due to their inability to address the underlying cultural and ideological differences within their societies. The Ottoman Empire, which was once one of the most powerful nations in the world but eventually fell due to its inability to address the cultural and ideological differences within its diverse population. The empire’s failure to integrate its various ethnic and religious groups led to a growing divide between the central government and the provinces, ultimately resulting in the empire’s disintegration.


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America May NOW Be Entering Civil War (Video)

The Civil War We’ve Been Warned About

“Rural Vs Urban” – Blackwater’s Erik Prince Explains What Civil War Looks Like in 2024 (Video)

Patrick Bet-David sits down one-on-one with Blackwater founder Erik Prince as they discuss ifthe United States could see a civil war if there’s election interference in the 2024 Presidential Election.

California Secessionists Call For NATIONAL DIVORCE To Avoid CIVIL WAR As Conflict Boils In Texas (Video)


Full Measure: February 4, 2024 – Protecting the Border (Video)

We begin with the border crisis that some officials say has turned into catastrophe. Right now, there’s an epic battle in Texas over whether states have the right to protect their own borders from illegal foreigners entering, when the federal government won’t do it. Three years into the Biden Administration, illegal border crossings continue to shatter all-time records, with well over 7,000,000 southwest border encounters in three years. The House is moving to impeach Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary over the chaos. Today, we return to Eagle Pass, Texas, ground zero for growing controversy. And where we find big changes since our last visit a year and a half ago. And as the crisis has worsened, Texas has increasingly crossed swords with the Biden administration.

CIVIL WAR Brewing Over Texas Border Crisis, Illegal Immigration (Video)


Minnesota SLAMMED Over New Flag Looking Like SOMALI Flag, Culture Is BREAKING And Civil War Feared (Video)


Texas Preps Vote On SECESSION, 2024 Could Bring CIVIL WAR As MORE People Call For National Divorce (Video)