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Jimmy Dore: “We’re The World’s Terrorists” & The CIA Provoked Russia’s War In Ukraine – Ask Dr. Drew (Video)

“We are ruled by psychopaths,” writes Jimmy Dore, on recent revelations about the lipid nanoparticles of mRNA vaccines. “We’ve been poisoned & lied to on a scale most people’s brains cannot comprehend.” The author, comedian, and political commentator joins Dr. Drew to discuss Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Vladimir Putin, the Nordstream Pipeline, and the CIA’s history of secret interference with foreign elections.

New Details About the Mysterious J6 Pipe Bomber (Video)

It seems likely that government officials were involved in planting pipe bombs in Washington, DC three years ago, as part of an effort to keep Donald Trump from running for president again. Darren Beattie has details.

Weather Underground Announces Fall Offensive (Video)

October 1970 – Bernardine Dohrn announces a “fall offensive of youth resistance.” Two days later three cities were bombed on the west coast.

Mugshots: Mohammed Atta – Atta: Soldier of Terror (Video)

Mohammad Atta was the pilot who flew the first plane into the World Trade Towers and led the conspirators on their mission. This special is based on the work of three investigative teams that retraced the lives of the bombers who were living in American communities.

Massive Cyber Attack Hits 20 Million Americans (Video)


109 bombings & 391 shootings in 2023…WHY? (Video)

Prof. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

OPERATION WHITE TERROR: The Most Daring Sting Operation EVER Mounted By The FBI | Our History (Video)

It’s the most daring sting ever mounted by the FBI. On November 5th, 2002 agent Mark Kirby lures ruthless terrorists out of their lair in the jungle and takes them down in a hotel car park in San Jose, Costa Rica. The operation begins with a tip-off from a former East German spy working as a businessman in the US. Three days after 9/11, at a cocktail party in Houston, he meets a Colombian looking to buy weapons. Months later a fake arms show in a warehouse in the Virgin Islands persuades the Colombian terrorists to come out of hiding…

Wildfires – the rise of the eco-terrorists (Video)

In Greece, 79 arsonists have been arrested and the government knows that it was organised gangs who were responsible for the ‘wildfires’ in July.

Domesticated Terrorism

Is all of this seeming domestic terrorism really “domestic”? Or is it executed by foreigners imported, domesticated, and manipulated by other foreigners?

As Americans, we presently find ourselves on a rough and rocky road that descends into what looks like a long and lightless tunnel.

First, starting in the 1960s, the US population was doubled by an illegal 60-year long influx of undocumented, almost entirely nonwhite economic migrants seeking the good life, their innocent hearts often full of no-strings entitlement, boundless contempt for Americans and American culture, a penchant for identity politics and special treatment, a preference for cultural self-isolation and “no-go” zoning, and when not immediately given what they want, violent crime and territorial aggression. As the US Welfare State bloated hugely and irrationally against majority will and US industry was driven offshore to Asia and other sources of cheap labor, the US and its people were relentlessly driven toward bankruptcy.

Then, out of the blue, we were clobbered with an apparently bio-engineered “pandemic” which was initially supposed to kill a sizable percentage of us, but didn’t. This furnished the pretext on which our already bedraggled economy was further crippled by draconian lockdowns, mask mandates, and social distancing regulations. Ominously, food production and packaging industries were among the hardest-hit, leading concerned citizens to step up their “prepping”.


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Taliban shows off seized US military equipment: ‘Disturbing’ (Video)

Rep. Morgan Luttrell, R-Texas, reacts to photos released by the Taliban of U.S. military equipment seized following the Afghanistan withdrawal as House Republicans continue the search for answers on the botched evacuation.