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Complete Classic Movie: Grand Canyon (1991)

Stars: Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin, Mary McDonnell. The fates of several people are intertwining randomly. Their sympathy of each other faces multiple differences in their lifestyles.

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THE WEST – Episode 2: The Christian Revolution (Video)

The West is the New Culture Forum’s landmark six-part documentary series exploring the history, achievements and genius of Western civilisation. Inspired by legendary TV programmes such as Civilisation, Kenneth Clark’s 1969 masterpiece, The West is a bold reminder of who we are — and why our culture is worth defending.

33 charged with drug, violence offenses in massive Baltimore gang takedown

“We’re committed to ensuring that Baltimore is a safe place for all and that we are committed (to) taking charge of our neighborhoods.” 

Maryland Attorney General Athony Brown announced Tuesday that their investigation into several Baltimore neighborhoods led to criminal charges related to gang activity being brought against 33 individuals ranging in age from 21 to 54.

According to WBAL, along with multiple drug charges two members of the organization were also brought up on attempted murder and gun charges stemming from an incident where they attempted to kill another gang member over an internal dispute. 

According to CBS, the drug charges involved the gang running distribution ring of heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl. 

The gang operated mostly around west, south, and southwest Baltimore. 12 of the 33 arrested had prior violent offenses on their record and 30 had some history of arrest.


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Steve Hilton: The anti-America alliance is growing (Video)

Fox News host Steve Hilton lays out the Biden administration’s ‘seismic’ and ‘disastrous’ foreign policy in the Middle East as China cozies up to more countries on ‘The Next Revolution.’

12 Ways the Planet Could Truly Be Saved | Bjørn Lomborg | EP 345 (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Bjørn Lomborg go through each of the “doable dozen,” a series of issues that cost relatively little to solve, and yet doing so would yield exponential returns for developing countries and their impoverished citizens.

Why are left-wingers and anti-racists so terribly fond of the word ‘hate’? (Video)

In real life, one seldom hears anybody expressing hatred for any person or group, but the word ‘hate’ is constantly on the lips of anti-racists and other progressive types.

How Anti-White Discrimination Undermines Our Culture and Citizenship

Today universities in Canada and the U.S. do not just favor certain minority races but systemically exclude other races, particularly whites, from fellowship support and from jobs as professors and administrators.

American and Canadian institutions — business, education, military, medical, legal, and government — have all intentionally instituted systemic discrimination against white citizens who are increasingly treated as villains or excluded entirely.

In the past, when the democratic norm of respect for the majority was taken for granted, white citizens, who make up strong majorities in both countries — 60% in the U.S. and 70% in Canada — did not suffer from racial discrimination. But with the adoption of the Marxist model of society, in which there is an oppressor class of villains and an innocent victim class, whites have been cast as the villains to be legitimately attacked and thwarted.

Today, the discrimination against racial minorities in the past is no longer seen as justification for equalizing rights so that all enjoy equal citizenship and equal opportunity but as justification for flipping the racial hierarchy and giving minorities rights and benefits which are forbidden to white citizens.


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Michael Savage

Graphic Quotes: Lara Logan

“It’s truly a relief to hear you say this. I never knew where you really stood but held onto the hope that the good would prevail. Thank you.”


37,000 Year Old Evidence Of Humans In North America (Video)

For a very long time it was believed that the oldest evidence of humans in North America came from the Clovis Culture who resided on the continent approximately 13,000 years ago. And for quite a while the idea of humans occupying North America before 13,000 years ago was looked at as preposterous. But a new paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution from Scientists at the University of Texas in Austin Texas describe the discovery of Mammoth bones with cut marks found in New Mexico’s Rio Puerco Canyon, and they consider this discovery as the most convincing evidence for the arrival of Humans in North America.