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Gavin McInnes Joins Us for Some London Pride, Boys (Video)

Dr Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

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Sovereign Nation on Newsmax: MM & Gavin McInnes Part 2 (Video)

McInnes responds to Sen. Ted Cruz’s attack, explains “Western chauvinism,” and debunks more false narratives about Proud Boys.

Sovereign Nation on Newsmax: Part 1 Interview with Gavin McInnes (Video)

Michelle Malkin and Gavin discuss the NYC Proud Boys’ wrongful convictions and, plus SPLC lawsuit update & Antifa attacks/doxxing of dozens of Proud Boys.

Gavin McInnes: Some “Myths” about Native Americans are True (Video)

Gavin McInnes of looks at a TeenVogue video supposedly debunking “6 Misconceptions about Native Americans.”

Event: A Night For Freedom with Mike Cernovich

Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM (EST), New York, NY.

Celebrate life, culture, music, and mindset with Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, and many more.

There aren’t enough events happening in our community, and most of the stuff happening on the left, right, or center is boring….It’s a bunch of people sitting around at tables of 10-12 people eating bland food while a speaker drones on in front of a podium. There’s no vibe or excitement.

We want to give you an opportunity to hang out in an environment where free speech and open inquiry are welcome…and then have a huge party.


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Stefan Molyneux’s Eight Hour Christmas Spectacular (Video)

Merry Christmas everybody! The second annual Stefan Molyneux Christmas Spectacular features discussions with Gavin McInnes, Roaming Millennial, James O’Keefe, Duke Pesta, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Styxhexenhammer666, Michael Malice, Jordan Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Jack Posobiec, Kaya Jones, Diamond and Silk and a special musical surprise from Stefan Molyneux.


We used to say it was all right to check out various events as long as you weren’t there as a Proud Boy. That is no longer the case. Proud Boys may not attend Alt-Right events in ANY capacity. Not even as a journalist.

Word on the street is the Alt-Right wants to start infiltrating our meetings in an effort to recruit new members and/or sabotage us. Apparently something went down in Charlottesville that wasn’t good PR for them and they’re also angry we refused to “unite the right.” I’m being told they are going to pretend not to be Alt-Right so they can come to meet-ups and gather as much info as possible. They also plan to get caught doing terrible things while wearing our shirts in an effort to discredit us. It’s a strange strategy but they’re not known for being reasonable.

Please be very diligent about new members. If there is even a possibility they are Alt-Right, do not allow them at meet-ups. If you know of anyone who is presently a member and who is Alt-Right, they are cut from the club as of right now. If you refuse, you are your own separate entity and not affiliated with Proud Boys.


The two big differences we have with them is the “JQ” and racial identity politics. They think the Jews are responsible for America’s problems and they think “Western” is inseparable from “white.” They don’t see a future for non-whites in America. FUCK THAT. We reject all of those things. We openly encourage Jewish and non-white members and want them to know they’re at home with us. Black and Jewish conservatives have to put up with a lot of shit and the last thing we want is for them to feel uncomfortable when hanging out with their drinking buddies.


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Who is really to blame for Charlottesville? – Gavin McInnes (Video)

Obviously, the person behind the wheel of the car that killed and injured protesters in Charlottesville on Saturday is to blame for that violence.

However, there are others who share the blame.

What happened was the result of months and even years of malfeasance on the part of many individuals and groups.

In this video, I name names…

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Gavin McInnes: ADL should target real anti-Semites (Video)

Gavin McInnes was recently added to a list of “anti-Semites” by the Anti-Defamation League. He lists all the real anti-Semites the ADL should be calling out.

Gavin McInnes: Why Antifa is over (BONUS Lauren Southern!) – Video

Gavin McInnes says “Antifa” is over. It went too far and we’re fighting back.