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The Forgotten American Marxists of the ’60s (Video)

An in-depth look at the New Left of the 1960’s.

Women as spoils of war at the end of World War Two | DW Documentary

In early 1945, at least 860,000 women and girls in Germany were sexually abused by Allied soldiers. The victims, and the children they bore after being raped, suffer trauma to this day. Many remained silent throughout their lives and took their stories to their graves.

The Comanches Wanted Her Red Hair: Alice Todd’s Family Attacked By Indians in Mason County, TX, 1864 (Video)

In this episode we read from the Spring 1961 issue of True West magazine, in an article written by William C.X. Hancock and illustrated by B.J. McCausey. This story is about Alice Todd, who went to school in San Saba, TX, and lived near Fort Mason where Robert E. Lee was stationed. When the federal troops left, Buffalo Hump’s Comanches began a reign of terror on the settlers who remained on the western edge of Texas civilization.

History’s Most Infamous Double Agent (Video)

Kim Philby spent his entire life looking over his shoulder. After the Soviets recruited him as a young man, he managed to work his way up through the ranks to the highest levels of British Intelligence—all while feeding information to his handlers back in Moscow. Secrets, lies, and paranoia followed him everywhere he went, until his double life finally caught up to him. It sounds like a movie, but it was all real.

How The Left Turned On The Jews (Video)

Historian Trudy Gold speaks to Ollie about the roots and history of left wing antisemitism and hostility to Israel. From Marx to modern day.

“Mobsters & Movies: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Dark Past (Video)

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you the best in mob history with his unique perception of the mafia. Join Gary in his interview with author Jeffrey Sussman, who penned the revealing book “Tinseltown Gangsters: The Rise and Decline of the Mob in Hollywood.” Discover the untold stories behind the glamorous facades of the movie industry in Hollywood. A place where mobsters like Mickey Cohen wielded immense influence, and shocking events like Lana Turner’s supposed murder of Johnny Stompanato sent shockwaves through the silver screen.

Do British Veterans Regret Fighting World War 2? (Video)

The idea that fighting World War 2 was a good thing is immediately taken for granted and if you dare oppose that narrative then you are viewed as some kind of evil extremist. This applies to generation after generation. The veterans themselves, however, are seemingly never asked. What does that brave generation of the war years really think? They blindly sacrificed everything for Britain in what they at the time believed to be a just cause. Do they still believe this? Do they regret it? Let’s cut through the post-war propaganda and hear the views of the men themselves. Their generation, at the very least, tells it how they see it.

Napoleon Ended A Three Century Reign of Terror In Spain

Commemorative Bronze Medal – Napoleon Ending the Spanish Inquisition

Napoleon is a polarizing figure. He made a name for himself across the pages of history with his stunning rise to power, his military conquests that swept Europe and his return from exile. Napoleon caused a lot of hurt and a lot of death but he also enacted some good during his time as Emperor of France. One of the little known achievements of Napoleon and his family was putting the final few nails in the coffin of the Spanish Inquisition, a movement that had been terrorizing Catholics for nearly four hundred years.



They started it! The myth that Germany bombed this country first during the Second World War (Video)

There is a very strange and mistaken idea that it was that it was the Germans who began bombing British cities in 1940 and that this country then retaliated. In fact, Britain attacked Germany by air long before the Blitz.

The castration of white Europeans and the export of eunuchs to Africa

For centuries, there was a flourishing business of castrating young men and boys in Europe and then selling them as slaves to the Muslim world.

Mention of eunuchs summons up for most of us images of those guarding the harems of Arab potentates. We are also aware that slaves on plantations in ante bellum America were on occasion castrated for some transgression or other. Whatever other horrors the Atlantic slave trade entailed though, routine castration was never one of them. It is true that black slaves in America and the Caribbean were, from time to time, castrated, but this was never a common occurrence and was usually inflicted due to exceptional circumstances, such as an accusation of rape. With the act of castration so likely to result in death, it would have made no sense to hazard the lives of slaves in this way too frequently. In Europe, by contrast, the castration of white slaves was carried out on an industrial scale (Tracy, 2013). In Venice and the French city of Verdun ‘castration houses’ were set up to produce eunuchs for export to Egypt and other Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The majority of the young boys were Slavs taken prisoner by the Vikings and then sold on to slavers. The Slavs, from whose name is derived the modern word ‘slave’, are an ethnic group which originated in what is today western Russia. By the sixth or seventh century AD, they had spread south into the Balkans, almost as far as Greece, and west into what is now Poland.


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