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The Fall Of The Republic Is Here, Widespread Gambling & Child Sex Changes Raise Red Flags (Video)

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Authorities Raid Three Underground Casinos near Texas Border

Authorities in Brownsville raided three separate underground casinos, seizing or destroying a combined total of 67 gambling machines.

The raids took place on Tuesday after a series of investigations by the Cameron County District’s Attorney’s Office led them to three separate underground gaming parlors in this city, information provided to Breitbart Texas by the DA’s office revealed.

One of the raids took place on the city’s northeast side where authorities seized the motherboards form 25 machines. With some of the newer machines, authorities simply seize the computer motherboard which renders the game inoperable instead to taking the entire machine. This particular business had been raided before by authorities who had seized the machines inside.

On Monday, just one day before the raids, this particular casino was robbed at gun point. The gunmen fired one shot into the air and then robbed the business and the patrons before getting away.

Not far from the location of the first raid, investigators discovered a second underground casino in the general area where they also seized the mother boards from 19 machines. Another business on this particular property had previously been raided by authorities. The third raid took place in the central part of the city where, in that casino, authorities disabled 23 gaming machines.


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