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July 26, 2022

Curse of the Ghetto Golems

“George Soros is a golem creator extraordinaire.”

Golem tales always follow the same template: A Jew builds a monster of clay to destroy his enemies, but in the end the golem turns on its creator.

In 2019, in a piece that generated unintended national controversy, I wrote about immigrant golems. This week, I’ll examine the homegrown ones.

George Soros is a golem creator extraordinaire. An atheist Jew who fancies neither Israel nor communism, Soros defies the easy anti-Jewish conspiracy theory stereotypes. But in fact Soros is not difficult to understand. He’s defined by his youth in WWII Hungary, watching with pride as his attorney father outsmarted the Nazis, keeping his family out of the camps and providing forged papers to keep other Jews out of the camps.


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June 2, 2022

END of Western Civilization, WWIII and George Soros (Video)

Black Pigeon Speaks

September 9, 2021

Nikole Hannah-Jones launches Soros-funded K-12 ‘1619 Freedom School’

A school centered around fake history. What could possibly go wrong?

New York Times journalist and Howard University professor Nikole Hannah-Jones has founded the 1619 Freedom School, targeted to elementary school students in her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. 

“The school’s mission is to help children develop a love of reading and books through liberating instruction centered on Black American history and will serve low-income students with the widest disparity in their reading scores,” the school’s press release states. 

Sheritta Stokes, a local teacher and friend of Hannah-Jones, is the organization’s co-founder. The pair aim to deliver “intensive literacy instruction and a culturally responsive curriculum to bridge the academic opportunity gap among low-income public school students.”  

The 1619 Freedom School’s curriculum will utilize “a literacy curriculum built around Black history,” which will also be available as “an open sourced, free resources for communities across the country.”


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October 8, 2020

It’s time to lift the veil on George Soros

Exclusive: Frank Wright, Ph.D., touts new documentary about the power of leftist billionaire

Anyone who throws stones at billionaire atheist George Soros can expect to be shunned or censored by his protectors in the media. Just ask top Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

A veteran journalist, Kass blasted Soros for bankrolling the election of soft-on-crime prosecutors. His snowflake Tribune colleagues accused him of publishing an “odious anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” and demanded an apology. But Kass refused to grovel, pointing out he was only repeating widely reported facts.

Gingrich charged on Fox News Channel that the “number one problem” behind riots and looting in big cities is “George-Soros-elected, left-wing, anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys.” That triggered a Fox host who interjected, “I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this.”


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September 26, 2020

David Horowitz: The Civil War Started When Democrats Seceded From the Union in 2016

Five days after the 2016 election there was a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental, which is a very posh hotel in Washington, D.C. It was organized by George Soros and there were something like 400 people there including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Soros, Bernie Sanders, the Occupy Wall Street communists, the whole range of the left. What they did is form what they called a “resistance” to Trump—you remember, 70 Democrats boycotted the inauguration. This is sedition.

Conservative legend David Horowitz, author of the new bestselling book Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, gave me an exclusive interview on Newstalk 570 WSYR in Syracuse, where he revealed his shocking theory about the current political unrest that seems more plausible by the day as revelations about a coup attempt to remove the president are revealed.

We’re in a war. My book Blitz shows we’re already in a civil war. What the Democrats did in 2016 is what you call treason. They seceded from the Union for the second time, the first being with the election of Abraham Lincoln, which led to the shooting war. The reason we don’t have two armies in the field is that the federal government is too powerful so there’s nobody outside the government who can organize a military force that wouldn’t be crushed immediately. So the civil war is over who controls the executive.

Horowitz has a unique insight in the communist wing of the Democrat Party, having spent his youth agitating for the left and even connected to groups like the Black Panthers, a domestic terrorist organization. You can read about his transformation to conservatism in his excellent book Radical Son. When someone of Horowitz’s caliber and insight into the left speaks, we all should take what he says very seriously. He may be one of the only living witnesses to the horrors of the left’s assault on America in the ’60s through terror and infiltration. Horowitz continues to reveal that he knows where and when the Democrat secession meeting happened:


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July 14, 2020

Soros 2020 Colour Revolution EXPLAINED (Video)

Felix Rex

June 20, 2020

Soros 2020 Colour Revolution EXPLAINED (Video)

Felix Rex

January 29, 2020

George Soros to Start $1 Billion School to Fight Nationalists, Climate Change (Video)

Will seek to combat authoritarian governments, climate change

Billionaire George Soros said he will commit $1 billion to start a global university to fight authoritarian governments and climate change, calling them twin challenges that threaten the survival of our civilization.

The Open Society University Network will offer an international platform for teaching and research, the 89-year-old said Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The university will be launched through a partnership of the Soros-backed Central European University and Bard College.

“As a long-term strategy our best hope lies in access to quality education, specifically an education that reinforces the autonomy of the individual by cultivating critical thinking and emphasizing academic freedom,” Soros said.


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January 18, 2018

Hungary plans ‘Stop Soros’ laws amid refugee row

George Soros has been branded a ‘public enemy’ by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary published details Thursday of tough anti-immigration laws named after “public enemy” George Soros amid a row over claims Budapest covered up a hike in refugee arrivals.

Hungarian-born US billionaire Soros has been called “a public enemy” by Prime Minister Viktor Orban who accuses the 87-year-old of orchestrating migration into Europe since the refugee crisis began in 2015.

Hungary erected fences on its southern borders in 2015 and last year began holding all adult asylum-seekers in guarded border camps.

The latest three laws — called the “Stop Soros law package” — aim to shut remaining loopholes that allow “illegal immigration” to persist, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said in a radio interview.

The proposed measures include entry bans on foreigners and restraining orders stopping Hungarians approaching the border areas if they are deemed to be “supporting” or “organising” illegal immigration, according to the draft legislation published on the government website.


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November 20, 2017

Soros, Pelosi to speak at 3-day ‘Resistance’ conference

Billionaire George Soros and Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are headlining the last day of a secretive three-day conference on Friday, where Democratic megadonors are plotting the next steps of their “resistance,” according to internal documents obtained by The Washington Free Beacon.

The Democracy Alliance is a club of wealthy liberal donors who pledge hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to approved left-wing groups. The Free Beacon was able to obtain documents, including the club’s agenda during the conference, which is being held at California’s posh La Costa Resort.

It began on Wednesday morning with the promise to all members and guests of the summit that their participation would “remain confidential.”

The conference agenda laid out “participation guidelines,” explaining that the Democracy Alliance is a “safe place” for donors and activists to meet. Guests are instructed not to share members’ names with the press and not to post to any social media sites. In addition, attendees are asked to contact Democracy Alliance if the “media or a blogger” contact them, and to “refrain from leaving sensitive materials out where others may find them.”

However, in this era of leakers, nothing is sacred. So, the agenda for the meeting, titled, “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,” was revealed via the conservative news outlet. It outlined three full days of events, culminating in a Friday night dinner headlined by Pelosi.


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