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May 22, 2017

Activist Illegal Alien Charged with 103 Acts of Vandalism, Many Anti-Trump

An illegal alien anti-Trump immigration activist has been charged with 103 counts of vandalism at the University of Connecticut where he attended.

The graffiti included “F**k Trump,” and “PEST,” the latter is allegedly his tag signature. He also allegedly painted cartoon face with “F**k Trump” in a bubble on university property. The Daily Mail reported that 21-year-old Cruz-Lopez described himself as an undocumented immigrant.

Cruz-Lopez (pictured above in black shirt) is a community organizer for CT Students for a Dream, an organization that advocates for undocumented students, reported the Hartford Courant. Police at the University knew Cruz-Lopez because he helped coordinate protests against President Trump and his immigration policies.

United We Dream described Cruz-Lopez as “a student with DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals),” after police arrested him at the White House in February 2016. The United We Dream website states, “We organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status.”


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April 11, 2017

Child refugees destroy taxpayer-funded kitchen because they wanted more PlayStations

Germany, this isn’t a game. You only have one life. And no continues. Make better choices.

Refugees want to play in their world and live in ours.

According to a new report, Somali refugees in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania destroyed their kitchen in their living quarters because they wanted more game consoles and pocket money.

The report says that four teenagers had to be separated and sent to other residences for ‘unaccompanied minors’ after the rampage forced a staff member to flee to his office and call the police for help.

In addition, these Somalis had only been in Germany for two weeks before throwing this fit. They threatened to beat the staff member unless he fulfilled their demands, which included more Playstations, money and moving them to a bigger city.

When police arrived, the refugees were still rioting and had to be placed in handcuffs. They will be held responsible for the property damage caused, and attempted blackmail of officials.

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November 15, 2016

Fake Hate: Jewish Students Painted Swastika and “Trump” on Campus Church

Both students admitted the vandalism in statements given to university police, the Tribune reported.

Leftist students Anthony Morales, 19 (at left), and Matthew Kafker (at right), 18, vandalized the campus church with Swastikas. They wanted it to look like Trump supporters were behind the hate crime.

Two Jewish freshmen at Northwestern University were charged with vandalizing the campus church.

The two Jewish students painted a Swastika and “Trump” on the church walls.
The Jewish Week reported:

Two Northwestern University freshmen were charged on Saturday with hate crimes and vandalism after admitting to spray-painting offensive symbols on the walls of a nondenominational campus chapel, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Anthony Morales, 19 (at left), and Matthew Kafker (at right), 18, spent Saturday in jail and court, where they were reprimanded by Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas. “These allegations are disgusting to me,” she said during their bond hearing. “I don’t know if any of you know how lucky you are to be at Northwestern University.”

Their bail was set at $50,000.


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November 10, 2016

‘Die Whites Die’: Anti-Trump rioters vandalize NOLA monuments

Effigy of president-elect burned, glass windows at nearby bank shattered.

What started as a protest against President-Elect Donald Trump soon turned to violent riots where one of New Orleans’ most famous monuments was covered in graffiti and glass windows were shattered out of a nearby bank.

Hundreds showed up to denounce the election of Trump–but despite media reports of a peaceful gathering, the crowd grew increasingly hostile and violent, according to Breitbart Texas sources on the ground.

Students holding signs reading “End white supremacy” originally gathered on the steps of the Lee Circle monument before the demonstrations turned destructive.


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Boston Police Commissioner: ‘Kill Your Local Trump Supporter’ Graffiti ‘Troubling’

Graffiti that said “kill your local Trump supporter” was found Sunday spray-painted in white letters on the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Boston Herald reported.

In response to the discovery, Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans called the graffiti “troubling.”

“In a college area, it’s probably a college kid that somehow thinks that’s a proper thing to write at this time, but it shouldn’t make people afraid to come out to vote tomorrow,” Evans said to CBS Boston. “We have a few people in our department who are very good at reading graffiti and finding out who’s responsible.”

Evans said there would be a full police presence on Election Day so people would not have to worry about their safety while exercising their constitutional right.

“We always have officers at the polling places, and they’ll be working with the personnel at the polling places to make sure things are very orderly,” he said. “Obviously, we know it’s heated, and we’ll do our best to keep the peace.”

Crews painted over the graffiti early Sunday, according to the Herald.


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October 28, 2016

Anatomy of a Liberal: I Stole 40 Trump Lawn Signs Because I Was ‘Angry’

Because it’s THEIR world — we’re just living in it.

he following report exemplifies what it means to be a leftist: It’s about acting out based on emotion, based on feelings (their feelings of course, never yours) without regard for the consequences or whose rights are being trampled in the process. The only “rights” that matter, are theirs. The only feelings that matter, are theirs.

Betta Stothart, a 52-year-old Maine resident and mother, recently stole 40 Trump lawn signs simply because seeing them made her “angry.”

“It felt to me like there was a small group of people really trying to impose their political ideology on the community,” Stothart explained to the Portland Press Herald.

“It felt like an affront, and a little disrespectful, to have so many there.”

Stothart, of course, dealt with it the only way a leftist can — by violating other people’s right to free speech and stealing their property. In an OpEd for the Washington Post, Stothart wrote of her foray into lawn-sign pilfering:

I committed a crime this month, along with two of my friends. I’m not the lawbreaking type. In fact, as a 52-year-old mom, my life is pretty predictable and boring. But this election, a particular candidate’s boasts about women pushed me over the edge.

In the suburban, upper-middle-class part of Maine where I live, Republicans and Democrats live together mostly in harmony. In every election cycle, there’s some tension. But the 2016 presidential campaign has been different. Tensions in my town are running at a fevered pitch.


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August 7, 2016

Woman Charged With Vandalizing Trump Sign, Nearly Running Over Resident (Video)

The Hatred…

A woman was arrested after she allegedly vandalized a resident’s Donald Trump campaign sign and nearly ran over the homeowner as she tried to speed away.

Andover Police said Susan Bryant of North Reading spray painted the Trump sign on Jenkins Road early Saturday morning.

One side of the sign was painted with “Putin’s (expletive),” a reference to Trump’s purported relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. On the other side, Bryant allegedly painted “Gold Star Fail!”

When homeowner Art Gonsalves confronted Bryant, she allegedly drove off erratically, forcing the victim to run out of the way of her car.

Police tracked down Bryant and charged her with four counts of defacing property and one count of assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Bryant is suspected of vandalizing signs at the property several other times in previous months.

Gonsalves did not suffer any injuries, but said he was “absolutely terrified.” He said he’s caught her defacing his signs on several different occasions and recently installed a security camera.


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July 25, 2016

‘Kill More Cops’ Graffiti Mural Appears on Major L.A. Freeway

A reader has e-mailed Breitbart News an image showing a graffiti mural reading “KILL MORE COPS” along Interstate 5 in Los Angeles, a major commuting route in the San Fernando Valley just north of Burbank and Hollywood.

According to an e-mail from the reader, who took a photo of the graffiti in the midst of traffic, “It is right at the Sheldon exit, northbound side of the 5 freeway near van nuys CA. I have seen it for the last 3 days but not sure when it was first up. It is on a fence next to another wall.”

The graffiti comes in the wake of several murders of police officers, associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Earlier this month, five Dallas Police Department officers were killed by a sniper at a Black Lives Movement rally. A week ago, three more officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Baton Rouge had seen intense protests after police shot and killed a black man, Alton Sterling, who had allegedly been threatening a homeless man at a convenience store, and who had been wrestled to the ground at the time he was shot, where he allegedly reached for his gun as officers tried to subdue him.

Los Angeles has a particularly sensitive history with hostility toward police, following the videotaped beating of a black motorist, Rodney King, in 1991 and the subsequent riots in 1992 when officers were acquitted. Recently, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has faced scrutiny and protest over several deaths at the hands of police, including that of Ezell Ford and Redel Jones.


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June 23, 2016

UW launches $200K diversity training after protests of vandal’s arrest

Denzel McDonald was found responsible for 11 counts of vandalism, all of which were dropped by the Dane County District Attorney.

Administrators at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW) are rolling out mandatory cultural competency training in the wake of threats from students angry over the arrest of a vandal.

UW was rocked by student outrage earlier this year when a black man was arrested on campus for 11 counts of vandalism and one count of disorderly conduct for threatening an innocent bystander, and protest leaders vow to continue their efforts throughout the summer.

The student, Denzel McDonald, was found responsible for all 11 counts, costing the university $4,000 in repairs to scrub messages from its walls such as “The Devil iz a white man,” “Fuck the police,” “Death to the pigz,” and “White supremacy iz a dizeaze.”

Predictably, hundreds of students staged a mass walkout after McDonald’s arrest, during which protesters defaced a statue of President Abraham Lincoln with a list of demands that included calls for “community control” of the school’s police department and the complete dismissal of the investigation into McDonald’s case.

Shortly thereafter, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne dropped all 11 charges of vandalism against McDonald on the grounds that he was merely “trying to exercise his First Amendment rights.”


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May 29, 2016

Fury as vandals and looters desecrate veterans graveyards and historic battlefields across three states on Memorial Day weekend

A Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles has been extensively defaced by graffiti. In Kentucky, a driver deliberately drove across grave sites marked by white wooden crosses. Looters ripped up parts of Virginia’s Petersburg National Battlefield in an apparent search for relics.

Memorials to veterans in a Los Angeles neighborhood and a town in Kentucky, as well as a Civil War veterans cemetery in Virginia, were damaged as the nation prepares to mark Memorial Day, officials said.

A Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles has been extensively defaced by graffiti.

The vandalism occurred sometime during the past week, KCAL/KCBS-TV reported.

The homespun memorial painted on a block-long wall on Pacific Avenue lists the names of American service members missing in action or otherwise unaccounted for in Southeast Asia.

News of the vandalism came as another veterans-related memorial was reported damaged in Henderson, Kentucky.

Police say a Memorial Day cross display there that honors the names of 5,000 veterans of conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War has been damaged by a driver who plowed through the crosses early Saturday.

Anthony Burrus, 27, was arrested in connection with the incident that took place early on Saturday morning. Roughly 160 crosses were knocked down and about 20 were destroyed.

The vehicle Burrus was driving, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, was found with pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires.


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