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Complete Classic Movie: Bridge of Spies (2015)

In the cold war, a lawyer, James B. Donovan is recruited by the CIA and involved in an intense negotiation mission to release and exchange a CIA U-2 spy-plane pilot, Francis G. Powers. The pilot was arrested alive after his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union during a mission and stays in the company of a KGB intelligence officer, Rudolf Abel, who was arrested for espionage in the US.

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Twitter Sued for Hosting Child Pornography (Video)

Twitter has been hosting and profiting from child pornography for more than a decade. The latest lawsuit, brought by the National Association on Sexual Exploitation on behalf of a victim, accuses the platform of “benefiting from a sex trafficking venture in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act”; “violation of duty to report child sexual abuse material”; and “receipt and distribution of child pornography.” Since Twitter is hosted by Amazon Web Services, we can only assume that Amazon has no objection to Twitter’s activities.

The Great Reset is a ‘hiding in plain sight’ agenda: Bernardi

The ‘Great Reset’ is the hiding in plain sight agenda of the World Economic Forum, a globalist institution staffed by “leftist elites” who want to dictate how you live your life, says Sky News host Cory Bernardi. “It (World Economic Forum) was started by a chap named Klaus Schwab and has run what is the equivalent of the Woodstock event for the super-rich and super powerful – Davos – for many years,” Mr Bernardi said.

Harry Dent: Stocks to crash 40% by April and won’t rebound for decades, here’s why (Pt. 1/2) – Video

Watch part 2 of this interview on gold: The cyclical bull market for equities is over; after December, stocks will begin a secular multi-year decline, starting with a 40% correction by April, said Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent. “If we see another new low in the stock market, I predict we are not going to see new highs on the Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, biotech, you pick anything…you’re not going to see new highs on anything for decades,” Dent said. “You didn’t see new highs after 1929 for 24 years.”

Complete Classic Movie: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Two American college students are on a walking tour of Britain and are attacked by a werewolf. One is killed, the other is mauled. The werewolf is killed but reverts to its human form, and the local townspeople are unwilling to acknowledge its existence. The surviving student begins to have nightmares of hunting on four feet at first but then finds that his friend and other recent victims appear to him, demanding that he commit suicide to release them from their curse, being trapped between worlds because of their unnatural deaths.

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Black Student Union demands segregated safe spaces ‘on and off campus’

Students at DePaul University are calling on the school to provide special accommodations for Black students. But as one scholar told Campus Reform, such demands, if enacted, would constitute racial discrimination.

Black Student Union representatives at DePaul University in Chicago are demanding new programs and spaces reserved solely for Black students and faculty. 

The BSU’s demands include “healing & safe spaces for Black students on and off-campus,” despite that DePaul University previously opened cultural centers for Black, Latino, Asian American, and LGBT students. The programs would potentially violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits any college receiving federal funds from enacting programs that discriminate on the basis of race. 

The BSU also called on DePaul to limit administrative positions in its healing and safe spaces to “Black faculty and staff.” 


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Why Grantham Says the Next Crash Will Rival 1929, 2000 (Video)

Jeremy Grantham, co-founder and chief investment strategist of Boston’s GMO, believes U.S. stocks have become an epic bubble and will burst in a collapse rivaling the crashes of 1929 and 2000. In this interview, he explains why, discusses the futility of Federal Reserve policy, criticizes the state of American capitalism, and shares his thoughts on gold, Bitcoin, emerging markets and climate change. He spoke exclusively to Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg’s “Front Row.”

Thomas Cochrane: Craziest Sea Captain in History (Video)

Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on the historical biographies continues with a video on life and adventures of the British captain and admiral Thomas Cochrane. He took part in the Napoleonic Wars, famously winning the battle of Basque Roads, and then participated in the liberation of Chile and Peru from the Spanish rule, Brazil from the Portuguese and Greece from the Ottoman empire, which made him one of the most interesting people of the XIX century and one of the craziest captains in history.

How We Allowed Intolerant Neurotics to Become Parasites off Society (Video)

Prof. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

Study: 14.5M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $134B a Year

Most significantly, the study details the federal government’s ineffectiveness to properly count the illegal alien population — including the annual total of those who illegally cross U.S. borders and visa overstays.

An annual study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that the illegal alien population in the U.S. has grown by at least 200,000 since 2019 and has cost taxpayers an additional $2 billion since last year.

Though the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has increased, the FAIR study states that growth among the illegal alien population has slowed over the last year because of the Chinese coronavirus crisis and because of former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which stopped the practice of border crossers being released into the interior of the country.

“As many as 60 percent of all new illegal aliens in any given year are those who have overstayed visas,” FAIR researchers write. “Thanks to a timely travel freeze implemented by the Trump administration to stop the spread of the virus, far fewer people entered the United States in recent months, so far fewer people had the opportunity to overstay their visas.”


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