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December 21, 2021

PM Orbán: National and cultural identity is a human right

The Hungarian prime minister reaffirms that international court rulings cannot violate people’s right to their identity

In the latest edition of his so-called “Samizdat” series (a genre referring to literature banned during Communism, and circulated in secret), Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reacts to the decision of the Hungarian Constitutional Court, in which it returns powers to the hands of the authorities to control or prevent the flow of illegal migration through their borders.

Last year, the European Court of Justice ruled that the detention of migrants in so-called transit zones on the southern borders of Hungary was illegal, and it violated their human rights. Additionally, according to the court, the authorities are obliged to start asylum proceedings with each illegal entrant, instead of turning them back to safe countries that they arrived from.

Orbán reiterates in his Samizdat that the meaning of the EU court’s decision is just precisely this: Hungary has to admit all migrants into the country who have been detained by its border guards while crossing illegally. This, he states, is contrary to his country’s Basic Law. For this reason, the government had asked the Constitutional Court to advise on the matter. In the prime minister’s interpretation, the court came back with three distinct decisions in the matter:


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October 31, 2021

Le Pen says nationalism will defeat globalism in interview with Hungarian press

In an attempt to hand back power to France, Le Pen says she is planning to implement a national referendum on immigration if she is elected

Despite a European Union placing enormous pressure on conservative-nationalist governments, Marine Le Pen, leader of the conservative National Rally (RN) said in an interview with Hungary’s Magyar Nemzet.

When asked who will win in the struggle playing out between nationalists and globalists, Le Pen said, “The nations, the nation-states. Because there are many, and because they were born along the ideology of freedom, because no people will ever accept to lose their right to self-determination. They will never accept European citizenship, a policy that harms them, for example in terms of security, or that prevents them from prospering. I am convinced that, like all empires, the European empire will lose in this battle.”

If elected president next year, Marine Le Pen, leader of the conservative National Rally (RN) would initiate a referendum on migration. The issue of migration remains perhaps the most contentious point of conflict between globalist and nationalist ideologies.

“Immediately after my election, I would call a referendum on migration. This document has already been prepared. The extremely detailed text includes a bill that will contain the full set of tools for combating immigration, regulating immigration, and which we will want to include in the constitution. It is also important that it takes precedence over European documents,” Le Pen said in the interview.


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October 14, 2021

The National Party Ard Fheis 2021 – Can Globalism’s Crisis Be Ireland’s Opportunity? (Video)

The National Party ? An Páirtí Náisiúnta is dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation and our right to defend and lay claim to our homeland. We seek an Ireland united, Gaelic and free.

September 25, 2021

Make more babies! Orban’s gang of 4 on EU collision course after rejecting immigration in favour of pro-family policies

At the heart of this debate is demographics, which the leaders of Central Europe argue is the pressing issue of our time. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, for example, questioned whether climate change was “really more important than demographic issues? Is it really more important than the future of our countries, the future of our nations?”

Four central European countries have declared declining birth rates – not climate change – to be their most pressing problem, but they definitely don’t want it solved by Brussels’ solution of opening the doors to migrants.

Central European leaders have met in Budapest for the Fourth Demographic Summit and signed a declaration stating that mass immigration is not the answer to Europe’s declining birth rate.

The summit, which was hosted by Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, was attended by the leaders of the Czech Republic, Serbia, and Slovenia, plus Mike Pence, the former United States vice-president.

This will go down like a lead balloon in Brussels, particularly as Slovenia holds the rotating presidency of the European Council at the moment. The summit’s resolution is also a direct challenge to the West’s liberal ideals, where family values are traduced as “old-fashioned.” 


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August 5, 2021

Fighting For France (With Thaïs d’Escufon) – Video

Brittany Sellner

July 11, 2021

We’re Witnessing A Populist Nationalist Conservative Movement (Video)

Bannon’s War Room

June 29, 2021

‘I refuse to become a minority in my own country’ – Exclusive interview with spokeswoman of disbanded Generation Identity

“My other motivation is the sense of urgency generated by the situation in France, which I find disturbing. I do not want my daughters to have to wear the veil one day, or my little sister to be assaulted in the street,” said 21-year-old activist, Thaïs d’Escufon

Since the arbitrary dissolution of the Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) movement in March, the French government has been increasing the number of legal proceedings against its young activists. The state’s targeting of these activists is raising fears that anyone campaigning against mass immigration policies and illegal immigration, even by peaceful means, could face increasingly repressive legal intimidation, effectively forbidding criticism and political protest on a topic many Europeans and the French are increasingly concerned with.

The move to outright ban political groups critical of the ruling government’s policies, as well as the attitude of public prosecutors and judges, is raising troubling questions about respect for democracy and the rule of law by one of the EU’s big players, which happens to be also one of the EU countries that is most vocal about supposed violations of democracy and the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. However, in the two Central European Countries ruled by right-wing conservative governments, there exists no such example of a legally acting, non-violent opposition group being dissolved in virtue of an administrative decision and its leaders being the subject of massive judicial harassment the way Generation Identity and its leaders are in France.


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May 29, 2021

Marine’s Turn

“Le Pen is being taken very seriously by a nervous establishment before the 2022 election, and her popularity is a litmus test for European politics.”

What appalled the American deep state and its media courtiers about Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016 may have been dressed up as an ad hominem attack, but it had more to do with the fact that he did not come up through channels approved by America’s political class. Now France’s état profond is equally disturbed that another blond maverick—albeit blonde—has a good shot at the French presidential elections next year, but for different reasons. Politically, she makes Trump look tame.

Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen’s name is easier on the ear than “Donald John Trump,” although the feisty 52-year-old from the fashionable Neuilly-sur-Seine district of Paris is known as “Marine.” Her background as a lawyer suggests a standard-issue European politician, but European lawyers rarely join (although they often represent) organizations such as the Front National, as Marine Le Pen did at age 18. At that time her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was party leader, and was on record as saying that HIV sufferers should be segregated from society, President Chirac was being bankrolled by B’nai B’rith, and the French soccer team didn’t represent the nation as it contained too many black players. In offense terms, and to borrow a term from the French card game baccarat, this was une maison pleine. Full house. He left out only Muslims, and his daughter would more than make up for that oversight.


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May 24, 2021

Rise of Ireland’s far right relies on abandoned social conservatives

Nativist politics have not played a big role in recent Irish elections. Might that change?

For more than 20 years I’ve undertaken research on immigration and social change in Ireland. Much of this has focused either on how immigrants are faring or on how Irish society overall has changed. A lot of such work on the experiences of immigrants has focused on topics such as racism, barriers related to direct provision and the marginalisation of those who have settled here within many institutions, including the political system and the media.

My most recent research takes stock of Irish responses to immigration and considers what might be done through social policy, politics, citizenship and thinking about Irish identity to further immigrant integration and social cohesion more generally. It also engages with the rise to prominence of far-right parties and groups that oppose immigration, promote narrow definitions of Irishness and look for inspiration to populist nativist movements in other English-speaking and European democratic countries.


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April 4, 2021

‘We want a European renaissance,’ PM Orbán says after meeting PM Morawiecki, Salvini

The three leaders say they can agree on all the important issues

Hungary’s Fidesz, Italy’s League and Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) parties will work together towards a “European renaissance”, the three parties’ leaders said after a two-hour summit in Budapest on Thursday. Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini and Mateusz Morawiecki discussed their cooperation in a Europe where the largest formerly conservative group, the European People’s Party, has increasingly abandoned its traditional values in favor of pursuing a left-wing agenda.

“We want a European renaissance, and we will work together for that in the future,” Orbán said after the meeting, adding that the meeting was focused on the three parties forging a political alliance at the European level. He said they concluded that there was no major interest regarding their respective nations where they could not cooperate.

“Both Italy and Poland have a government with a strong Atlantic commitment and Hungary is a reliable member of the European Union and NATO,” Orbán said. “The fact that the strongest right-wing party to date, the European People’s Party, has apparently made a long-term commitment to working with the European left, many millions of European citizens have been left unrepresented.”


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