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Saudi Arabia Is Taking Arizona’s Water… (Video)

Change Agents with Andy Stumpf is an IRONCLAD Original.

Be Prepared. The Grid Is Going Down. (Video)

Tucker Carlson and Dennis Quaid discuss the power grid, politics, and Hollywood.

The Cube: Saudi Arabia’s Next Megaproject (Video)

First the Line & the Oxagon, then the Dubai Circle, and now the Mukaab! In this video, we go over Saudi Arabia’s insane Cube, which would become the biggest building in the world.

Tucker Carlson Suggests WE ARE UNDER ATTACK, As US Energy Infrastructure, Food, & Air Are Sabotaged (Video)

Airspace clogged by UFOs, toxic chemical spills, extremists attacking the power grid. All of this suggests something more sinister is going on.

Terrorist Charged After Destroying Electrical Grid In Las Vegas

ZeroHedge reports that he is being charged with “committing an act of terrorism, first-degree arson, third-degree arson, destroying or injuring real or personal property of another, and escape by a felony prisoner.”

Mohammad Mesmarian is facing charges of terrorism after law enforcement captured him after he rammed his car into a solar energy plant in Las Vegas and set his vehicle on fire disabling the facility Tuesday.

The attack on Las Vegas’ electrical infrastructure took place at the Invenergy solar plant north of U.S. Route 93 near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway according to KLAS-TV. The 34-year-old Mesmarian plowed his vehicle through the perimeter fence after employees had already left for the day according to police but waited until approximately midnight before he finally set the car on fire, the local outlet reported citing law enforcement documents.

The car used in the attack was reportedly a Toyota Camry registered in Idaho, according to The Street.


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European green energy fiasco is a terrifying warning for US this winter

Renewable energy proves unreliable, so Europeans turn to coal and nuclear as they face crisis

Europe’s climate-consciousness is hardly paying off for European families who face startling energy blackouts this winter amid a dangerous energy crisis. The energy shortage is largely due to an over reliance on solar and wind generated power made worse by Europe’s 2015 Paris Climate Accord agreement, which mandated the closing of coal-fired power plants and replacing them with less reliable wind and solar power alternatives. 

There is no doubt that unpredictable energy sources such as these cause unnecessary suffering, financial strain and even illness among the most vulnerable. Americans should take heed from Europe’s misguided energy strategy and misplaced reliance on wind and solar power, or else watch many regions of the United States endure lengthy power shortages. 


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Puerto Rico Power Grid (Video)

Puerto Rico has dealt with its share of disasters in recent years. You may know its entire energy grid also qualifies as something of a disaster. Now, despite billions of U.S. tax dollars, there’s concern the system is on the verge of a total collapse, prompting the U.S. territory to declare a state of emergency.

Hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed most of Puerto Rico’s power system in 2017. But it wasn’t much to begin with.

Manuel Laboy: Maria was essentially a huge wake up call.

Manuel Laboy heads up the island’s Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resiliency.

Sharyl: You’ve had many hurricanes before, but that was the one that seemed to really trigger this realization that we’d better fix all of this.

Laboy: So it is kind of a blessing in disguise, certainly. The silver lining opportunity is that we went through a very, very tough time. It cost us a lot, including lives, and moving forward, looking forward, now we have the chance to address something that we knew that 20 years ago, 30 years ago, it’s something that we needed to address.

With Puerto Rico in bankruptcy, a financial oversight board approved hiring an American-Canadian consortium called LUMA Energy to deliver on the island’s energy makeover. The company took the reins June 1st.


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Victor Davis Hanson: America’s resilience and its resources are not infinite. Can it still work?

There are repercussions when ideology governs policy or when we take for granted the basics of life to pursue its trappings.

For nearly two years, Americans have engaged in a great woke experiment of cannibalizing themselves. American civilization has invested massive labor, capital and time in an effort to constantly flagellate itself for not being perfect. 

Yet America’s resilience and its resources are not infinite. We are now beginning to see the consequences of what happens when premodern tribalism absorbs Americans.

There are repercussions when ideology governs policy or when we take for granted the basics of life to pursue its trappings.

Who cares whether the blow-dried media is woke if it cannot report the truth and keep politicians honest? Once journalists became progressive poodles rather than the watchdogs of government, the Biden administration had no fear of audit. It took for granted that its disasters, from the southern border to the chaos in Afghanistan, would be excused by toady reporters. 


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PG&E’s Big Blackout Is Only the Beginning (Video)

California utilities are poised to continue shutting off power to limit liabilities and prevent further wildfire deaths.

PG&E Corp.’s decision to shut off power to more than two million Californians this week represents a new reality: It now plans to pull the plug as a desperation measure whenever its equipment threatens to spark destructive and potentially deadly wildfires.


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Victor Davis Hanson 2017 – The Civic Cost of Illegal Immigration (Video)

Victor Davis Hanson examines how permissive attitudes towards illegal immigration undermine respect for the rule of law and traditional notions of citizenship.