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Will SORA Destroy Hollywood? | Lauren Southern (Video)

Sora, the latest tech product from Open AI, lets you turn text into incredibly realistic videos. How on earth has the tech developed this quickly? And how long before it starts replacing jobs?

“People Cannot Survive” — Lauren Southern: Foreign Investors, Migrants Creating Housing Crisis (Video)

“I know people that are educated individuals, we’re talking they’ve got their masters degrees, they’re having to live in their parents’ basements, living in trailers,” said author and filmmaker Lauren Southern referring to the housing market crisis in Canada.

Canada’s Anti-White Gallery: Inside The Government Funded “Conceptions Of White” | Lauren Southern (Video)

In her most daring journalistic move yet, Lauren Southern risked her brain catching a severe case of the stupid to investigate Canada’s taxpayer-funded, anti-white art gallery, “Conceptions of White.” While the gallery had hilarious exhibits comparing her skull shape to Hitler, and an app that told her to check her privilege, the consequences of such “art” being portrayed seriously are much more dangerous…

The Canadian Dream is DEAD (Video)

Lauren Southern

Teacher FIRED For Refusing to Lie About Mass Graves (Video)

Lauren Southern

Why The “Far-Right” Are Winning in Europe (Video)

Lauren Southern

New Evidence White House Is Colluding With Big Tech To Censor People (Video)

Timcast IRL; Guests: Robert Davi, Alex Marlow, Lauren Southern

Whistle Blowers SPEAK OUT w/ Savanah Hernandez – Lauren Southern (Video)

Savanah Hernandez and Lauren Southern discuss Savanah’s recent interviews with whistle-blowers regarding the illegal immigration of children from the southern border

Mexicans FURIOUS That Americans Are Invading Their Country, Won’t Speak Spanish In Hilarious Irony (Video)

Timcast IRL: Guests: Ned Ryun and Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern: The WHOLE Truth. (Video)

Everything I ever did in politics was made possible by the many many people who helped me and supported me. This video is for them. This video is for the support staff who never got acknowledged. Those whose lives were ruined in the dynamo of the dissident right. Those who believed in us all. Also for my own sanity.