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October 22, 2017

The Legitimacy of Vigilantism & Rebellion – Blonde in the Belly of the Beast (Video)

When is it appropriate & legitimate to reject a state that fails to uphold their end of the social contract?

Corey Feldman delivers tweetstorm claiming he has plan to bring abusers to justice in wake of Weinstein scandal

‘That said I am working on a plan that may b a way forward 2 shed some lite on this situation! If I can figure out a way 2 get actual justice,’ he revealed, before adding ‘nobody should liv their lives in fear except those who committed these heinous crimes in the 1st place! I hav faith god will c this thru!’

Harvey Weinstein’s downfall has sparked a new call for justice from Corey Feldman.

The actor, 46, who became famous for his roles in classic films like Stand By Me and The Goonies, took to Twitter on Thursday night to share a very lengthy message-spanning seven tweets-regarding his own experiences of abuse.


He then went on to explain that going public with his alleged abusers at this stage would be a fruitless endeavor, and may endanger his family.

He then went on to explain that going public with his alleged abusers at this stage would be a fruitless endeavor, and may endanger his family.


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Bannon on Fire in CA: Three Standing Ovations at GOP Convention Keynote (Video)

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon delivered a fiery keynote address to about 500 people at the opening dinner of the California Republican Party’s Fall Convention Friday night, praising President Trump and declaring war on the GOP establishment.

Stepping out from behind the podium, comfortably walking about the stage, Bannon gave a forty-minute-long speech covering a myriad of issues that began with effusive praise of President Trump, the importance of winning and how victories beget victories, and about the great challenge ahead in taking on the, “corporatists, lobbyists, consultants, and the politicians they control.”

In referring to his work with President Trump, Bannon said early in his remarks, “I’ve had the honor of being the CEO of his campaign, the chief strategist in the white house — and now I’m proud to say his wingman outside.”

“Donald Trump has been an existential threat to the system,” Bannon declared to overwhelming applause from the audience.

Bannon went on to talk about the importance of the recent victory of Judge Roy Moore in the Republican U.S. Senate runoff election in Alabama.


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London is Falling: UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC… More Rape, More Robbery, More Violence

The latest crime figures for England and Wales which show violent crimes against the person surging have thrown the particular problems of the nation’s capital city into harsh light, as it reveals the city is now more dangerous than the once-notorious New York City.

Released Thursday, the new crime statistics showed plainly the astonishing rise of offences, with an overall rise of 19 per cent of violence against the person, and a 19 per cent rise of sexual offences.

Yet these numbers hide the even steeper ascent of particularly serious crimes, including a 22 per cent rise in rape, a 26 per cent rise in knife crime, and perhaps most amazingly of all — considering the United Kingdom’s draconian gun laws — a 27 per cent rise in gun crime. These increases compound another significant rise from the year before.

While these figures cover the whole of England and Wales, much of these crime surges are concentrated in the capital, London, which is experiencing an unprecedented surge in acid attacks, which comes on top of the more familiar stabbings and shootings.


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Diversity is a Weakness, Not a Strength

The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings. “The extent of the effect is shocking,” says Scott Page, a University of Michigan political scientist.

“Diversity is a strength” is one of those Orwellian maxims that’s just generally accepted as truth by most Americans despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Granted, if you’re talking about a DIVERSITY OF IDEAS, you can certainly come up with some situations where it’s a strength. For example, in the movie World War Z, Israel is saved (at least temporarily) by having a “tenth man” whose job is to forcefully argue for the alternative viewpoint to a situation where everyone agrees. So instead of laughing off the idea that Israel might face a zombie invasion, Israelis realized there was merit to it and were prepared in time to protect the country. Back in the real world, the NFL certainly could have used someone pointing out the potential long-term downsides of allowing players to disrespect the flag when just Colin Kaepernick was doing it. Donald Trump might benefit from a diversity of opinions when he’s about to tweet about Rosie O’Donnell or Mark Cuban at 4 AM. The Democrat Party could certainly use the input of a few random white factory workers from flyover country about the latest rhetoric and proposals it’s about to pitch.


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October 21, 2017

Tommy Smothers dead-on imitation of Johnny Carson

Jan 1991

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top – Ernie Ford’s Sixteen Tons

Complete Classic Movie: Diary of a Madman (1963)

Stars: Vincent Price, Nancy Kovack, Chris Warfield. An evil spirit leaves the body of his human host, a criminal on death-row, and sneaks into the body of his next human host, a French magistrate.

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California DMV workers issued hundreds of bogus truck driving licenses for bribes, feds say

The probe has now grown to include DMV offices the length of California and dates back to 2011. It involves multiple payoffs of thousands of dollars to DMV workers to alter computer records, court records say.

The undercover sting operation that led to bribery charges against two California Department of Motor Vehicles employees this week is part of a major, six-year probe by the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies that so far has resulted in charges against eight individuals and the revocation of hundreds of commercial truck driver’s licenses around the state, court records show.

The latest employees to be charged were named in documents unsealed Thursday in federal court in Sacramento. The government alleges they took bribes from Southern California truck-driving school owners to alter DMV records to show applicants had passed their written and driving tests to allow them to obtain licenses to drive tractor trailers and buses.

Those defendants were identified as Lisa Terraciano, 51, who worked in a DMV office in Winnetka, and Kari Scattaglia, 38, a DMV manager who worked in offices in Granada Hills and Arleta.

Online records indicate she is the daughter of Vito F. Scattaglia, a deputy chief of investigations and enforcement for the DMV in Southern California. Kari Scattaglia was paid $52,500 last year, according to The Bee’s online state salary database.


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Report: Sean Penn Desperately Trying To Force Netflix To Re-Edit ‘El Chapo’ Documentary

Fears he, his family, and his associates will have a target on their heads.

According to TMZ, actor Sean Penn has turned up the pressure on Netflix to “either block or re-edit” an upcoming Netflix documentary that the actor says falsely suggests he alerted the Department of Justice to the whereabouts of notorious drug lord El Chapo back in 2015.

The wild story begins with Penn, along with Kate del Castillo, meeting with the drug lord in Mexico on October 2, 2015, for an interview for Rolling Stone. Just 12 hours later, authorities raided the site of the interview. Though authorities did not detain El Chapo in the raid, he was arrested about three months later.

TMZ reports that “multiple sources” involved in the Netflix documentary say that some of those interviewed for the film suggested Penn told the DOJ about his interview in Mexico, effectively “ratting out” the drug lord. Penn’s team is now desperately trying to get Netflix not to release the film in its current state.


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