October 18, 2017

Tony Katz Interviews President Donald Trump Live from the White House (Video)

Tony Katz talks with President Donald Trump Live from the White House. Tony and President Trump discuss healthcare, tax reform, and working with partisan Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.

Britain is facing a terrorist threat as unrelenting as it is unprecedented, MI5 chief warns (Video)

Jihadis can ‘accelerate from inception to planning to action in just a handful of days’

Britain is experiencing a terrorist offensive which is as unrelenting as it is unprecedented, drawing from a growing pool of Islamist extremists, and with some murderous plots taking just a few days from inception to the point of attack, the head of MI5 has warned.

Andrew Parker, the director general, said he had never faced such a high tempo of attempted and successful bombings, shootings and stabbings in his 34 years of working in the Security Service.

With jihadis returning from fighting in Isis ranks in Syria and Iraq, and the internet providing motivation and material, the pace of violence shows no sign of falling.

Charting the scale of the problem, Mr Parker said that MI5 and police have stopped seven attacks by Islamists in the past seven months. Twenty major acts have been detected in the past four years and 379 suspects have been arrested in the first six months of this year.

There are, at present, 500 live operations under way targeting 3,000 people with 20,000 more who have been on the counter-terrorism radar and others who are not even known to the law agencies.


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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam–Mecca vs Medina? – Jordan Peterson (Video)

We discuss Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recent paper for the Hoover Institute, The Challenge of Dawa (http://hvr.co/2xLuz6e), her conceptualization of Mecca vs Medina Islam (roughly the distinction between peaceful and militarized/expansionist), and the possibility of rapprochement between Islam and the JudeoChristian world.

Oasis Singer Slams ‘Hippie’ Idealism Allowing Islamic Terrorism To Prosper (Video)

“Our government, and the government before them, and the next f***ing government after this one will be powerless to stop it because of some hippy ideal about people’s religious beliefs. F*** those c***s is what I say,” the musician continued.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, former Oasis singer Noel Gallagher blasted the U.K.’s “hippie” idealism toward Islam, which he says is rending the government powerless to stop attacks and allowing jihadist to walk free.

“Our government, seemingly, are powerless to f***ing stop this sh*t,” said Gallagher, referring to the fatal Islamic bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester this summer. “I have children and they’re growing up in London and they take the tube and I take the tube and we all take public transport, because I can’t drive, and there’s like bombers roaming free around the f***ing city.”


Gallagher’s hit song, Don’t Look Back in Anger, became an anthem of sorts in the wake of the Manchester bombing when a young girl began singing the tune after a moment of silence for the 22 victims. Gallagher, who performed the song during a benefit concert, expressed regret that Don’t Look Back in Anger is now linked to Islam and what he might call “hippie idealism.”

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Carrie Fisher Delivers Mafia-Like Response to Producer Who Assaulted Her Friend

“I asked her what was inside and she said, ‘It was a cow tongue from Jerry’s Famous Deli in Westwood with a note that said, ‘If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box!'” Ross explained.

What the Harvey Weinstein scandal has illustrated is a lot about people knew what was going on, few pushed back (see This Actress’s Harvey Weinstein Story is One of The Worst Yet and John Oliver on Hollywood’s Complicity: What the F***?). Which is why I love this Carrie Fisher story. Her friend Heather Ross was sexually harassed by a powerful producer (ahem, still no name). Ross told Fisher about it.

Fisher then responded in a way that would make Jabba the Hutt take a step back:

Carrie Fisher once sent a cow’s tongue to a producer after he sexually assaulted her longtime friend, screenwriter Heather Ross. Ross revealed during an interview with 94.9 MIXfm on Thursday, October 12, that an unnamed Oscar-winning producer climbed on top of her in a car years ago and allegedly began making unwanted sexual advances. She told the Tucson, Arizona, radio station that she managed to get away as the producer shouted, “You’ll never make a movie in my town … Get the F out of my car!”

The writer later confided in Fisher, who took matters into her own hands. “About two weeks later, she sent me a message online and said, ‘I just saw [him] at Sony Studios. I knew he would probably be there, so I went to his office and personally delivered a Tiffany box wrapped with a white bow,’” Ross recalled.


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October 17, 2017

Rose McGowan Reportedly Rejected Offer of “Millions of Dollars” to Defend Harvey Weinstein

The night before the New York Times published it’s bombshell expose on Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom offered Rose McGowan millions for her silence, according to the actress.

McGowan made the claims via Facebook on Sunday evening, stating that Bloom’s “very name makes my stomach clench with a stressed tightness that takes my breath away.”

Bloom, the celebrated civil rights attorney who’s made a name representing women in sexual harassment cases and was the catalyst in Bill O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News, has been working with Weinstein amid the allegations.

“As does your mercenary act of depravity. Did you think of how it would affect victims to see you champion a rapist? How it felt to those you once “fought for,” for them to know that you used them,” she wrote in her lengthy post.

“You remember them right? They were the victims of assaults, women you’d previously helped. You lied to those hurt women and hid your true character. You wanted a shortcut to fame. You sold your book to be made into a mini-series, where you’d be the next Erin Brokovich[sic], right?”


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American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT (Video)

Undercover video obtained by Project Veritas shows New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe revealing a biased political agenda in the operation of the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Shoe explains a difficulty in reporting about President Donald Trump objectively due to political bias. In one exchange, she says that journalists covered Trump in such a sensational way during the election season so as to deter readers from voting for him. Shoe also shares her negative opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, citing his religious views.

Reese Witherspoon Claims Director Sexually Assaulted Her at 16

Actress Reese Witherspoon has revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a director when she was 16 years old, the latest in a series of claims about abuse in the film industry.

“This has been a really hard week for women in Hollywood, for women all over the world, and a lot of situations and a lot of industries are forced to remember and relive a lot of ugly truths,” Witherspoon said at an event in Beverley Hills this week. “I have my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly and I find it really hard to sleep, hard to think, hard to communicate a lot of the feelings that I’ve been having about anxiety, honestly, the guilt for not speaking up earlier.”

She divulged, “I have my own experiences that have come back to me very vividly and I find it really hard to sleep, hard to think, hard to communicate a lot of the feelings that I’ve been having about anxiety, honestly, the guilt for not speaking up earlier.”

Witherspoon, who debuted on the silver screen at 15, continued, “[I feel] true disgust at the director who assaulted me when I was 16 years old and anger at the agents and the producers who made me feel that silence was a condition of my employment.”

The Academy Award-winning actress went on to claim that the incident was just one of a number of times she had been sexually abused throughout her career.


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ICE Detainer Issued for Suspected Wine Country Arsonist in Sonoma Jail

The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 residents.

Breitbart News reported earlier this week that Sonoma County Sheriffs had arrested Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, at Maxwell Regional Park in Sonoma County after a series of reports of ongoing fires in the region. Mr. Gonzalez was observed around 3:00 p.m. PDT wearing a jacket and walking “out of the creek area and a plume of smoke behind him,” according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Mr. Gonzalez, who is homeless and reportedly known by law enforcement to have been living under a nearby bridge, claimed he was cold and had lit the fire to stay warm. But it was a balmy 78 degrees when he and the plume of smoke were first observed.

Mr. Gonzalez was booked into the Sonoma County Jail for suspicion of felony arson. His bail was set at a steep $110,000, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff Public Information Officer.

Sargent Spencer Crum told Breitbart that Mr. Gonzalez is also on a U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) detainer request, despite Sonoma County declaring itself as a “sanctuary county” in May 2014. The county only cooperates with “ICE holds” if the prisoner has been convicted of a felony or any misdemeanor offence that falls within the Trust Act within the last five years. Mr. Gonzalez’s immigration status has not yet been announced.


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Mike Cernovich- The Rise of Alternative Media – October 30, 2017

Mike Cernovich will be discussing the rise of alternative media at Columbia University in New York on October 30th.

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