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Mao’s Great Famine | FULL DOCUMENTARY

Between 1958 and 1962, China lived through tragedy on an epic scale. The “Great Leap Forward” – conceived by Mao so that China could drive industrial output ahead of Great Britain and achieve autonomy from the might of the neighbouring USSR – led to a catastrophic famine resulting in the death of between 36 and 55 million people.

The Nanjing Massacre: Unparalleled Horror (Video)

Into the Shadow

Tatar Deportation: Stalin’s Forgotten Genocide (Video)

Uncover the hidden tragedy of the Crimean Tatars during Stalin’s reign in this shocking historical account. From deportation to enduring struggles, discover the resilience of a people fighting for justice.

Africa Demands Citizens to “K*ll The Farmer” | WARNING To The World (Video)


Elite universities now promote white genocidal rhetoric (Video)

What will happen when my classmates gain power? How will they treat white people? White students need to speak up, or things will only get worse.

Sudan conflict: West Darfur governor killed after genocide claim

A governor from Sudan’s Darfur region has been killed hours after accusing the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of committing genocide.

In a TV interview, Khamis Abakar had asked for international intervention to stop violence in West Darfur he blamed on the RSF and its Arab militia allies.

The conflict that erupted two months ago between the RSF and army has inflamed ethnic tensions in Darfur.

The army said the RSF abducted Abakar and executed him, which it denies.

He is the most senior official known to have been killed since the conflict began in April.

Video footage circulating on social media appears to show a group of armed men, some wearing RSF uniforms, detaining the governor of West Darfur state on Wednesday.


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They explain to Jordan Peterson the MADNESS of mass immigration (Video)

The Alternative View

The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade: The 1,300 Year Genocide (Video)

Into the Shadows

The Mfecane; genocide in South Africa carried out by the Zulus

It is often asserted that the Afrikaner regime in South Africa during the years of apartheid was exceptionally bad for black people. It was a trivial matter compared to the events which followed the rise of Shaka, the Zulu king.

At Least 50 Christians MASSACRED in Church Attack (The Nigerian Genocide Continues) – Video

At least 50 Christians attending Pentecost Mass were murdered June 5th in Nigeria. Gunmen attacked worshipers at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, in Ondo State. Many children were among the dead.