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How Migrant Workers are FILLING IN for Striking Hotel Employees in Southern California (Video)

Allegations of Southern California hotels employing migrant workers to replace striking staff have recently come to light. Not shocking, if you ask me. What’s truly eyebrow-raising is the naive surprise some people are showing. Sanctuary cities like Los Angeles practically roll out the red carpet for migrant workers who, let’s be honest, are more than willing to take up the tough, less glamorous jobs that others shy away from. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has even launched an investigation into working conditions at these hotels. What’s next, a probe into why the sky is blue? The kicker here is that it’s not just the hotels, but the union workers themselves who should’ve seen this coming. When you declare yourself a sanctuary city, it’s like sending an open invitation to replace the existing labor force. Wake up, America.

Anti-White Racism Is All The Rage Amongst Big Business, Banks, Unions, And Government

The Biden administration has required all federal agencies to craft their own equity action plans. As The Daily Wire has previously discussed, those plans also enact anti-white racism across the country and represent a “total transformation of government.”

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, marking the unofficial end of the summer, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t focus on this past season’s hottest trend: Anti-white racism under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As flagged by conservative strategist Greg Price, “Open racial discrimination against whites and Asians is just a thing now I guess.” He attached screenshots to several recent stories, highlighting programs or policies that explicitly push minority individuals over white people.

Asians are obviously not white, but because of their general cultural success in America, they have been deemed “white-adjacent” by proponents of Critical Race Theory.


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Report: Labor unions ‘ATM of the Democratic Party’

$1.1 billion in member dues sent to hundreds of anti-Republican advocacy groups.

Labor unions across the country sent nearly $1.1 billion in member dues to hundreds of advocacy groups aligned with the Democratic Party from 2010 to 2016, according to new research.

Unions, including the AFL-CIO and IBEW, have provided Planned Parenthood, the Clinton Foundation, the Democratic Governors Association and dozens of leftist groups hundreds of millions of dollars, a report from Center for Union Facts reveals.

What’s more egregious, the president of the Center for Union Facts, Luka Ladan, explained in an interview with WND, is that union members are in the dark about how their dues are being spent.

The billion-plus dollars unions have distributed to liberal advocacy groups that are generally anti-Republican were allocated without obtaining prior member approval.

“This is the most comprehensive analysis of union advocacy spending ever done. Under current labor law, these officials are required to obtain permission before spending money on political candidates or super-PACs, but not for political advocacy,” Laden explained Friday. “That means liberal advocacy groups from the Clinton Foundation, to Planned Parenthood, to Center for American Progress, groups like that that advocate a left-wing political agenda.”


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Teamsters boss indicted on charges of extorting $100,000 from business

Coli and his relatives have also been accused in civil lawsuits in both state and federal court of running the union like a racket — accusations they have vehemently denied.

A politically connected Teamsters union boss was indicted Wednesday on federal charges alleging he extorted $100,000 in cash from a local business.

John Coli Sr., considered one the union’s most powerful figures nationally, was charged with threatening work stoppages and other labor unrest unless he was given cash payoffs of $25,000 every three months by the undisclosed business.

The alleged extortion occurred when Coli was president of Teamsters Joint Council 25, a labor organization that represents more than 100,000 workers in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.

Coli, 57, an early backer of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was charged with one count of attempted extortion and five counts of demanding and accepting prohibited payment as a union official.

In all, Coli accepted five payoffs, most recently a $25,000 sum on April 4, according to the indictment. Last year, he also accepted four cash payments totaling $75,000, according to the charges.

The indictment seeks forfeiture from Coli of at least $100,000.

An arraignment in federal court in Chicago had not been set as of Wednesday.


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California Labor Union That Fought for $15 Minimum Wage Now Wants an Exemption

James Sherk, a research fellow in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation, said the exemption is a union attempt to encourage businesses to unionize by making themselves the only low-wage option as union membership continues to drop off.

The labor union that led the charge for a $15 minimum wage hike in cities across California is now moving to secure an exemption for employers under union contracts.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor buried the exemption on the eighth page of its 12-page proposal for the Santa Monica City Council to review Tuesday while deciding whether to follow Los Angeles and increase the minimum wage.

The loophole would allow employers with collective bargaining agreements to sidestep the wage hike and pay their union members below the proposed $15-per-hour minimum wage.


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AFL-CIO Signals Support for Trump’s Legal Immigration Overhaul

The president of one of the largest unions in the United States is praising President Donald Trump’s plans to reform immigration policies.

During Trump’s joint address to the Congress, he called for a merit-based legal immigration system, saying that the current law allowing extended-family chain migration hurts American workers and drives wages down.

In an interview with the Fox Business Network, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said his union has been talking about this problem with legal immigration for years, hinting at support for the plan.

“This was the first time the president has talked about legal immigration being used to drive down wages,” Trumka told Fox Business. “We’ve been saying that for a long time.”

Trumka said he was “particularly surprised” that Trump mentioned the problems with legal immigration, as he has in the past largely focused on ending illegal immigration, which is also seen as a strain on the labor market.

“I thought the change in tone signaled — I hope it signaled — that he is ready to start doing business and stop playing for the cameras,” Trumka said of Trump.


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Spano: Yonkers schools filed charges against teacher union leaders

Yonkers officials said that charges were brought against Yonkers Federation of Teachers president Pat Puleo and vice-president Paul Diamond for trying to hide alleged child abuse.

The Yonkers Public Schools has filed disciplinary charges against two teacher union leaders caught on video offering advice on covering up alleged child abuse, city officials said.

Mayor Mike Spano and corporation counsel Michael Curti said charges under New York’s Education Law 3020 were brought against Yonkers Federation of Teachers President Pat Puleo and Vice-president Paul Diamond. Earlier this year, the two were tricked by an activist for the Mamaroneck-based Project Veritas.

Neither Spano nor Curti, who both attended a Journal News editorial board meeting Tuesday, would offer any details on the charges other than saying they were “recently” filed.

“You can’t serve someone when school’s out,” Spano said about the timing of the charges.

The 17-minute video shot by Project Veritas, a nonprofit that investigates corruption, has two of its representatives — impersonating a teacher and a friend — seeking advice from Diamond and Puleo on avoiding disciplinary charges for allegedly hitting a child at an unnamed school.


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Washington Post: Trump’s America First Trade Message Has Hillary Clinton, Unions ‘Rattled’

In an election season animated by economic anxiety, Trump, a New York business mogul, bucked Republican orthodoxy and powerful business interests such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in an appeal to blue-collar Republicans that helped propel him to victory in the GOP primaries.

Three dozen union workers gathered outside city hall here on Thursday to rally against the global free-trade deals they believe have harmed Americans like them. Their candidate was Katie McGinty, the Democrats’ nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania. But their spiritual leader was Republican Donald Trump.

“He recognized there’s some problems we need to solve,” said McGinty, who is challenging Sen. Patrick J. Toomey (R), a free-trade advocate. “One, we have to stop bad trade agreements. . . . And two, we have to take the Chinese on when they manipulate their currency and dump goods in our markets.”

Just two days earlier, Trump had delivered a blistering speech at an aluminum recycling plant near Pittsburgh in which he called U.S. trade policies a ­“politician-made disaster” that has betrayed the working class. McGinty, surrounded by electricians, pipe fitters and steelworkers, declared that while Trump usually spouts “nonsense,” he had, in this case, “recognized a couple of truths.”


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Clashes between police, teachers leave 6 dead in Mexico

Earlier Sunday, Mexico’s federal government released a statement saying 21 federal police had been wounded, three of them by gunfire, and that its agents who participated in the operation were not carrying guns.

Violent clashes between police and members of a radical teachers’ union who had blockaded roads in southern Mexico on Sunday left six people dead and more than 100 injured, officials said.

The teachers from the National Coordinator of Education Workers, or CNTE, are opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico’s sweeping education reform and are also protesting the arrest of union leaders on money laundering and other charges.

In Sunday’s clashes in the southern state of Oaxaca, protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails, and burned vehicles, while Associated Press journalists saw riot police firing on protesters. Clashes took place in several municipalities in Oaxaca, but the most violent were in Nochixtlan, north of the state capital also called Oaxaca.

n a late-night press conference, Oaxaca state Gov. Gabino Cue, accompanied by Federal Police chief Enrique Galindo, raised the death toll from the clashes in Nochixtlan to six. They said 53 civilians, 41 federal police agents and 14 state police agents were injured.

Cue said that all the dead were civilians, with two having ties to the CNTE union. A state official had previously said a state police officer was killed but it turned out the person was a civilian.

Earlier Sunday, Mexico’s federal government released a statement saying 21 federal police had been wounded, three of them by gunfire, and that its agents who participated in the operation were not carrying guns.


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Labor, environmental groups call on Congress to oppose TPP

The groups also say that the investor-state dispute settlement system would enable foreign investors to challenge U.S. laws and strip vital regulations that protect the environment and financial system, among other areas.

Labor unions and environmental groups are among the more than 1,500 organizations calling on Congress to reject a sweeping Pacific Rim trade deal.

The groups, which include faith and advocacy organizations, argued in a letter sent to Capitol Hill on Monday that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would kill U.S. jobs, hurt the environment and endanger food safety.

“The TPP would make it even easier to ship American jobs overseas to wherever labor is the most exploited and environmental regulations are the weakest, so it’s little surprise that certain corporations support this pact,” said Arthur Stamoulis, executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign, which organized the letter.

“Civil society is unprecedentedly united against the TPP, however, due to the pact’s significant threats to jobs and wages, food safety, public health and the environment,” Stamoulis said.

In a separate letter sent earlier Monday, more than 400 businesses in 10 states signed off in calling for lawmakers to support and pass the trade pact.

“The questions policymakers should be asking about these rules is whether, on the whole, they would create American jobs, raise our wages, enhance environmental sustainability, improve public health and advance human rights and democracy,” the letter said.


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