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Chaos Erupts In Congress Because Our Politicians Are The Dumbest Dimwits To Ever Exist (Video)

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, mayhem breaks out during a congressional hearing. It was a wild spectacle, but most of all extremely, extremely stupid. Also, the insane backlash continues against an NFL kicker who committed the sin of promoting marriage and family life to young women. Plus, Greg Abbott issues a pardon for a man who shot a BLM protester in self-defense. And NBC has a new documentary coming out, just in time for Pride Month, all about “queerness” in the animal kingdom.

The Public School System Is Covering Up A Massive Sex Abuse Scandal (Video)

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, several more public school teachers have been arrested this month for sexually abusing their students. This is part of a massive, decades-long abuse epidemic that has claimed millions of victims; yet, somehow, it still isn’t treated as a major scandal. Also, a man in DC fires an AR-15 at a car in the middle of his neighborhood. He’s already back on the street. Hunger strikers at Princeton claim it’s unfair that their hunger strike has made them hungry. And a liberal punk rock band has put out a cringy song that proves why punk rock is dead.

White Men Deserve Gratitude, Not Demonization | Ep. 1364 (Video)

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the governor of Maine has announced a plan to get more women involved in the construction industry. This is, of course, part of a nationwide plan to chase men — especially white men — out of every occupation and field. This is the thanks white men get for building civilization. Also, the governor of New York claims that many black kids have never heard of computers. Protesters at Princeton attack the university for not providing medical aid to them as they choose to starve themselves. And an influencer on TikTok is here to inform us that it is our moral obligation to date fat people.

You Absolutely Cannot Miss This DEI Survival Show (Video)

I don’t often make TV show recommendations, but a new reality show out of Australia is unintentionally the funniest thing on TV right now.

What This DEI Consulting Firm Lied About Is Actually Evil (Video)

No, “inclusion” does not directly equal better economic performance, but the DEI consulting firm, McKinsey, certainly wants you to think so.

These Republicans Are Frauds And Morons (Video)

Democrats and Republicans come together in a bipartisan way to craft one of the worst pieces of legislation we’ve ever seen.

Graphic Quotes: Matt Walsh on Antisemitism Hate Speech Legislation

The bill is a disgrace and you should seriously question any Republican who supports it. The legislation would in fact label criticism of the Israeli government as “antisemitic.” Any notion that Americans should be legally penalized in any way for criticizing any government — even a foreign government — is just pure madness and un-American in the extreme.


This Is A Scary Precedent To Set For Free Speech (Video)

Greg Abbott says he’s having pro-Palestine protesters arrested because “antisemitism won’t be tolerated in Texas.” But is that a valid reason to arrest people? Of course not.

These Immigrants Are SO Ungrateful, It’s Almost Painful To Watch (Video)

African migrants in New York attended a hearing to complain about the unsatisfactory accommodations.

Why Did Jimmy Kimmel Claim Japan Is A Better Country? (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel declares that America is dirty and disgusting compared to a country like Japan. But why is that? That’s the question that he doesn’t want to ask or answer.