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Chris Langan on American Schools (Videos)

The constant need of White students to avoid marauding gangs of “minority” delinquents adds a measure of fear and anxiety to the school environment which precludes any sort of education at all. No child can concentrate on his/her lessons while anticipating a race-hating anti-White “beat-down” at virtually any moment.

Integrating US public schools was either a stupid mistake or an incredibly malicious act of destruction. Either way, it has crippled what was once a functional, high-performing school system. Statistically, US public schools are in the toilet.

But alas, we’re not just talking about statistics.


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Atheistic Divine Language by Chris Langan

Yes, that’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. But when you’re an atheist wrestling with theology without leg on which to stand, it’s the only game in town.

Question: “Would you please elaborate on the Human Singularity?”

Answer: It’s CTMU 101.

The Transhumanist “elite” claim that we are approaching a “Tech Singularity” in which man will merge with machine on the most basic level of existence, which for various reasons would destroy human identity as we know and live it. In contrast, the CTMU says that what we are actually approaching, notwithstanding the interference of corporate-governmental technocratic social engineers, is a “Human Singularity” preserving and refining human identity and bringing us closer to the identity of reality itself, aka God.


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Armed Schwabbery by Chris Langan

Can math predict our future? Not really. While it can model our likely prospects as a steep downward vector (as it currently does), mathematical prediction is trumped by free will.

Discerning people grow increasingly unhappy about the dark clouds spanning the horizon. They feel profoundly betrayed by lying government personnel who swear up, down, and sideways to guard their interests, only to repeatedy slip a dagger between their ribs once “elected” (these days, a questionable status at best).

Thus, readers tend to ask me questions and post observations reflecting their anger, resentment, and displeasure.

The “Stakeholder Capitalism” Swindle

Question: “Klaus Schwab explained that multi-national corporations will replace governments of the peoples. It’s a pretty accurate prediction if has already happened. Has it?”


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Where do these people come from? by Chris Langan

Societies rely on the coupling between merit, functionality, and reward. This coupling has been completely shattered, and our society is going down the drain for it.

Mark Cuban: “Now how would you propose finding organizations that give preference to white people? … Why aren’t you working as hard to show examples of white preferences as you are DEI? You claim to abhor both?”

Apparently, Mr. Cuban thinks that Whites are preferred in corporate and government hiring, college admissions, and other areas. Is Mark Cuban sniffing glue? As long ago as the 1970’s, I couldn’t get a civil service job in NY because of the racial quota system used in government hiring. Nonwhites were routinely spotted 30 points on the hiring exams. If you were Black or Latino, you could score 70 out of 100 on a civil service exam and get the job no matter how many Whites outscored you.

It was called “affirmative action” (the term was first used by JFK in Executive Order 10925 in 1961), and it was common knowledge. Liberals swore it would never lead to racial hiring and college admissions quotas, but guess what? It did, and bigtime.


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Happy New Year! by Chris Langan

Like every year past, the next year will be what we choose to make of it. Let’s start making it right!

Well, here we are! Once again, it’s time to put paid to another year of progress toward human awakening, deliberately retarded though it may have been.

The best thing about an annual fresh start is that it lets us hope for a brighter new year in which an even greater part of humanity stops letting itself be degraded and demoralized by a nefarious “elite” that incessantly feeds it deception, propaganda, indoctrination, misinformation, disinformation, empty dogma, and false narratives designed to help the rich and powerful stay rich and powerful at everyone else’s expense. All we need do to make it happen is to stay awake and jostle a few others out of their slumber.

Meanwhile, here are some questions and comments that were posted and answered in the CTMU Group, followed by one that hadn’t been answered yet. Holiday blessings to all!


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Beyond “Beyond Good and Evil” by Chris Langan

What are good and evil, and what is the nature of the Beast?

Believe it or not, modern academic philosophers have reached a working consensus on good and evil: “They don’t exist.” As most of them see it, what is good for one group can be bad for others (especially “protected communities”), and insofar as the good-evil distinction seems inconsistent with diversity, equity, and inclusion, good and evil are meaningless. Or rather, they have meaning only in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion themselves, which together comprise the ultimate good: “social justice” and the dispossession of Westen majorities.

It clearly follows that evil is any sort of opposition, either real or imaginary, to these sacred desiderata. As for whether such concepts have consistent definitions of their own … well, that’s beside the point, isn’t it. To reiterate, the point is “social justice”. Keep your eye on the ball: social justice and socialism good, traditional values and private property bad. Let the gods of political correctness be propitiated, and let the sacrificial bonfire be stoked with improperly complexioned useless eaters.


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Mass Migration Kills by Chris Langan

The Global Occupation Government has created a monster. It is ravenous, ruthless, and will not rest until it eats Europe, Europeans, and their cultural legacy alive.

The Kalergi Program, an EU mandate set forth by the founder of the Paneuropa Movement which led to the EU itself, prescribes that the nations of Europe be flooded with nonwhite migrants for the purpose of disrupting, diluting, and destroying indigenous (White) culture and genetics in preparation for the final ascendancy of an elite “master race” including bankers and aristocrats.

The Kalergi Program is named after Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi (aka Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi), the seminal advocate of European consolidation and first winner of the EU Charlemagne Prize (also known as the Kalergi Prize). It is why Europe is being overrun by millions of indolent non-White “refugees”, and why the people of Europe are being pushed out of their homes and care facilities to accommodate foreigners who make no secret of hating them, self-righteously swear to outbreed them using their own resources, and target them for violent hate crimes including rape, assault, and murder, all regularly committed against them with total impunity by unvetted foreign migrants.

Quite simply, the EU government and its member governments are not protecting native Europeans and guarding their wellbeing, but overseeing and enforcing their displacement and driving them to extinction. It follows that these governments do not rule by consensus and have no right to govern under any rational social contract. In effect, they function as the social engineering division of the global corporatocracy, consisting of figureheads and Judas goats installed by corporate-financial interests that emerged long after the nations of Europe were settled and founded as political entities. In short, Europe is now run by bureaucratic hacks and political yes-men who answer to consummately self-interested bankers, investors, and corporate executives.


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Race Denial Denial: On the Existence of Human Races by Chris Langan

Make way, climate change deniers, Holocaust deniers, and vaccine deniers! Here come the most denialistic deniers of all: the Race Denial Deniers!

Now more than ever, there is no shortage of racial controversy. This controversy includes the very concept of race. Some admit that it exists, while others deny it. Those who deny it are quite fond of accusing those who don’t of “racism”, especially where the accused happens to look or identify as “White” (except, of course, where dispensing or advocating for special benefits to various non-White groups with political clout).

Ironically, race denial exhibits a complex pattern that depends entirely on race. If you are non-White, then you must proudly embrace your non-White status and culture, however primitive, bloodthirsty, or undistinguished it may have been, and stand up against Whiteness. If you are White, on the other hand, then you cannot deny the race of any non-White, but must unconditionally deny your own. That is, you must admit that you have no race, but must acknowledge and defer to everyone else’s. And to ice the cake, you must simultaneously deny the existence of race across the board, except of course in the presence of non-Whites, who might be offended by your abominable “insensitivity”.


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[Full] MSCS Media: Chris Langan – Current Events – Tommy Keightly – CTMU (Video)

Amazing 2 + hour wide-ranging interview that was taped Friday, 7/28/23.

[Preview] Chris Langan – On Money versus Meaning in Life – CTMU (Video)

Chris Langan is known to have the highest IQ in the world, somewhere between 195 and 210. To give you an idea of what this means, the average person’s IQ is 100 and Albert Einstein’s IQ was 160. Chris Langan joins the show to discuss his theory of everything – God – psychedelic drugs – and aliens in this special 2-hour conversation