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Rasmussen Calls on Pence to Reject Electoral Votes for Biden From Battleground States

When Rasmussan promoted the piece on Twitter, they did so by emphasizing that Donald Trump would lead Biden’s electoral count if the battleground state results were somehow zilched before Congress.

Rasmussen is urging Vice President Mike Pence to ignore the 2020 election results when Congress moves to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College next week.

The conservative-leaning pollster and opinion outlet amplified a column that begins with a quote attributed to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, which says “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” The article recognizes the meaning of the quote as “true” before eventually suggesting that when Pence appears before Congress, he could move to exclude the results from every battleground state where the 2020 election results were contested.

From the piece:

Come January 2021, Vice President Mike Pence will be presented with the sealed certificates containing the ballots of the presidential electors. At that moment, the Presidency will be in his hands. And there is nothing stopping Pence, under the authority vested in him as President of the Senate, from declining to open and count the certificates from the six disputed states. If they are (as more than 70% of Republicans believe) certificates from non-electors appointed via voter fraud, why should he open and count them?


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How COVID Has Revealed What College Really Is (Pt. 3) | Mike Rowe | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report (Video)

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Mike Rowe (star of “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,”) about risk assessment and the effects of the lockdowns. Mike talks about how COVID-19 will permanently change many aspects of our lives. He thinks the pandemic has already revealed college and higher education to be an overpriced luxury credentialing system. He hopes that this will cause us to rethink how we structure education in the US.

President-Elect Donald Trump Rally in Hershey, PA 12/15/16 (Video)

Join President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence for the USA Thank You Tour 2016 at the Giant Arena in Hershey, PA.

Flashback: ‘Hamilton’ Cast Lectures VP-Elect on ‘Diversity,’ But Issued ‘Whites Need Not Apply’ Casting Call

When Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of the hit musical Hamilton, not only did some in the audience boo him, but the cast took time out of their performance to scold Pence on “diversity.” But this is the same production that issued a casting call essentially saying white actors need not apply.

When Pence appeared in the audience of the November 18 performance at the Richard Rodgers Theater, disruptors in the audience immediately launched into booing of the newly elected vice president. The VP-elect sat through the performance but was ushered out by the Secret Service just before the ending, to avoid the crowds trying to leave the theater.

Because he left early for security reasons, Pence missed the hectoring from the stage when the cast halted their routine to lecture Pence on “diversity” in remarks written by the production’s writer and director, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” actor Brandon Victor Dixon proclaimed from the stage.

But contrary to this braying about “diversity,” this is the same stage show that recently issued a casting call that essentially told white actors not to bother applying for work on the show because no whites would be hired.

The details of the Hamilton casting call released in March read, “Seeking NON-WHITE men and women, ages 20s to 30s, for Broadway and upcoming Tours.”


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Trump supporters call for ‘Hamilton’ boycott

‘Jeez, now we can’t even go watch a lame Broadway play without being lectured’

Supporters of Donald Trump and Mike Pence started the hashtag #BoycottHamilton to defend the vice president-elect who was booed while attending the Broadway show “Hamilton” Friday night, and addressed directly by the cast after the show.

“We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” said current cast-member Brandon Victor Dixon Friday night as the rest of the cast stood behind him. “But we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of all of us.”

Trump demanded that the cast apologize in two tweets sent out Saturday morning: “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen!,” Trump wrote. “The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!”


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How Many Times Did Tim Kaine Interrupt Mike Pence? (Video)

Tim Kaine just couldn’t help himself. Let’s count how many times he interrupted Mike Pence at the VP debate.

CNN Poll: Pence Wins VP Debate, 29 Percent Move Toward Voting for Trump

The CNN/ORG instant poll of vice presidential primarily Democrat debate watchers, shows Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana topped Democratic candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (VA). Some 29 percent said they moved toward voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the exchange.

Despite the Democrat-heavy audience displayed in the new poll, 48 percent said Pence won the debate over Kaine. Only 42 percent of those debate watchers said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate won.

Two-fifths of those registered voters surveyed said they were Democrats, 30 percent Republican and 29 percent unaffiliated or part of another party.

Almost 30 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Trump after watching the debate, while just 18 percent said they moved toward Clinton. An original image broadcast by CNN of the numbers of debate watchers that moved toward voting for Clinton or Trump after watching the vice presidential candidates were reversed, showing more moving toward Clinton; however, a CNN reporter corrected the numbers after they had been posted to the screen and revealed that the true result. More than half of debate watchers surveyed said “neither” when asked who the debate made them likely to vote for.

Kaine was agressive in the exchange, and it may have cost him. He jumped from 28 percent “unfavorable” before the debate to 40 percent after. While 16 percent of those asked weren’t sure if they saw Kaine as favorable or unfavorable before the debate, only 4 percent were unsure after.


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Full Speech: Mike Pence Rally in Williamsburg, VA 9/20/16 (Video)

Donald Trump for President rally in Williamsburg, VA at The Capitol in Colonial Williamsburg featuring Governor Mike Pence.

Pence: Media Parse Trump’s Every Word, Ignore What Clintons Have Been Doing for Last 30 Yrs

“Now let me get this straight,” Pence said. “So it would be a conflict of interest to accept foreign and corporate donations to your foundation if you were president, but it wasn’t a conflict of interest to accept foreign donations while you were Secretary of State?”

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence called out the mainstream media on Saturday for focusing most of their time trying to parse Donald Trump’s words than investigating the scandals that have followed the Clintons throughout their political careers.

“The media is so busy parsing what Donald Trump said in the last 30 minutes that they keep ignoring what the Clintons have been doing for the last 30 years,” Pence said Saturday at Patrick Henry College in Virginia.

The Indiana Governor called the mainstream press “the party in power” and said they, along with Democrats, “all keep telling each other that the usual methods are going to work” to take down Trump and “then they wake up the next morning… and Donald Trump is still standing fighting for the American people and fighting to make this country great and strong again.”

Pence said Trump has to battle Clinton and the media on the campaign trail as the mainstream press ignore the “cascade of controversies and questionable conduct that flows out of the Clinton years.”


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