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“Building A War Chest” – Why Billionaires Jeff Bezos & Jamie Dimon Sold MASSIVE Amounts of Stock (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss why JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos are selling off massive amounts of stocks.

The Elites Who Want to Change The World | Victor Davis Hanson (Video)

Victor Davis Hanson discusses the global elite who are left-leaning and determined to reshape the world to conform to their ideology.

Col. Douglas Macgregor: What Endgame Means for Political Elite, Election Financial System, #Bitcoin (Video)

Col. Douglas Macgregor is a retired U.S. Army Colonel Combat Veteran, author, and a defense and foreign policy consultant. He is the CEO of Our Country Our Choice, a new company designed to unite Americans “to create a stronger, more prosperous and secure” country.

Increased Cost Of Water & Food Will Cause Crime & Fighting To SKYROCKET (Video)

Tim Pool

“If the Mafia Did That, It Would Be Called Loan Sharking” – RFK Jr. On Biden’s Economy (Video)

RFK Jr. and Tucker Carlson discuss Joe Biden’s economy.

If Japan could catch up with Western economies, why couldn’t the countries of the Middle East? (Video)

My guest for this episode is Dr. Philip T. Hoffman. He is a professor of Business Economics and History at the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In this episode we discuss his book ⁠Why Did Europe Conquer the World⁠?

The Homeless Industrial Complex (Video)

America has a homelessness crisis as record numbers of people are ending up on the streets of a few concentrated city centers. Cities are spending billions of dollars on failing projects to try and solve this problem which has attracted a growing list of companies happy to provide their services… for a price. Helping the homeless has become a lucrative business with multimillion-dollar government contracts awarded every day.

Everything You’re Told About The Global Economy Is Wrong | Aaron Bastani Meets Philip Pilkington (Video)

We are in a drastically different world from the one most of us grew up in. This has been proven by the rapid escalation in the events in the middle east over the last six weeks. No longer are we in a world where, essentially, the US run the show – and this has huge global implications – especially for Europe.

Illegal Immigration Is Making Life UNAFFORDABLE For Regular Americans, This Is DESTROYING The US (Video)

Timcast IRL

‘Immigration is DESTROYING UK economy’ – top recruiter hits out at wage ‘race to the bottom’ (Video)

Britons are no better off than they were decades ago and a top recruiter blames mass immigration for a ‘race to the bottom’ on wages and productivity.