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October 26, 2021

Court allows UNC to keep using race as admissions factor

A U.S. district court judge has ruled that UNC may continue to consider race in admissions. Students for Fair Admissions plans to appeal the ruling.

The University of North Carolina will continue to be permitted to use race as a factor in college admissions, following a court ruling denying a challenge to the admissions process that alleged the consideration of race is discriminatory. 

Judge Loretta C. Biggs of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina issued the ruling on Oct. 18 Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) had brought the lawsuit in 2014 and had argued that UNC was discriminating against white applicants in the way it looked at race during the admissions process. 

The university’s 2005 diversity plan aimed for “critical masses of underrepresented populations,” and SFFA contended that the university never defined what a “critical mass” would be or assessed if it had achieved “critical mass.” However, the Court found that “critical mass” referred to the educational benefits of a diverse student body, not a quota for how many students of particular races should be admitted.


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June 23, 2021

For this STEM scholarship, middle-income white males ineligible to apply, all others welcome

ANALYSIS: Income requirement exists only for white men 

On the shore of Lake Michigan in bucolic southeastern Wisconsin, Gateway Technical College recently announced an attractive scholarship opportunity for its STEM students.

The scholarship, the SC Johnson STEM Scholars Program provided by SC Johnson, “the Family Company,” has a total value of $45,000 after four years.

To break it down, the program offers recipients $7,500 per year for their two years at Gateway.

Come graduation and transfer to a four-year program, awardees receive $7,500 per year, plus a guaranteed matching amount from the school they transferred to. It’s a potentially life-altering opportunity for young people to enter a lucrative and fulfilling career field.


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May 12, 2021

New GMU diversity hiring practice encourages selecting for skin color over qualifications

George Mason University sets candidate diversity equivalent with professional achievement

George Mason University is redefining its hiring practices to make candidate diversity equivalent with professional experience.

President Greogory Washington said in a recent email “we need a more comprehensive framework for what constitutes ‘best’” in hiring faculty and staff.

He said in his April 15 email that his explanation came in response to concerns that college hiring must reflect achievement and preferring minorities would be illegal.

“If you have two candidates who are both ‘above the bar’ in terms of requirements for a position, but one adds to your diversity and the other does not, then why couldn’t that candidate be better, even if that candidate may not have better credentials than the other candidate,” Washington wrote.


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February 19, 2021

Cornell charges students $1,800 for racially-segregated rock climbing class, frantically scrubs website when confronted

A Cornell University course titled “BIPOC Rock Climbing,” was originally restricted to “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.” When Campus Reform contacted the school, Cornell officials edited the course description to remove the race-based enrollment restriction.

Cornell University altered the course description of a racially-segregated physical education course offered to students during the Spring 2021 academic semester after Campus Reform reached out for comment.

The class, entitled “BIPOC Rock Climbing,” was originally restricted to “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color,” before its description was edited to state that the class is “designed to enable Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported.” 

The course’s original description, noting the class’s race-based enrollment restriction, is still visible, courtesy of an internet archive.


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January 3, 2021

2020’s worst examples of university hiring bias

Even as universities have suffered major economic losses due to COVID-19, they have created more paid diversity positions.

1. Pratt Institute offers paid position as a BLM Graduate Assistantship

During and after the racial unrest of this year, universities across the nation decreed their commitment to progressive goals and some gave their full endorsement to the Black Lives Matter movement. However, the Black Lives Matter chapter at the Pratt Institute in New York City upped the ante by directly paying a Graduate student to promote the BLM agenda.

With a pay of $16 an hour, the Graduate Assistant is expected to assist the planning of BLM events, promote the chapter on social media and archive artifacts from all those BLM events. 

Pratt BLM’s website states that part of the chapter’s curriculum is to, “encourage and collaborate with faculty members to incorporate the #BlackLivesMatter movement into their class curriculum.”


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December 18, 2020

Nation’s No. 1 High School Poised To Pick Students Based On Race, Not Achievement

The Jefferson fiasco underscores how activist school leaders and alumni, from California to Massachusetts, are conspiring to recklessly overhaul school policies, education standards, and curriculum this year.

After a crusade by educational arsonists targeting the nation’s No. 1 high school, America’s meritocracy is about to go up in flames.

The Fairfax County School Board is set to vote Thursday night to gut the race-blind, merit-based admissions testing process at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. T.J. is a state-chartered magnet school legislated to serve academically gifted and advanced students. The school board plans to replace the testing with a lottery or subjective selection process akin to a popularity contest.

The results of Freedom of Information Act inquiries reveal the attack on the school was months in the making. The campaign included one of the people most entrusted to protect the school, its students, and its families: the principal, working in sync with public school officials and radical alumni activists. The school principal and district officials didn’t respond to requests for comment.


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October 17, 2020

DOJ sues Yale for discriminating against Whites, Asian Americans

Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband stated that “Illegal race discrimination by colleges and universities must end. All persons who apply for admission to colleges and universities should expect and know that they will be judged by their character, talents and achievements and not the color of their skin. To do otherwise is to permit our institutions to foster stereotypes, bitterness, and division.”

After concluding a two-year investigation into discrimination allegations against Yale University, the Department of Justice announced it is suing the Ivy League school. As previously reported by Campus Reform in August, the DOJ’s investigation found that “Yale University illegally discriminates against White and Asian-American applicants in its undergraduate admissions process, thus violating the Civil Rights act of 1964.”

A complaint from Asian-American groups sparked the two-year investigation, which concluded that “White and Asian-American applicants have a one-tenth to one-fourth chance of admission compared with African-Americans who have the same or similar qualifications.” The DOJ told the University that it was not allowed to “use race or national origin in its upcoming 2020-2021 undergraduate admissions cycle.”

In the latest update, the DOJ filed the lawsuit against Yale after it failed to change its admissions process. 


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March 31, 2020

Dispensable Diversity

We never needed the legion of diversicrat fifth wheels. Now, anyone who cares to look will see that they are getting paid for doing nothing.

The National Association of Scholars has always thought that large numbers of higher education administrators were—deadwood? Pernicious? Disastrous in their effects on students, as they sent them off on jolly Red Guardish consciousness-raising spring breaks? Some misbegotten laboratory experiment, that crossbred Tammany Hall, OGPU commissars, and the Golgafrincham Ark Fleet Ship B?

The coronavirus allows us to put it more simply: the diversity bureaucrats, and all their cronies, are dispensable.

Diversity Weekends, with all the supplies and busywork needed to make them happen? No students, no staffers, no weekend festivity. Multicultural Film Festivals? Screening canceled, screening canceled, no film at eleven. The lectures on microaggressions have been preempted by microbes—invisible beasties which actually do cause harm. The Bias Response Teams must satisfy themselves with screenshots of professors lecturing from their laptops. The service-learning spring break became a staycation. Our colleges scramble to perform their essential function—teaching—and the emergency makes starkly clear just how useless are the diversity bureaucrats larded through higher education administration.


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December 12, 2019

VOX REBUTTAL: Affirmative Action Debunked! | Louder with Crowder (Video)

Steven Crowder explains the glaring problems with Vox’s defense of Affirmative Action and reveals how this policy is actually racist at its core.

February 11, 2018

Race and Affirmative Action (Video)

Neither the subject of race nor the word slavery is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. The Founding generation believed that slavery was a necessary evil that would eventually be abolished. However, due to various reasons, slavery only became more deeply entrenched, and the Civil War was fought to decide the matter. In response to injustices of the past, 20th-century politicians devised an affirmative action system that aimed to guarantee equal outcomes at the expense of equal rights for all.

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