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May 26, 2017

Trump Budget Kills Nixon-Era Affirmative Action Corporate Welfare Agency

The Trump administration’s first budget would shutter the fifty year old Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).

The MBDA hands out grants and runs federally funded “management consulting operations” around the country. It has long been targeted by conservatives as a form of corporate welfare.

The agency has also been criticized for encouraging a “flight from white.” Since it offers aid only to business owned by officially recognized minorities, it creates an incentive for Americans to seek to have themselves recognized as non-white minorities. In 1977, Americans Indians successfully had their classification changed from white to Asian. More recently, some Americans of Middle Eastern descent have been lobbying to be recognized as minorities as well.

One effect of designating more Americans as officially recognized minorities has been to dilute the benefits of affirmative action and the MBDA to the originally intended recipients, African Americans.

The MBDA was created by Richard Nixon with a 1969 executive order under its original name of the Office of Minority Business Enterprise. The idea was that the agency would work to remedy the effects of past discrimination. It was a precursor to a series of programs that what would later be labeled “affirmative action” policies.


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October 30, 2016

Teacher Who Alleged He Was Not Hired Because He Is White Settles for $145K

A teacher who sued a New Jersey school district for racial discrimination, alleging he was not hired because he is white, settled out of court for $145,000.

Penns Grove-Carneys Point Superintendent Joseph Massare and Field Elementary School Principal Mary Kwiatkowski both recommended Brian Shields for a job in the district in the summer of 2013, then allegedly told Shields that he was not hired because he was white, NJ Advance Media reported.

A board of education meeting was supposed to approve the hire, until several people attending the meeting accused board members of “not hiring enough minorities at the school,” according to the suit.

The board ultimately rejected the recommendation to hire Shields, even after the superintendent said that a few minorities were recently hired at the school, the suit said.

Shields said Massare told him before the meeting that the board always approves recommendations, but told him after the meeting that he was not hired because of his race.

Shields will receive $83,778.21, and his attorney will receive $61,229.79, NJ Advance Media reported.


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October 28, 2016

UT students fly into rage over ‘affirmative action bake sale’

Liberal students at the University of Texas at Austin violently disrupted an “affirmative action bake sale” Wednesday, and now want to ban the conservative student group that hosted the event. The protesters destroyed the display and stole the baked goods, but a university official blamed the conservative students in an official statement, saying they brought the incident upon themselves with their “inflammatory and demeaning” methods.

Liberal students at the University of Texas at Austin violently disrupted an “affirmative action bake sale” Wednesday, and now want to ban the conservative student group that hosted the event.

The school’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter organized the on-campus display in an effort to highlight the inequalities of affirmative action policies by charging people different prices based on their race and gender, but many of their classmates apparently failed to find the humor in the stunt, and reacted by tearing up the sign and stealing the baked goods.

The bake sale “was designed to highlight the insanity of assigning our lives value based on our race and ethnicity, rather than our talents, work ethic, and intelligence,” explained YCT Chairman Vidal Castañeda. “It is insane that institutional racism, such as affirmative action, continues to allow for universities to judge me by the color of my skin rather than my actions.”


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April 22, 2016

Dishonoring Jackson for affirmative-action absurdity by Pat Buchanan

President ousted from $20 bill was 2nd-greatest American soldier-statesman.

In Samuel Eliot Morison’s “The Oxford History of the American People,” there is a single sentence about Harriet Tubman.

“An illiterate field hand, (Tubman) not only escaped herself but returned repeatedly and guided more than 300 slaves to freedom.”

Morison, however, devotes most of five chapters to the greatest soldier-statesman in American history, save Washington, that pivotal figure between the Founding Fathers and the Civil War – Andrew Jackson.

Slashed by a British officer in the Revolution, and a POW at 14, the orphaned Jackson went west, rose to head up the Tennessee militia, crushed an Indian uprising at Horseshoe Bend, Alabama, in the War of 1812, then was ordered to New Orleans to defend the threatened city.

In one of the greatest victories in American history, memorialized in song, Jackson routed a British army and aborted a British scheme to seize New Orleans, close the Mississippi and split the Union.

In 1818, ordered to clean out renegade Indians rampaging in Georgia, Jackson stormed into Florida, seized and hanged two British agitators, put the Spanish governor on a boat to Cuba and claimed Florida for the USA.


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March 23, 2016

State Police boosted academy diversity by ignoring background checks, suit says

Jiras claims in her suit that her superiors, under pressure from the state Attorney General’s Office to boost recruit class diversity on short notice approved candidates who had been automatically disqualified for having suspended licenses, criminal affiliations and active warrants.

A veteran state trooper alleges in a whistleblower lawsuit she was retaliated against by her superiors after raising objections that police academy background checks were compromised because of pressure to increase racial diversity among State Police ranks.

Acting Sgt. Jaclyn Jiras, who spent five months working as a background investigator at a time the division was being scrutinized for its lack of black cadets, claims she was reassigned and denied a promotion when she flagged applicants with troubled legal histories and criminal backgrounds.

Court records and administrative documents obtained by NJ Advance Media also show Jiras and another trooper, acting Sgt. Christopher Griffin, were disciplined for allegedly leaking information from confidential background investigations to a retired trooper who ran a Facebook group for State Police members.


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March 18, 2016

Sandoval Co. man alleges reverse discrimination

Eavenson is a white male, and, according to the lawsuit, the five-member panel assigned by the county that interviewed Eavenson were all Hispanic, as were the three other applicants. The suit also alleges that all the Los Alamos County journeyman lineman positions were also held by Hispanics.

A Sandoval County man is suing Los Alamos County in U.S. District Court, alleging discrimination.

He also claims he was retaliated against by the county when he complained about the alleged discrimination.

In his complaint, Shannon Eavenson says the discrimination occurred when he interviewed for a position of journeyman lineman with the county, and he was turned down because of his race.

According to the lawsuit, Eavenson has been a journeyman lineman since 1998.
According to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, a journeyman lineman is one who has received at least 16 hours of continuing education every three-year period between updates of the state’s electrical codes.


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January 1, 2016

FAA Sued For Reverse Discrimination

Mountain States Legal Foundation president William Perry Pendley, whose group filed the lawsuit, said in a statement that, “In abandoning years of hiring the most qualified and adopting a ‘test’ that is the epitome of psychobabble, the FAA told our clients their skills are less important than their race and the public that its racial agenda is more important than aircraft safety.”

The cliché is that even though the USA twice elected a black president, the country has a long way to go before achieving true racial equality.

We certainly do. Just consider all the times whites are passed over for jobs because of this country’s diversity fetish.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Obama Transportation Department today were smacked with a class action race discrimination lawsuit for systematically purging highly qualified air traffic controller candidates from consideration in order to increase diversity.


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December 15, 2015

Scalia Was Right About Race Preferences

The debate about these college-admissions policies is too focused on their legality, not their efficacy.

With the regularity of Old Faithful, honest remarks on racial matters these days are followed by geysers of liberal indignation and outrage. That is what greeted Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s suggestion last week that less-qualified black students might be better off at less-selective colleges.

During oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, a case concerning race-conscious college admission policies, Justice Scalia cited research that shows how racial preferences can handicap some black students by placing them in elite schools where they don’t have the same credentials of the average student and struggle academically.

“There are those who contend that it does not benefit African-Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school—a slower-track school where they do well,” said Justice Scalia. “I don’t think it stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible.”


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December 7, 2015

Supreme Court on Verge of Banning Affirmative Action

In the education case of Fisher v. University of Texas, at least four Supreme Court justices appear ready to strike down affirmative action.

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a pivotal test of affirmative action in education, will hear arguments on December 9 for the second time that Abigail Noel Fisher was discriminated against by the University of Texas.

A blanket ruling outlawing racial and ethnic preferences entirely would follow Chief Justice John Roberts’s 2007 dictum, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,” from the opinion in the 4-1-4 vote case of Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1.

The Court at the time found the public high school district’s racial tiebreaker plan unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Justice Clarence Thomas has steadfastly supported a ban on affirmative action, but swing voter Justice Anthony Kennedy has consistently upheld the validity of the theory of affirmative action, even if he has voted to strike down specific practices as unconstitutional.


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November 30, 2015

Does affirmative action cause mental illness in black and Hispanic students?

It is clear that affirmative action is causing minority students to feel self-doubt, lack of self-worth, anxiety, aggression, and paranoia.

There have been a lot of protests from minority students on college campuses who are angry about the alleged racism they feel from the schools they have chosen to attend. But when you read this article in the Times about minority unhappiness at Amherst, a lot of it sounds like mental anxiety, even illness, created by affirmative action:

Hundreds of students crammed into Amherst College’s Robert Frost Library for a sit-in against racial injustice that turned into a confessional, as one black or Hispanic student after another rose to talk about feelings of alienation and invisibility on campus. They wanted the administration to apologize for “our institutional legacy of white supremacy,” among many other forms of discrimination, like “heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma and classism.” Irisdelia Garcia, a Latina sophomore from New York, said she could feel lonely.

Mental health stigma? Feelings of loneliness? What does that have to do with racism?

Andrew Lindsay, a senior from Kingston, Jamaica, who is majoring in law and political science, said he felt like the title character of Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” a book he had read on his own in college. “You’re here and you’re seen, but maybe you’re not seen for who you are,” he said.


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