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October 2, 2022

eBay Executives Sentenced to Prison for Terror Campaign Against Critics of Company

Last year, Breitbart News reported that a number of high-level eBay executives and contractors had been charged with a cyberstalking terror campaign against critics of the company by federal authorities. Now two former eBay executives have been sentenced to prison time.

In 2021, Breitbart News outlined the story of David and Ina Steiner, who were targeted and stalked by former eBay executives for publishing an online e-commerce newsletter that was critical of the Silicon Valley company. In June 2020, Breitbart News reported on the situation as federal authorities took action against the Silicon Valley attack dogs.

Now, two former eBay employees, Jim Baugh and David Harville, have been sentenced to 57 and 24 months in prison respectively for their part in the harassment campaign of David and Ina Steiner.

The first harassment incident against the Steiners took place in June 2019, when the name “Fidomaster” was spray-painted across the couple’s fence. The name refers to an anonymous commenter on their newsletter who was often critical of eBay. A few months later things began to escalate.


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October 1, 2022

Douglas Murray: The problems of politically correct policing | SpectatorTV (Video)

Douglas Murray tells the Spectator’s news editor John Connolly about the fallout from his column in last week’s magazine. Why is he in trouble with the police?

First Openly Transgender Active Duty Army Officer Gets Indicted For Trying To Leak Military Medical Information To Russia

The details get even juicier. According to the Baltimore Banner, “Gabrielian told the agent she was “motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail.”

Jamie Lee Henry, the first openly transgender Active Duty Army Officer, is facing major charges after allegedly attempting to leak US Army medical information to the Russian Government, along with wife Anna Gabrielian, a John Hopkins anesthesiologist.

Henry first came out in 2015 while serving as a Major in the US Army. While this would have ordinarily resulted in a discharge at the time, the US Army granted Henry’s request.

According to a news release put out by the Justice Department:

“A federal grand jury has returned an indictment charging Anna Gabrielian, age 36, and her husband, Jamie Lee Henry, age 39, both of Rockville, Maryland, with conspiracy and for the disclosure of individually identifiable health information (“IIHI”), related to their efforts to assist Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine…


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September 30, 2022

Dallas doctor dubbed ‘medical terrorist’ after caught tampering with IV bags

Dr. Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr. could face the death penalty if convicted of putting heart-stopping drugs in patient IV bags

A Texas doctor allegedly injected poison into IV bags, causing the death of a fellow physician and cardiac emergencies in 11 other patients, at a Dallas facility in retaliation for a medical misconduct probe, federal court papers allege.

Anesthesiologist Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr., 59, was arrested Sept. 15 — one week after the Texas Medical Board yanked his license after a string of healthy patients suffered mysterious and life-threatening complications during routine surgeries from May to August. None of the patients were under his care.

“Respondent’s continued practice of medicine poses a continuing threat to public welfare,” the board wrote in its suspension order.


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Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School

‘Yale not only tolerates the cancellation of views — it actively practices it,’ Judge James C. Ho said.

Judge James C. Ho of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit announced Thursday that he would no longer be hiring law clerks from Yale Law School and urged other judges to follow suit. In a keynote address to the Kentucky Chapters Conference of the Federalist Society, titled “Agreeing to Disagree — Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture,” Ho cited a number of high-profile examples of speakers being shouted down or otherwise censored at law schools across the country but singled out Yale Law as “one particular law school where cancellations and disruptions seem to occur with special frequency.”

“Yale not only tolerates the cancellation of views — it actively practices it,” Ho said, according to prepared remarks exclusively obtained by National Review. “Starting today, I will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School. And I hope that other judges will join me as well.”

Ho has made waves in the past for his outspoken criticisms of left-wing campus culture. In February, in the wake of Georgetown Law’s suspension of Ilya Shapiro, the judge surprised the audience at a Federalist Society–organized event on Georgetown Law’s campus by giving a resounding defense of Shapiro during a speech that was initially intended to be about originalism. At the time, Ho acknowledged that he “was scheduled to talk” about originalism but said he’d “decided . . . to spend my time today talking about Ilya Shapiro.” In those remarks, which garnered significant public attention, Ho delivered blistering criticism of the campus attitudes that had led to Shapiro’s ouster, arguing that “cancel culture is not just antithetical to our constitutional culture and our American culture,” but “to the very legal system that each of you seeks to join,” and declared: “If Ilya Shapiro is deserving of cancellation, then you should go ahead and cancel me too.”


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September 29, 2022

Hawley: ‘To Those Folks at the FBI and DOJ – Preserve Your Documents’ (Video)

“I want to know who signed off on this. I want to know exactly the person or group of people, and they need to be held accountable. And by held accountable, I mean removed from office. And if that is Merrick Garland, he should be removed from office. It’s time to take the gloves off here and defend the rule of law.”

During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity” on Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) criticized the Biden Justice Department’s double standard, with one applied to Republicans and conservatives and another applied to the political allies of the Biden administration.

“Generally speaking, as I look at the FBI today, and we have all these whistleblowers that Merrick Garland is now trying to silence as he reminds them that they’re not allowed to talk to elected officials like you and Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson, has the FBI been politicized? Is the DOJ in this country, in your view, with a raid like this, have they been weaponized?” host Sean Hannity asked.

“Totally, Sean,” Hawley replied. “I mean, listen, if you look at what’s going on here and you look at the fact that they’ll send a SWAT-style team to go after a Catholic pro-life activist, but at the same time there are, what, 17 or more fire-bombings of pregnancy care centers that have not — no arrests have been made. They’re not lifting a finger to do anything about those. What it says is, is that there are two tiers of justice here. There are two systems, and one is ideological. And if you are a conservative, if you are a person of faith, then you are going to get targeted by this administration. They will use the law against you.”


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September 28, 2022

FBI Boss Left in Shock After Josh Hawley Brings out HARD EVIDENCE against him (Video)

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September 27, 2022

Phoenix Police Seize Record-Setting One Million Fentanyl Pills

Phoenix police detectives seized approximately one million fentanyl pills in a suburban home. Detectives arrested two suspected drug traffickers and seized a handgun in what they call the largest one-time seizure of fentanyl pills in the department’s history.

Phoenix police officials tweeted photos of fentanyl pills seized while executing a search warrant on a suburban home. The photos show what police described as 950,000 fentanyl pills.

Detectives arrested Francisco Delgado, age 26, and Jose Molina-Quinonez, age 21, during the search of their Avondale, Arizona, home, News12 NBC in Phoenix reported.

Phoenix Police Department Sgt. Brian Bower told KTAR News there were too many pills to count. Instead, the department determined the weight of the pills and estimated the number of pills.

“That matrix came out with it just under 1 million pills,” Bower told the local news outlet.

Bower described how the record-setting seizure came about.

“What really led up to this … massive historic seizure was the fact that we had our detectives with the Drug Enforcement Bureau doing excellent work looking for small-time dealers and it leads to the bigger dealers,” Bower explained.


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Sheriff: Florida deputy killed in hit-and-run by illegal immigrant construction worker who was expelled from US in 2021; police uncover ‘serious’ immigration concern during investigation

“All of these people are working for Archer Western, which is a contractor apparently doing work for the Florida Department of Transportation out of Tampa,” Gualtieri proclaimed, according to WFLA. “This company’s employing all these illegals, and they’re all out there lying, giving us fake names, fake IDs, a lot of fake IDs out of North Carolina.”

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was killed in a deadly hit-and-run by an illegal immigrant who had previously been expelled from the United States – only to illegally cross the southern border again, according to law enforcement officials. During the investigation, police uncovered a “serious” immigration concern.

Pinellas County Sherrif’s Deputy Michael Hartwick – a 51-year-old father – was working the traffic detail for a construction zone along highway I-275 in St. Petersburg on Thursday night. Around 10:40 p.m., a front-end loader that is used to lift concrete barriers reportedly hit Hartwick. The impact of the heavy-duty construction vehicle instantly killed the 19-year veteran of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, according to authorities.


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September 26, 2022

Feeding Our Future: Founder, 46 others charged in ‘massive’ fraud scheme (Video)

The founder of Feeding Our Future and 46 others have been charged in what federal officials are calling the largest pandemic fraud in the country. U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger on Tuesday announced charges against founder Aimee Bock and others that include conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, and bribery. Authorities alleged the massive fraud scheme took at least $250 million from the federal child nutrition program — money that was intended to help feed children during the COVID-19 pandemic.