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May 20, 2022

California Controller’s $600 Million Mask Deal Scandal Explained | Adam Andrzejewski (Video)

California State Controller, Betty Yee, is under review for her behind the scene involvement with a 600 million dollar failed mask deal with a Chinese company. My guest today is Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of Open The Today he will explain the ongoing case involving Betty Yee and how the State Controller’s office is not disclosing 300 billion dollars of transactions.

May 18, 2022

Feds bust major cross-border drug tunnel

All told, they recovered nearly 800 kilograms of cocaine from the vehicles and the residence. That works out to a street value in the tens of millions of dollars.

Federal authorities discovered a sophisticated cross-border tunnel used to smuggle millions of dollars of drugs from Mexico, and nabbed six people accused of running the operation on the U.S. side, the government revealed Monday.

Homeland Security Investigations tipped to the operation after making a drug-smuggling arrest in March, then tracking the comings and goings from an address tied to that probe.

They saw people making multiple runs between the residence and a warehouse near the border in Otay Mesa, just south of San Diego, and began rounding up the drivers.

All told, they recovered nearly 800 kilograms of cocaine from the vehicles and the residence. That works out to a street value in the tens of millions of dollars.


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May 17, 2022

Michael Flynn accuses FBI and Obama White House of ‘malicious prosecution’

Claim for $50 million in damages is a prelude to lawsuit

Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is accusing the FBI and the Obama White House of “malicious prosecution” in a $50 million claim filed against the government, according to a report by John Solomon, who obtained a copy and published it at Just the News.

The claim is for “compensatory damages including but not limited to lost past and future earnings/revenue, emotional distress, lost opportunity to be President’s National Security Adviser, significant restraints of personal liberty, attorney fees/expenses and court costs in defending against malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest.”

Flynn, in an additional filing, charges there was a “political” motivation behind the claims Washington insiders made about him allegedly lying to the FBI.


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May 16, 2022

Manager of Radical French Mosque Arrested for Fraud and Embezzlement on a Grand Scale

The manager of a suspected radical mosque, along with three others, was arrested this week in northern France over allegations of fraud and embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of euros of foreign cash.

The manager of the Al Houda mosque in Grande-Synthe, 49-year-old Ouarab A., two of his two sisters and the treasurer of the mosque were taken into custody on Wednesday by local police in an operation of the departmental anti-fraud committee.

Ouarab allegedly tried to grab the weapon of an officer during his arrest,

According to investigators, at least €350,000 (£297,738/$363,181) in foreign cash is thought to have been embezzled by the mosque, which is said to follow the ultra-conservative Islamic ideology of Salafism, French broadcaster CNews reports.

The four arrestees are also believed to have committed social benefit fraud in the amount of around €70,000 (£59,569/$72,649), according to investigators, who allege that the fraudulent transfers were made through associations run by the mosque manager’s sisters, who are aged 46 and 47.


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May 12, 2022

Disney-Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Actress and Husband Convicted of Multiple Child Sex Charges

British film actress Zara Phythian – who appeared in Doctor Strange alongside Benedict Cumberbatch – has been found guilty of grooming and sexually abusing a girl in tandem with her husband Victor Marke.

The latter was also found to have sexually abused another girl on his own.

The Times reports Phythian, who is 37, was found guilty of 14 sexual offences at Nottingham Crown Court while her husband, who is 59, was found guilty of 18.

The court heard the couple met when he was her martial arts instructor, and she went on to have a successful career in martial arts, as a stuntwoman, and actress.

When Victor Marke gave his evidence he admitted sexual activity with one of the girls but claimed she was 18 at the time.

The prosecution said he had engaged in numerous “threesomes” with the girl and Phythian, starting when the girl was 13.


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May 10, 2022

AMERICA’S GOVERNOR: Ron DeSantis Signs New Anti-Communist Legislation (Video)


Toby Young: “New Law is the Greatest Blow to Free Speech” (Video)

Toby Young is associate editor of The Spectator and is the Founder and Director of The Free Speech Union.

May 8, 2022

British train conductor suing former employer for firing him after he questioned ‘white privilege’

Simon Isherwood was fired from his job for gross misconduct after he participated in a diversity training session in March 2021.

A 60-year-old British train conductor is suing his former employer, West Midlands Trains, for firing him after he questioned a “white privilege” diversity training course during a conversation with his wife.

Simon Isherwood was fired from his job for gross misconduct after he participated in a diversity training session in March 2021. According to Reclaim the Net, Isherwood spoke to his wife while forgetting that his microphone was still on, and some colleagues overheard him questioning the concept of white privilege. He was tattled on by his colleagues who were reportedly “angered” by his line of questioning.

“I couldn’t be arsed because I thought, ‘you know what, I’ll just get f*cking angry.’” Isherwood said to his wife, the Telegraph reported. “You know what I really wanted to ask?… and I wish I had, do they have black privilege in other countries? So, if you’re in Ghana?…”


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May 7, 2022

States SUE Democrats For Colluding With Big Tech To CENSOR Americans And The Evidence Is DAMNING (Video)


May 3, 2022

New Jan. 6 Bodycam Videos Show DC Police Officer Assaulting Unconscious Protester

Use-of-force expert says DC Metro Police officer committed felony in attack on Rosanne Boyland

A District of Columbia police officer used a large wooden stick to strike the body and head of protester Rosanne Boyland three times as she lay motionless on the ground on Jan. 6, 2021, according to bodycam footage from several officers obtained by The Epoch Times.

Use-of-force expert Stanley Kephart, upon reviewing the previously unreleased footage, concluded that the three full-force blows by D.C. police officer Lila Morris constituted a felony assault with intent to cause great bodily harm.

Kephart called Morris’s use of force “indefensible” and the internal-affairs investigation of Boyland’s death a “clear and convincing coverup.”


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