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DEI Manager Sentenced to 5 Years for Defrauding Facebook and Nike | Matt Christiansen (Video)

The former DEI manager for Facebook and Nike is sentenced to five years in prison, after scamming both companies out of a combined $5M+. Matt Christiansen breaks down the story.

Elon Musk Says PROSECUTE FAUCI After NIH Finally ADMITS To GOF Research w/Pearl Davis (Video)

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Why are we hiring Chinese men to guard Britain’s borders and police our streets? (Video)

The news that a Chinese man who works as a both a border guard at Heathrow airport and also a special constable has been arrested for spying for China raises an interesting point.

Rumble SUES Google For $1 BILLION Over Lost Ad Revenue, Says Google & YouTube Are A Monopoly (Video)

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“End of America” – Vivek Ramaswamy Warns New Anti-semitism Bill Could Destroy Free Speech (Video)

Patrick and Vivek discuss his stance on Israel and its right to defend itself, as well as how the new antisemitism bill passed in the House could infringe on the constitutional rights of millions of Americans.

German Politician Found Guilty For Exposing Sexual Assault Stats Of Afghan Migrants (Video)

Marie-Thérèse Kaiser, a young politician from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, who was recently convicted for inciting hatred. This conviction followed her public discussion of gang rape statistics linked to Afghan migrants in Germany. Kaiser’s case has ignited a fiery debate on the balance between free speech and hate speech, especially in the context of discussing sensitive statistical data.

Will The SUPREME COURT Uphold FREE SPEECH? With Owen Shroyer (Video)

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Who’s Really Coming Across the Southern Border? Sheriff Mark Lamb Explains (Video)

Today on Borderland, Vince sits down with the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County in Arizona, Mark Lamb. 

NYPD Declares Level 3 Mobilization Over Lefts Anti Israel Riot At MET Gala w/Lila Hart (Video)

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Scott Adams FREAKS OUT At IHRA Israel Hate Speech Laws & Mark Levin DEFENDS THEM With John Hagee! (Video)

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