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The Situation In Haiti Is APOCALYPTIC! (Video)

The Jimmy Dore Show

Billionaires SHOCKING Plan For Gaza Strip and Haiti | What You Must Know (Video)

Watch The Chaos in Gaza and Haiti Turn into Hot Spots and the Billionaires Playground

Here’s What’s Really Going on in Haiti (Video)

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have in effect been running domestic politics in Haiti for the past few years. The result is chaos and cannibalism. Pretty soon a big portion of the Haitian population will be living in Florida. Haiti’s former prime minister explains.

How is Haiti, the world’s oldest independent black nation doing these days? (Video)

Since 1804, the Caribbean nation of Haiti has been free of any colonialism and entirely self-governing. How did that work out?

Haiti Has Collapsed | Millions Head to America (Video)

Haiti Has Fallen, Mass Migration to America Begins

‘Squad’ Democrats roasted as ‘communist sympathizers’ after secret trip to Cuba: ‘Anti-American’ (Video)

Reps. Ilhan Omar and Pramila Jayapal led a small delegation to the island nation last week

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., unloaded on progressive Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., Friday on “Fox & Friends” following the lawmakers’ undisclosed trip to Cuba to discuss “human rights.” Malliotakis is the daughter of a Cuban exile of the Fidel Castro regime.

NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS: These are anti-American members of Congress, okay? They are communist sympathizers, and they go to Cuba, which is not only a state sponsor of terrorism, but they side with our adversaries. They are in bed with Iran, North Korea, communist China, Russia. They allow for them to operate spy bases 90 miles from our shores. They have harbored fugitives. They have harbored terrorists. And it’s unconscionable that these members of Congress would go there trying to appease the government of Cuba. And then they go under the guise of wanting to do something about human rights. Do they know that the people in Cuba, including my relatives, earn about $15 a month, $15 a month? So they come here in the United States, they’re preaching about fair wages. Everyone should make a living wage. And then they go and support a government that pays its people $15. And you know why? It’s a farce. It’s a farce because every single one of these members voted against the resolution standing with the Cuban people in 2021, when they were on the streets, fighting for their lives, fighting for freedom. The Socialist Squad and Jayapal, they all voted no to stand against the people and with the Cuban regime. 


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Haiti: Gang Law (Documentary)

As Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse, is killed in an attack on his private residence, we bring you this exclusive investigation into gangs in Haiti. Filmed in May 2021, it is a shocking look at the extent to which the country is being ruled by gangs.

The Shocking Truth About How Cuba Became Insanely Poor (Video)

In this video, we take a deep dive into the history and current state of Cuba’s economy. From its origins as a tropical paradise and economic powerhouse, to its struggles with food shortages and economic decline, we explore the key factors that have shaped the country’s economic trajectory. From colonization and corporate domination to the impact of Fidel Castro’s communist rule, this video offers a comprehensive look at the complex history of Cuba’s economy

Report: Cubans Held 11 Anti-Communism Protests a Day in August

Cubans carried out 361 protests against the communist Castro regime and its puppet-president Miguel Díaz-Canel in August, according to statistical information published by the Cuban Observatory of Conflict on Thursday. 

With an average 11 protests per day, August 2022 had the most registered protests in Cuba since the July 2021 protests.

The Observatory, a civil society organization, documented 2,074 protests against the communist regime during the first eight months of 2022. The Observatory’s data also show that Cubans’ protests consistently grew in size and number between January and June 2020, which exponentially exploded into the historical nationwide wave of protests of July 2021, when over 187,000 Cubans participated in at least 584 protests nationwide.

While historically significant, the July 2021 protests were not the first major event against the Castro regime. Cuban dissidents have protested in large numbers against the Castro regime – which was installed in the 1959 coup and never received an electoral mandate – for decades. In 1994, for example, a protest now known as the Maleconazo attracted thousands of unarmed Cubans demanding freedom and protesting against communist dictator Fidel Castro. The island nation’s communist regime retaliated by arresting, beating, and shooting protesters. 


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National Geographic Wild Islands Caribbean (Video)