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Graphic Quotes: Ron Paul on Following the Constitution w/Video

Ron Paul on the shenanigans.

Poll: Is this Ray Epps at the Ron Paul Las Vegas Tea Party in 2007? (Videos)

We would like your help. Please compare pics and videos. Voice and mannerisms. Let us know if you think this is Ray Epps in the pic and video from 2007.

Ray Epps?, Ron Paul Tea Party 2007
Ray Epps, January 6th, 2021

In the video from the Ron Paul Tea Party, our subject (is this Ray Epps?) sticks his face in the camera. It was said he was an agent provocateur who advocated for doing illegal deeds.

More info to come based on results of poll.

Meat-Grinder: Biden KNEW Ukraine Couldn’t Win But Forced The ‘Counter-Offensive’ Anyway (Video)

Sometimes the most shocking mainstream media articles are the ones that are most obvious. Over the weekend the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Biden Administration knew Ukraine had little chance against Russia but pushed them to launch a counter-offensive anyway. Thousands continue to die in a war even Washington believes is hopeless. Also today: Nobel Prize-winning physicist “cancelled” for having the “wrong” opinion on climate.

Who Is Provoking WWIII? (Video)

While economically suffering at home, Americans are being plundered to finance Ukraine’s war against Russia to the tune of over $100+ BILLION so far. Meanwhile, the U.S. government plans to increase the number of US troops training Taiwanese forces. Absolutely none of this has anything to do with defending America, or protecting our safety. It does, on the other hand, ratchet up tensions with Russia and China, both of which are major nuclear powers.

Graphic Quotes: Ron Paul on the Role of Government

“Americans have a lot of rethinking to do when it comes to the role of government. Its legitimate function is to protect the liberty of each individual. But over the last 100 years, government has shifted to treating people, not as individuals, but as members of groups, and then using force to dispense privileges to favored groups. Government has become the greatest threat to each citizen’s liberty!” – Ron Paul


Mainstream Media Scrambles As Covid Narrative Crumbles (Video)

The Wall Street Journal has published a blistering takedown of vaccine manufacturers and the Biden Administration for what it claims is a deceptive campaign to push bivalent Covid vaccine boosters. Meanwhile Elon Musk breaks his silence about his horrible reaction to the shots and a relatively unvaccinated Africa has surprisingly (or not) far fewer covid deaths. Finally…is Rand right on Biden’s Document-gate?

House Republicans Warn: Subpoenas Will Fly To The FBI Over ‘Twitter Files’ (Video)

Outspoken Members of the Incoming US House Republican majority have warned the FBI that subpoenas and hearings will be high on the agenda in the next Congress. This after the latest release from the Twitter Files shows direct contact between the Bureau and the pre-Musk social media company. Also today: House Democrats warn Facebook to keep censoring opinions they don’t like. And…military-industrial complex runs wild at Ukraine’s DC party.

FBI Plays Central Role In Twitter’s Election Manipulation Operation (Video)

As the threads of “Twittergate” continue to unravel, one common theme continues to be the role of the FBI – both current and former members – in the scandal. From phony Russiagate to suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop just before the election, the FBI is front and center in the operation. Also today: Are weapons for Ukraine surfacing in west Africa?

‘Cancel Culture And Cultural Marxism’ – Ron Paul at RPI Lake Jackson Conference, 11/2022 (Video)

What are the greatest threats to liberty today? Attacks on freedom of speech and expression. Watch Ron Paul’s speech at the Ron Paul Institute Conference – ‘Shut Up! Cancel Culture and the War on Speech’ – earlier this month.

‘Gimme Gimme Gimme!’ – Ukraine’s Zelensky Demands MORE Money From Washington (Video)

Ukrainian president Zelensky has warned US Republicans that if they win next week Ukraine needs more than just weapons. Ukraine also needs cold, hard cash to pay its bills. Ukraine’s endless demands even irritated President Biden, according to a new article on CNBC. Also today: Covid tyranny aftershocks continue, with Dr. Peter McCullough continuing to be stripped of his licenses…for telling the truth. Finally: 60 years ago we almost saw nuclear war. Cooler heads prevailed. Today we are back…without cooler heads.