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November 15, 2017

James O’Keefe: A Truth Seeker in an Age of Media Bias

Founder of Project Veritas on undercover journalism and holding the press accountable.

A group of journalists at Project Veritas, led by James O’Keefe, has made waves over the years with undercover videos that have covered corrupt officials, voter fraud, and, more recently, media bias at CNN and The New York Times.

“We take the approach we take, a sort of guerrilla approach, because we live in unjust times,” said O’Keefe, in an interview with The Epoch Times. He quoted words often attributed to George Orwell: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

With the current state of news, culture, and politics, many institutions tasked with informing the public have become what O’Keefe referred to as “Potemkin villages,” a reference to communist tactics of disinformation where people are presented with a false image in order to sway their opinions.

In this environment, many institutions that claim to uphold honesty are themselves dishonest, and many who claim to represent society are oppressing the same groups they claim to represent. In order to hide their actions, these same institutions often attack critics, using political labels.


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October 20, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: “Everyone hates Trump” (Video)

Project Veritas has just released a video of an IT Consultant for The New York Times for over 20 years admitting The Times has a company culture of anti-Trump bias.


October 17, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT (Video)

Undercover video obtained by Project Veritas shows New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe revealing a biased political agenda in the operation of the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Shoe explains a difficulty in reporting about President Donald Trump objectively due to political bias. In one exchange, she says that journalists covered Trump in such a sensational way during the election season so as to deter readers from voting for him. Shoe also shares her negative opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, citing his religious views.

October 12, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News (Video)

In this follow-up American Pravda video, New York Times Audience Strategy Editor Nicholas Dudich explains how he can (and has) manipulated news reach based on his own personal agenda. Dudich also reveals that thanks to inside-baseball connections in Silicon Valley, he can exploit social media to his advantage for the Times.

October 10, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection (Video)

Project Veritas’ latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times, the supposed “paper of record.” In the first part of this series, Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times’ extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and reveals an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa.

July 3, 2017

Hidden Cam: ‘Stealing’ Illegal Immigrant’s Jobs! (Video)

Steven Crowder goes undercover to “steal” work from illegal immigrants by underbidding them for their jobs. Hilarity ensues as we quickly learn these Mexicans don’t have a great affinity for white people or competition!

June 10, 2017

Mike Cernovich on INVESTING in Jordan Peterson (Video)

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May 21, 2017

Chuck Johnson And Mike Cernovich Prepare To Launch Sites To Go After Journalists

“We would investigate plagiarism. We would investigate dishonesty,” Cernovich told TheDC.

Internet provocateurs and journalists Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich are each launching websites to go after reporters, The Daily Caller has learned.

Johnson, who currently runs, told TheDC Thursday, “The American press no longer behaves properly, and they need to be held to account.”

“They have decided to make themselves the story, and so if anyone has information on top journalists we will make them the story,” added Johnson, an infamous internet troll with reported ties to the Trump administration.

Johnson has been banned from Twitter for harassment and previously was a freelance contributor for The Daily Caller. He also helped launch Wesearchr, which crowd-funded for information that sometimes pertained to journalists. Some of the “bounties” on the site were for Megyn Kelly’s divorce files, or a sex tape of Gawker founder Nick Denton.

He said the website — he won’t reveal its name — will be a fusion of Wesearchr and Got News and will be launched by July 4. Johnson added that Cernovich might be involved.


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May 9, 2017

Video: Texas Citizen Journalist Arrested For Legally Filming Public Meeting

Texas mother and citizen journalist Amy Hedtke was forcibly removed from a State Affairs Committee meeting by Republican Committee Chair Byron Cook when she attempted to film the meeting in accordance with Texas state law.

After Hedtke’s story went viral on the internet, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe decided to team up with her and confront State Rep. Cook in person.

When O’Keefe and Hedtke showed up to Cook’s office he was nowhere to be found, but within minutes the police were there to see what the pesky citizen journalists were up to.

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March 29, 2017

Robert Barnes: California Just Criminalized Undercover Reporting — if Recorded by Conservative Media

California law long criminalized recording a person without their consent. This law has never before been applied to a journalist engaged in undercover reporting. It has now.

The California Attorney General just issued a criminal complaint against two anti-abortion documentary journalists for their undercover videos about Planned Parenthood activity concerning aborted baby parts. It may be the liberal Attorney General assumes his highly selective choice to only prosecute anti-abortion documentarians will allow journalists to turn a blind eye to the extraordinary application of this law to undercover reporting that is common-place in California.

Section 632 of the California Criminal code makes it a crime to “intentionally” and “without the consent of all parties” record a conversation if that conversation is a “confidential communication.” A conversation is, by law, not confidential if there is not a reasonable expectation it cannot be overheard. A conversation is, by law, not confidential if it concerns certain kinds of criminal conduct — colloquially known as the “extortion exemption” but also applicable to other crimes, such as violent crimes against a person.

Under clear California law, the First Amendment protects the publishing of any recording of public interest. Additionally, up until yesterday, it was assumed the First Amendment prevented criminal prosecution for news-gathering investigative undercover recordings in aid of First Amendment activity. A California court already recognized the activity of these two anti-abortion investigative journalists as First Amendment protected activity when denying an injunction against their publishing the results of the recordings.


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