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April 6, 2014

Breitbart News Network Announces Launch of Breitbart California

Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak Tapped as Breitbart CA Editor and Flash Report Founder and Publisher Jon Fleischman Named Politics Editor.

Following the February launch of Breitbart London and Breitbart Texas, the Breitbart News Network announced today the latest in its ongoing multi-year national and international expansion with the launch of Breitbart California. Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak will become Editor of Breitbart California. Jon Fleischman, the founder and publisher of the 2013 National Blogger Association State Level Blogger of the Year, the Flash Report, will serve as Breitbart California’s Politics Editor.

“For years, California has been written off by conservatives as too far past the point of return, but the truth is every single day there are stories worth telling about the successes of the conservative movement in California and the failures of the left-wing establishment,” said Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “Breitbart California is about telling not just those stories but showcasing the impact and influence the Golden State has in our culture, technology, and economy. From the growing libertarian movement at the heart of Silicon Valley to a Republican win at City Hall in San Diego, there is a fundamental shift taking shape and Breitbart News will be here to chronicle it.”


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March 25, 2014

The fear and politically-motivated ambition behind American journalists (Video)

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, president and founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe explains why he believes that the mainstream journalism community in America has failed to hold those in power accountable.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, president and founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe explains why he believes that the mainstream journalism community in America has failed to hold those in power accountable.

“For what ever reason, journalists are not willing to do the things that we at Project Veritas do,” O’Keefe said. “It might be because they are afraid. I think that is the number one thing. People are just generally afraid of what happens to them when they take on those in power. They are afraid of retribution; they are afraid for their reputations. Citizens I talk to are very scared to be audited by the IRS. In many ways we are just trying to demonstrate that you can do this and survive, which is hard, but you can do it.”

O’Keefe also points to the very cozy relationship that many in the media have with people in power: “I think there is also ambition. Journalists want to be part of the club, go to the parties, have their sources like them. I think there is shared politics, there is a belief amongst many reporters and people in the media that they support the government, they support the state, they think it’s well-intentioned and we are here to show you the reality of things that maybe some of these programs are not as altruistic as people think. Maybe they are not doing what they say they are doing. Maybe they are doing the opposite of what they say they are doing.”


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March 15, 2014

Breitbart London Editor James Delingpole: “We’re fighting war against cultural Marxism” (Video)

PolitiChick anchor Dr. Gina Loudon interviews Breitbart London’s new editor, James Delingpole, who says his “holy mission” is to fight the war against culture and to “open up the argument and take the fight to the enemy”.

March 8, 2014

Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe: We ‘Light a Fire Under Politicians’

Undercover journalist James O’Keefe, best known for having taken down ACORN with his undercover exposé videos, told attendees at Breitbart News’s ‘Univited II’ National Security Action Summit that his main goal is to light a fire under politicians to keep them on the straight and narrow.

O’Keefe is the front man for Project Veritas, an organization he said was created to “expose corruption, mostly in government but sometimes in the private sector.”

The young journalist gave conference goers a brief overview of his latest project in Texas to chronicle and expose the voter fraud and corruption from the left-wing group Battleground Texas, an organization desperate to turn Texas into a majority Democrat state.

O’Keefe said he couldn’t get too specific because it may endanger his undercover operatives, but he reported that some 70 people signed up with him to fan out across the Lone Star State to go inside Battleground Texas to expose their efforts.

Another goal of his organization is to find out just who is funding all these left-wing efforts across the country. “We want to find out who funds these efforts in America in things like the fight against fracking,” he said.


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March 7, 2014

Video: James O’Keefe Ambushes Republican Congressman Over Racist Bill

Watch our latest undercover investigation catching Rep. Sensenbrenner ON CAMERA lying to his constituents about this bill and please consider donating to help Project Veritas investigate corrupt DC politicians – regardless of their political affiliation.

At a town hall of constituents in Rubicon, Wisconsin, Republican Congressman Sensenbrenner denied the fact that the voting rights legislation he is sponsoring excludes white voters from the protection of the Voting Rights Act. When clearly asked if the Act excludes protections for white voters, Sensenbrenner responds, “It does not do that.”

This legislation would give massive power to the federal government, strip states from governing their own elections and block election integrity laws such as voter ID and citizen requirements to vote.

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February 21, 2014

Five Questions for James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe recently released a new video showing Battleground Texas officials apparently breaking state election law. The footage shows Battleground Texas volunteer Jennifer Longoria saying that the group copies phone numbers from voter registration forms to later use for targeted voter turnout campaigns. She said, “Every time we register somebody to vote, we keep their name, address, phone number.”

Section 13.004 of Texas’ election code states that, “The registrar may not transcribe, copy, or otherwise record a telephone number furnished on a registration application.”

Although O’Keefe’s findings are cause for concern, the so-called “mainstream media” has barely reported on them. In the past, when the media does pay attention to O’Keefe, it is typically to accuse him of a lack of credibility and “over-editing” his work. It is only a matter of time before similar attacks arise in response to the new video.

We allowed O’Keefe to respond to the most common accusations reported – often untruthfully – by the left-wing media.

James, people say you are an admitted criminal. Why would you be questioning Battleground’s potentially criminal activity when you yourself are a convicted criminal?

My crime was a false pretense. I opened the door to a federal building in Louisiana. I said I was waiting there for somebody, when in fact I was not. The federal judge in Louisiana destroyed federal evidence and the U.S. attorney who prosecuted me resigned in disgrace — the mainstream media selectively edited those parts out.

So compare my crime to Battleground’s voter fraud crime. Compare my crime with copying private cell phone numbers off voter registration forms.


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December 3, 2013

Exposing racist violence in America

Joseph Farah applauds ‘journalist-hero’ for defying conventional wisdom.

Journalist Colin Flaherty recognized the trend long before anyone else in America – before the corporate media, before me, before Matt Drudge.

He began tracking a noticeable and undeniable upswing in black-on-non-black racist violence – either in mob form or via what has become known as “the knockout game,” in which perpetrators took at least one unprovoked punch at an unsuspecting and innocent victim.

Two years ago, Flaherty’s work got my attention. He had self-published a remarkable book called “White Girl Bleed A Lot” about this phenomenon. WND enlisted Flaherty to chronicle these attacks for publication and made arrangements to re-publish a vastly updated, bestselling edition of the book – one that would allow readers to see, with their own eyes, hundreds of attacks actually caught on video by perpetrators or bystanders. Both the book and e-book allow readers to see these attacks on video via QR codes that can be swiped by a smart phone or actual e-book hotlinks direct to YouTube clips.


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October 18, 2013

Breitbart News shakes up masthead was founded by Andrew Breitbart, the late conservative provocateur, in 2007 and continued to expand even after his death in 2012. Though rarely taken seriously by the Beltway press corps because of its partisan agenda and sensationalism, the site receives far more traffic than many of its competitors, including The New York Post, Daily Beast and The Atlantic websites, according to the web analytics service Alexa. It also receives more traffic than conservative sites like The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, National Review, The Weekly Standard and The Washington Examiner.

Breitbart News, the combative right-wing news and opinion network, will today announce “a fundamental restructuring” of its masthead that will leave the 27-year-old Alexander Marlow in charge of editorial operations, POLITICO has learned.

Editor-in-chief Joel Pollak, editor-at-large Ben Shapiro and editor Peter Schweizer will become “Senior Editors-At-Large,” meaning they will devote less time to running the editorial side and more time to writing.

“I am excited by the opportunity to focus on my writing passion, and I look forward to bringing Breitbart readers more original reporting, analysis and opinion from the frontiers of liberalism in California, and the “clash of civilizations” in the Middle East,” Pollak said in a statement.

Marlow, who served as founder Andrew Breitbart’s editorial assistant for four years, will take the reins as editor-in-chief. Wynton Hall, a former visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (where Schwizer is a research fellow), will be named managing editor. Kurt Bardella, the former aide to Rep. Darrell Issa, will become senior communications adviser.

In a press release, Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News, praised the “tremendous growth and success” of and promised “more aggressive expansion plans for coverage in the future.”


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September 28, 2013

City of “Hate and Revenge” Celebrates the Killing of American Civilians and Military (Video)

The mainstream media has long suppressed the plans of the radical Latinos. It’s time someone started calling them out and making corrections. Featuring Andrew Breitbart and Pat Buchanan.

September 11, 2013

The Bully! Pulpit Show: Mark Joseph Interviews Andrew Breitbart (Video)

Andrew Breitbart (February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012) was a conservative American publisher, commentator for The Washington Times, author, and occasional guest commentator on various news programs, who served as an editor for the Drudge Report website. He was a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and helped launch her web publication The Huffington Post. He owned the news aggregation site,, and five other websites:, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. He played key roles in the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, and the ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy.