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June 24, 2015

Caught on Hidden Camera: Politicians Cash In On Export Import Bank (Video)

“The behind the scenes political shenanigans involved with the reauthorization of the Export Import Bank are a great example of what is wrong with American politics,” stated James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas. “This isn’t a Democrat-Republican or left-right issue; it is legalized bribery at its core. We captured a Democrat, a Republican, an employee of the Bank, and a high-level advocate for the Bank all speaking about the behind the scenes maneuvering that the American people despise. Project Veritas will continue to root out such rampant corruption.”

New James O’Keefe Video: Congressional Staffer Says On Hidden Camera That Large Corporations Such as Boeing and Mitsubishi Purchase Influence Through Campaign Contributions. “They are big campaign contributors of ours… you know, we’ll help them out.”

California Representatives Provide Conflicting Information On Upcoming Controversial EXIM Bank Vote

Award-winning journalist and New York Times’ best-selling author James O’Keefe released a powerful new video today showing that the federal government’s Export Import Bank is nothing more than a form of corporate welfare that corrupts the political process. Dillon Lesovsky, a staffer who says he runs the political arm for Republican Congressman Paul Cook of California, was captured on hidden camera admitting that his boss is going to vote in favor of reauthorizing the Bank because large supporters of the EXIM Bank, Boeing and Mitsubishi, were also large contributors to the Congressman and were exerting pressure. “They are big campaign contributors of ours,” said Lesovsky “you know, we’ll help them out.”


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April 9, 2015

NEW O’KEEFE VIDEO shows SUPPORT for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah across California colleges

Apparently it’s not hard to find students, professors and staff of various colleges in California who are at least willing to donate to terrorist groups because they believe economic opportunity will help them stop being terrorists or something:

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April 7, 2015

Student journalist suspended after participation in O’Keefe video

A student journalist has been suspended after capturing video of a university representative assisting in the creation of an ISIS student group. Barry University is a private, Catholic university in Miami, Florida.

Barry University has suspended a student reporter for her participation in a Project Veritas video that featured a university coordinator assisting in the creation of an ISIS club on campus.

The student journalist, identified only as Laura, recorded her efforts trying to launch a “Sympathetic Students in Support of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” student group last week.

This morning, she received an emailed notice from Maria Alvarez, the university’s associate vice president and dean of students, stating she had been suspended over allegations that her reporting violated the university’s Code of Conduct.

“In response to complaints filed by members of the University community on Wednesday, April 3, and received by my office this morning, April 6, 2015, your alleged actions were the cause root of disruption of the University community and the creation of a hostile environment for members of the University staff,” the notice read. “Because these alleged actions violate Barry University’s Code of Conduct, effective immediately you are placed on Interim Suspension from Barry University.”


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April 3, 2015

Hidden Camera: Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakery

What do you think happens when a gay, like SUPER gay, Crowder tries to get a super gay wedding cake baked at a Muslim bakery? I’m pretty sure you can guess, but you might as well watch this week’s adventure to Dearborn, Mich., to find out!

Yes folks, I did this. I went there. You have this now. Actually, I taped this video a long time ago but, due to audio corruption issues, was never able to upload it. Now that my in-house whiz kid, Jared, was able to salvage the footage, I am now passing it on to you.

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Lies, Retractions and Selective Editing (Video)

To date, over 300 media outlets have been forced to retract statements made about James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Because the bar for libel against a public figure is so high, we won’t win each and every case we file – even when it’s clear that the statements being made about us are absolute fabrications.

When we released our video showing Barry University officials in Miami actually signing paperwork to start up a pro-ISIS club on campus, local ABC affiliate WPLG 10 erroneously reported that James O’Keefe pled guilty to phone tampering charges. As you’ll see below, our media team was on the ball and quickly forced them to retract their negligent statement.

At roughly the same time, the leftist online publication Mother Jones published a piece about a defamation case O’Keefe had previously filed. In this case, Mother Jones was writing about an unfriendly Obama-appointed judge who ruled on a Motion to Dismiss about an old news piece accusing O’Keefe of committing a felony.


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March 30, 2015

University Officials in Florida authorize Pro-ISIS Club (Video)

Following a similar shocking video at Cornell University released by James O’Keefe last week, Barry University officials in Florida also sanction a pro-ISIS club with the stated goal of sending material support to ISIS. The only suggestion by Barry officials was to change the name of the club “because technically our country is at war with ISIS.”

March 26, 2015

Woman Films Her Attempts At Talking ‘Race’ With Starbucks Employees

After the “racism” handouts, #racetogether cups, and a good deal of mocking from the conservative media, the Starbucks “Race Together” campaign ended. Sort of.

But as it turns out, many Starbucks employees didn’t want anything to do with it.

A reporter for National Review went around NYC and filmed her attempts to talk “race” with Starbucks employees.


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March 25, 2015

ISIS Club at Cornell? (Video)

School official supports inclusive club for terrorists.

roject Veritas strikes again, this time exposing Ivy League school Cornell as welcoming of an ISIS club on campus.

The latest undercover video from James O’Keefe’s organization shows Joseph Scaffido, Assistant Dean for Students at Cornell, answering a series of questions on setting up a club supporting terrorist groups and even terrorist training. He never raises problems with such a club on campus.

“I think programs like that really do have a place here at Cornell,” Scaffido said in response to a question on sending care packages to ISIS “freedom fighters.”

The Project Veritas undercover reporter posed as a Mororccan student looking to study at Cornell next semester. As he asks a series of questions it is clear the “student” wants to set up a club that would support terrorists but the school official never bats an eye.

“The freedom fighters and their families in particular. I think it would be important to educate, but to maybe send them care packages be it food, water, electronics,” the reporter said.

“There are a lot of our student organizations that do things like that all over the world,” Scaffido said.


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March 18, 2015

Breitbart Frontlines (Video)

“The emergence of the ascendant radical Islam happened at the exact same time in Western culture ascendant political correctness happened, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think that the people who are against us are smart enough; they come to Western universities, they go to Oxford, they go to Harvard; we train them in our ways, which shows that we have an utter lack of confidence to defend our way of life and that our Western liberalism is worth defending. They go home and say ‘I don’t think we have to attack them after 9/11, they’re already dissenting among themselves, because they’re fearful of standing up to us.'” – Andrew Breitbart

breitbart frontlines by dollarsandsense123

February 23, 2015

Andrew Breitbart tells all in Hollywood – Part 1 (Video)

Andrew Breitbart is amazing as he generously spends the evening with the Hollywood Congress of Republicans, on August 3rd, 2011. Andrew shares what is going on in the world of politics & the evil MSM. Andrew covers the recent budget battle as well as the ongoing insanity of those on the left. Andrew continues to expose the hypocricy of the liberal MSM & solidly defends the Tea Party movement.