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November 4, 2017

Mother Jones’ David Corn Is Sixth Member of Elite Media Accused of Misconduct Towards Female Staffers

Just coming to light are two emails written by former staffers for the hard-left Mother Jones magazine, who allege that Washington bureau chief David Corn inappropriately touched female employees and made jokes about rape and “women’s sexuality and anatomy.”

In just a month, Corn is the sixth member of the media elite under investigation for alleged misconduct.

The left-wing Politico just obtained the emails, written in 2014 and 2015, and in a statement, Mother Jones’ CEO Monika Bauerlein and editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery said, “[N]ow that they’ve come to us, we are going to take them seriously and investigate.”

Mother Jones admits that three years ago Corn was investigated for “inappropriate workplace behavior” and subsequently “warned about touching female staffers and insensitive descriptions of sexual violence[.]” The magazine maintains that Corn has since behaved appropriately. The details of the emails, however, have spurred them to “probe the allegations further[.]”

The details are disturbing. According to Politico, the 2015 email claims Corn “regularly gave [several women] unwelcome shoulder rubs and engaged in uninvited touching of their legs, arms, backs, and waists,” and “made inappropriate comments about women’s sexuality and anatomy.”

In the 2014 email, a former staffer alleges Corn “came up behind me and put his hands and arms around my body in a way that felt sexual and domineering.”


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October 20, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: “Everyone hates Trump” (Video)

Project Veritas has just released a video of an IT Consultant for The New York Times for over 20 years admitting The Times has a company culture of anti-Trump bias.


October 17, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part III – Senior Homepage Editor Reveals Biased Political Agenda at NYT (Video)

Undercover video obtained by Project Veritas shows New York Times London Senior Staff Editor Desiree Shoe revealing a biased political agenda in the operation of the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Shoe explains a difficulty in reporting about President Donald Trump objectively due to political bias. In one exchange, she says that journalists covered Trump in such a sensational way during the election season so as to deter readers from voting for him. Shoe also shares her negative opinion of Vice President Mike Pence, citing his religious views.

October 12, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News (Video)

In this follow-up American Pravda video, New York Times Audience Strategy Editor Nicholas Dudich explains how he can (and has) manipulated news reach based on his own personal agenda. Dudich also reveals that thanks to inside-baseball connections in Silicon Valley, he can exploit social media to his advantage for the Times.

October 10, 2017

American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection (Video)

Project Veritas’ latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times, the supposed “paper of record.” In the first part of this series, Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times’ extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and reveals an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa.

October 3, 2017

Finnish expert: Western mainstream media is a hybrid threat against the people (Video)

Mr. Jarmo Ekman, secretary of the Donetsk People’s Republic Helsinki office: “Western mainstream media is a hybrid threat.

August 30, 2017

Why The Media Are In A Never-Ending Hunt For Right-Wing Violence by Ann Coulter

A media capable of turning tea partiers, Palin supporters and a random insurance scam into weeks of terror at right-wing violence are not going to let a few nuts waving Nazi flags at a “Unite the Right” rally pass without leaping at the opportunity to outlaw conservatism.

After I’d spent a decade begging Republicans, including a few presidential candidates, to take up the immigration issue, Donald J. Trump came along, championed the entire thesis of Adios, America, and swept all contenders aside.

It’s too late for the likes of Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to avoid humiliation, but if they don’t want to keep making asses of themselves in public by, for example, praising today’s version of the KKK, they should read my entire corpus of work, starting with Demonic. (Trump somehow grasped the whole point of that book, too.)

The reason normal people are suspicious of the media’s narrative on Charlottesville is that we’ve heard this exact same story many, many times before.

Facts on the ground:

— Approximately every other year since forever, liberal hooligans have been rampaging through the streets, beating people up, setting off bombs, killing cops, smashing store windows, assassinating politicians and burning down neighborhoods — against capitalism, Vietnam, Nixon, Wall Street, a police shooting, Trump, Starbucks, a sunny day.


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August 6, 2017

MSM Losing Bigly: Salon Evicted After Failing To Pay Rent

At this rate, they might be better off opening an actual salon. There’s honest money to be made in cosmetology.

And under the heading of Schadenfreude, Salon is reportedly having serious financial struggles.

In June, the left-wing digital publisher reported their fiscal year 2017 earnings to the SEC and the news was not bright. Salon’s net revenues plummeted 34 percent from $7 million in 2016 to $4.6 million for fiscal year ending March 31, 2017.

The publisher blamed the drop on an industry wide shift of advertising dollars from direct-ad campaigns to “programmatic” advertising, a trend that has been going on for a few years now.

The New York Post has also reported that Salon was evicted late last year from their posh offices at 31 Penn Plaza near Madison Square Gardens, and has stiffed their landlord for more than $90,000 in back rent.

The landlord has filed suit in Manhattan State Court and is trying to force Salon to pay $700,000 for the unused portion of a five-year lease, which was slated to run through September 2019.


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July 27, 2017

Sarah Palin to subpoena 23 NY Times reporters, editors and employees

A Tea Party favorite, Palin is suing The New York Times over a published editorial that ran online hours after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a former Bernie Sanders volunteer at a Republican congressional baseball practice in Virginia. According to Palin and her lawyers, the editorial tied her to the January 2011 shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is reportedly moving forward with sending subpoenas to 23 New York Times staffers as part of her defamation lawsuit against the liberal-leaning newspaper.

In a motion arguing for Palin’s case against The New York Times to be tossed out, attorneys for the paper revealed that the former vice presidential candidate’s lawyers served notice of plans to subpoena “23 non-party current and former Times reporters, the editors and other employees — most of whom had nothing to do with the editorial issue.”

Lawyers for the Times reportedly told the judge on Wednesday that Sarah Palin’s legal team plans to demand that the paper hands over “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011” in an effort to obtain “documents that might reveal, among other things, their ‘negative feelings’ toward her.”


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July 9, 2017

Camille Paglia: Democrats Destroyed Journalism… Will Take Decades to Recover (Audio)

From Sean Hannity’s radio show, June 20, 2017.