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Biden Admin Orders SURRENDER Of Journalist For EXPOSING J6 LIES, Biden Goes FULL PUTIN (Video)


David Mamet DEMOLISHES Hollywood Executives and Brain-Dead Liberals (Video)

Pulitzer Prize winning writer, dramatist, and cartoonist David Mamet joins us to discuss his new book Everywhere an Oink Oink: An Embittered, Dyspeptic, and Accurate Report of Forty Years in Hollywood, why he no longer identifies as a ‘brain-dead liberal’, and how aspiring filmmakers don’t need the artistic establishment’s approval to be successful.

How to Survive Mainstream Media Attacks (Video)

Tucker Carlson and Dave Portnoy discuss mainstream media attacks.

The BBC Damages Our Culture. From Racist Employees to Gary Lineker to Deflecting Acid Attacks (Video)

NCF Founder & Director Peter Whittle discusses the latest round of stories demonstrating the degree to which the BBC undermines and damages Britain and British culture.

Who Owns the News? (Video)

Not ‘who owns the news media,’ but rather, WHO OWNS THE NEWS? The facts. Unfortunately but not unsurprisingly, many mainstream journalists believe that THEY do… and therein lies much mischief.

Tim Pool CALLS OUT NBC News For LYING, Explains The Game Mainstream Media Plays (Video)

Timcast IRL

The New York Times Says “Don’t Think” (Video)

Mr. Reagan

Tucker Carlson | America’s Journalist speech at AmericaFest 2023 by TPUS

Subtitled, the full speech of the conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, at Turning Point’s annual event, AmericaFest 2023, at the Phoenix Convention Center, in Arizona. Those who attend this one-of-a-kind, four-day event will hear from dozens of the nation’s top leaders, network with thousands of like-minded attendees and 50+ partnering organizations, and experience two nights of concerts featuring top artists in the country; all while celebrating the greatest country in the world, America.

DOJ Targets Blaze Contributor For Reporting On J6, Journalist Must SURRENDER, Civil War is Coming (Video)


Jan. 6 Tapes Released — Sorry, No Insurrection (Video)

It’s not called the “Empire of Lies” for nothing. Deception is the oxygen of empire. 44,000+ hours of January 6th footage has been released, and it’s quite obvious as to why they weren’t released in the first place.