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May 13, 2017

What Happens When The Pro-Trump Media Get Actual Scoops?

Major scoops by former trolls have short-circuited the bullshit detector of the mainstream media.

Last March, in a 60 Minutes segment on fake news, CBS’s Scott Pelley introduced a vast new audience to Mike Cernovich, touting the pro-Trump blogger and self-help author as a troll “who has become a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.” For viewers at home, it was a reassuring characterization: Cernovich, who championed rumors of Hillary Clinton’s poor health during the final months of the election, was a troll masquerading as a journalist — fake news through and through.

But the early months of the Trump administration have proven Pelley wrong; certainly, they’ve complicated the once-black-and-white characterization of the pro-Trump media as purveyors of fake news. In recent weeks especially, the pro-Trump media has frequently seized control of the political news cycle via an unexpected tactic: real, and at times, well-sourced reporting.


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May 6, 2017

State Funded Fake News Bailout? Yep! (Video)

The Minister of Canadian Heritage has called for a “true redefinition” of the Canadian media industry, which is code for a massive taxpayer funded bailout of the failing fake news media. What does Stefan Molyneux think about being forced to pay for dying propaganda outlets which the free market has already rejected?

May 3, 2017

Celebrating Communism at the New York Times

A century after the Bolshevik Revolution, Vivian Gornick is still a fan.

On Sunday night I was up late writing, and so on Monday I slept right up until the moment I was awakened, sometime around midday, by the blaring sound of a marching band in the street. I didn’t need to look out the window to know what was going on. The music was The Internationale. The date was May 1. In the small Norwegian town where I live, the May Day parade was passing by.

The New York Times commemorated the Communist holiday in its own way – with an essay by Vivian Gornick, now eighty-one, a card-carrying member of the old New York intellectual crowd and author of a 2011 biography of anarchist heroine Emma Goldman. The piece – entitled “When Communism Inspired Americans” – is the latest example of what has long since become a genre all its own: the fond look back at American Stalinism.

The essay isn’t Gornick’s first contribution to the genre. Her 1977 book The Romance of American Communism, a collection of interviews with old Party members, was described by Commentary reviewer Marion Magid as an “adoring account” that depicts their perfidy “as a romantic episode in American history.” In the book, Gornick portrayed these old Communists as “the golden children called to Marxism” and claimed that they “feared, hungered, and cared more” than other people and possessed a “wisdom passion alone can purchase.” Noting that most of Gornick’s interviewees were Jews, Magid quite rightly challenged the idea that there was any “wisdom” in their “slavish support of the Soviet Union throughout the long period of Stalinist treachery and the calculated destruction of Soviet Jewish life.”


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May 2, 2017

Rogue journalist stuns White House reporters with surprise grilling (Video)

‘Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?’

The journalist who scooped the establishment media and unmasked Susan Rice as a key figure in the Obama administration spying scandal turned the tables Monday and grilled White House reporters about how they are doing their jobs.

Or not doing them.

As soon as Press Secretary Sean Spicer concluded his daily briefing and left the room, documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich addressed reporters and loudly asked, “Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?”

A confused hush fell over the room as reporters, unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of shouted questions, tried to figure out what was going on.

But Cernocivh immediately continued, “And why won’t you demand that leaders of the Democrats disavow the violence by Antifa the way you demanded Trump disavow violence from his supporters?”

He then answered his own question by telling the room: “This has been completely covered up. You have no answer.”


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April 26, 2017

Red Bull’s CEO Is Reportedly Launching A Right-Wing News Platform That’s Being Compared To Breitbart

In a recent interview, Dietrich Mateschitz expressed his support for Trump and criticized the Austrian government for allowing refugees into the country.

Red Bull has become much more than just an energy drink company over the past two decades. The Austrian company has held the electronic music-focused Red Bull Music Academy event series annually since 1998 and has built upon this cultural platform with radio programming, an exhibition space in New York City, and an artist residency program in Detroit. Now, as artnet News points out, CEO Dietrich Mateschitz has announced an new independent venture: a right-wing news organization that is being compared to Breitbart.

In an interview with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung on April 8, Mateschitz was critical of Germany and Austria’s lenient policies on refugees, rallied against “intellectual elites” and political correctness, and expressed his support for Trump. He also announced plans for his new media platform Näher an die Wahrheit, which translates to Closer to the Truth. Mateschitz described the venture as a “research platform” and said it would operate independently of Red Bull.

In a statement to The FADER, a representative for Red Bull said, “Mr. Mateschitz gave a personal interview – published on April 8th, 2017. Our company values freedom of mind and encourages open conversation.”


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News: Alternative, Real, Fake

With millions of Americans switching to alternative news sources because most don’t trust mainstream media, the globalist elites are resorting to desperate measures.

Today, as in all times of crisis, to be a Patriot, to take a stand for Truth, is dangerous business. To host a news website or blog that challenges the ruling powers, entrenched corruption, and the forces of darkness is a perilous thing. We are beginning to see just how perilous. We are not yet suffering the types of outright censorship and iron-fisted persecution of politically incorrect thought that already befall our brethren in banana republics or in communist tyrannies such as China, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea, or in Muslim dictatorships such as Iran, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia. Nor are we yet experiencing the levels of intimidation, prosecution, fines, and imprisonment being meted out in the European Union and Canada for daring to speak truth to power. But anyone who doubts that similar oppression is in the works for America is deaf and blind to the onrushing statist steamroller that is smashing the First Amendment — and all other treasured rights as well.

During the eight-year reign of President Barack Obama, the advocates of Orwellian controls for the ostensible purpose of combating “hate speech” and “thought crimes” made frightful progress. Federal and state government officials, together with their cronies in the major media and tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Microsoft, have ganged up to crush the upstart alternative media that are challenging (and have already surpassed, by some important metrics) the MSM (mainstream media) Fake News monopoly that has protected and projected the globalist agenda for decades. Breitbart News, the Drudge Report, InfoWars, Natural News, and dozens of other Internet-based news providers have already been targeted and are feeling the impact of the corporate-government jack-booted heel on their jugulars.


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April 21, 2017

Don’t Know Much About History: Politico Blames Trump for Berkeley Violence

Politico’s David Siders offered a revisionist history of the violent suppression of free speech at the University of California Berkeley on Thursday with an article titled: “How Berkeley became a hotbed of violence in the Trump era.”

In a classic example of question-begging, Siders, assuming Trump is the catalyst, began his farcical explanation with a visit by Trump supporter (and then-Breitbart editor) Milo Yiannopoulos to the Berkeley campus in February.

But suppression of free speech at Berkeley by leftist mobs began long before.

As recently as 2014 — during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Free Speech Movement, no less — a mob of left-wing radicals broke up a speech by entrepreneur Peter Thiel, bursting into the hall where he was speaking to students and forcing him to flee for his physical safety. The event occurred long before Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency, and even longer before Thiel became a Trump supporter.

In 2000, as Breitbart News’ Daniel J. Flynn recalled, “a similar mob, including many looking like they had crawled out from under a dock in the marina at the end of University Avenue, drowned my words with shouts of “murderer,” “racist,” and “Nazi.” They attempted to rip the microphone cord from the wall. A hirsute man ‘mooned’ me. And, in one last indignity, the hecklers seized my writings to fuel an actual book burning.”

Flynn added: “This all happened under the watchful eyes of two pleasant Cal policewomen.”


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Lauren Southern: Let Us Help You Identify Fake News (Video)

All hail zucc.

April 18, 2017

Pomona College Students Say There’s No Such Thing as Truth, ‘Truth’ Is a Tool of White Supremacy

Demand expulsion of conservative journalists for reporting on campus illiberalism at Claremont.

A coalition of marginalized students at Pomona College are demanding that the president of Pomona (one of the Claremont Colleges) take disciplinary action against student-journalists who write for The Claremont Independent, a conservative paper.

That’s not all. The students’ letter to the president also stridently rejects the very mission of a liberal arts college. The search for truth is little more than an attempt to silence marginalized people, in the view of these students. Accordingly, the campus administration must revise its commitment to free speech such that no one who espouses hateful views—as defined, in incredibly broad terms, by the offended parties themselves—is allowed to speak at Claremont.

“Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions,” the students wrote in their letter. “It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry.”


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April 7, 2017

Journalism Takes WILL and Courage, Not Fancy Offices by Mike Cernovich

Some in traditonal media are learning a lesson. News is about relationships with people, not fancy equipment.

Last summer, I noticed that many of the most noxious and effective anti-Hillary Clinton memes on the Internet?—?that she had Parkinsons, for example?—?could be traced back to one man in Southern California, a former lawyer and self-help author named Mike Cernovich. I called him on the phone. Cernovich maintained a blog called Danger and Play, and he was particularly good at attracting attention on platforms like Twitter and the video-streaming app Periscope. He described himself as an American nationalist and a “Pulitzer-worthy journalist,” and had adopted many of journalism’s linguistic tics?—?his “scoops” were attributed to an entity he called Cernovich Media. What, I asked him, was Cernovich Media, exactly? Was he renting office space, hiring reporters, filling out W-4 forms? He laughed. “It’s definitely just me, dude,” he said. “I run a lean operation. Come out and you’ll see it for yourself.”

It was lean, indeed. Cernovich didn’t own a car, much less a satellite truck or a video-editing suite. But he did have sources.


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