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February 18, 2017

The Truth About Immigration and Crime in the Netherlands – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Much like with Brexit (United Kingdom’s European Union Referendum) and the United States election featuring Donald Trump – Immigration has taken center stage in politics worldwide. On March 15th, 2017, the Netherlands will decide it’s future when it holds it’s parliamentary elections which have been highlighted by current Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Party for Freedom’s Geert Wilders.

February 17, 2017

Firebrand Wilders Could Change Constitution to ‘De-Islamisize’ Netherlands

Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker who is at the vanguard of a wave of European far-right populists aiming to take power at elections this year, is pushing ahead with his platform to “de-Islamisize” the Netherlands, despite lawyers saying it could breach the Dutch constitution.

In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Wilders insisted that his plans, which include closing the country’s borders to asylum seekers and migrants from Islamic countries, shutting all mosques and banning the Quran, are legal.

And he hinted he could even seek to change the constitution, if necessary. Wilders says, “a constitution is not something that is (set) in stone and can never be changed.”

Wilders’ Party is riding high in polls less than a month before parliamentary elections set for March 15.

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January 22, 2017

Geert Wilders at Europe Populist Conference: ‘If we do Nothing, we Cease to Exist’ (Video)

Geert Wilders has predicted Marine le Pen will be the next French President as he praised newly inaugurated President Donald Trump and called for patriots to “make Europe great again” in a speech on Saturday.

Speaking at the Europe of Nations and Freedom group conference in Koblenz, Germany, this weekend Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders said if patriots fail to act to preserve freedom and national identity in Europe, “we cease to exist”.

Praising President Trump was met with sustained cheering at the conference, which also saw addresses by French Front National leader Marine le Pen, Alternative for Germany leader Frauke Petry, and other key figures of the European populist movement. Referring to the transfer of power in the United States on Friday, Mr. Wilders said it augured well for the future on the other side of the Atlantic too, remarking: “Yesterday a new America, today Koblenz, and tomorrow a new Europe”.

Mr. Wilders, who has seen his poll ratings soar after his conviction “incitement to discrimination” in what he called a politically “charade” trial, is preparing to face the Dutch general election in March. Mr. Wilders hopes, and faces good odds to come out the largest party and called this in Saturdays’ speech an opportunity to “liberate” the Netherlands.

Signalling his optimism for other coming elections in Europe, he said of the chances of his French and German counterparts: “I am certain about it: Marine le Pen will be the next President of France. And in the Autumn it is your turn, my German friends. I am fully convinced that with Frauke Petry Germany’s future has been secured. Long live the German [patriotic] spring!”.


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January 2, 2017

Why Nationalism? by Lauren Southern

Young people are no longer buying the promises of hope and change. The ideas of national identity and family ring true in a world of confusion. Say hello to a new age, because this is just the beginning.

The very fabric of Western nations is shifting. Europeans will soon be minorities in their own countries, their languages replaced and their cultures forgotten, with younger generations forced to pay into social systems that are so generous with strangers, they have become unsustainable for themselves. National Geographic depicted this future when they featured a Middle-Eastern family on their front cover; above them was emblazoned the words, “The New Europeans.”

Right now, in London, the most common name of young men is Mohammed. German towns and cities, such as Marxloh, have been colonized – their windows adorned with Turkish flags. Most shocking of all, the French president declared that terrorism was now just part of the lives of his citizens, and that they must accept it.

Western nations are akin to battered wives: they take their beatings, and apologize to their attacker, making whatever excuses they can for those that invade their communities and terrorize their citizens. Headlines scream “Islamophobia” if anyone suggests that Islam is a common link between terrorists, “xenophobia” if welfare abuse becomes the topic of the day, and, if the media really wants somebody ostracized, they will be labeled “Nazi” or “white supremacist”.


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December 21, 2016

Wilders: ‘Political Revolution Is Brewing in Europe’

Yesterday, the Islamic State claimed the Berlin terror attack of Monday evening, in which twelve people were killed with a truck at a Christmas market.

The killer managed to escape. However, in the truck the police found identity papers belonging to Anis A., a Tunisian who came to Germany as an asylum seeker in 2015.

When last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders to almost one million refugees and asylum seekers, she invited the Trojan horse of Islam into her country. Among the so-called refugees were many young men of Islamic background, filled with hatred for the West and its civilization. One of them was Anis A.

It took almost a year for the German authorities to reject his asylum request, but meanwhile the man had disappeared. The police are now looking for him as a prime suspect of Monday’s attack in Berlin.

The German authorities are dangerously underestimating the threat of Islam. They signs are there for all to see. In October, an Afghan asylum seeker raped and murdered a 19-year old German girl in Freiburg. And a 12-year old Iraqi boy was caught before he could explode a nail bomb at a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen.


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December 12, 2016

Liberal Disaster: Prosecution of Wilders BACKFIRES as Dutch populist leader soars in polls (Video)

The liberal elite’s decision to prosecute Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders for hate speech spectacularly backfired today as his anti-immigrant party soared to a commanding lead in the polls.

Voters have rallied to the Freedom Party (PVV) after its controversial chief was convicted for saying there were “too many Moroccans” in the Netherlands in a case critics had feared would only boost his popularity.

His party has opened up a daunting nine point gap on its rivals, putting it on track to scoop 36 out of the Dutch parliament’s 150 seats in next Spring’s elections.

The bombshell poll, released by the Maurice de Hond Institute yesterday, is the first indication of how voters will react to the controversial decision to prosecute Mr Wilders under discrimination laws.

And it will send shockwaves through Brussels, which is already reeling from the loss of europhile Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi and which is facing a year of crunch elections which could finish the bloc for good.

On Friday Mr Wilders was found guilty of insulting a specific group of people and inciting discrimination, but was cleared of the more serious crime of hate speech, with three judges deciding not to impose any punishment.


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November 24, 2016

Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his Trial

From the Gatestone Institute, the final court statement of Freedom Party Geert Wilders:

Mr. President, Members of the Court,

When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and the Netherlands.

For centuries, the Netherlands are a symbol of freedom.

When one says Netherlands, one says freedom. And that is also true, perhaps especially, for those who have a different opinion than the establishment, the opposition. And our most important freedom is freedom of speech.

We, Dutch, say whatever is close to our hearts. And that is precisely what makes our country great. Freedom of speech is our pride.

And that, precisely that, is at stake here, today.

I refuse to believe that we are simply giving this freedom up. Because we are Dutch. That is why we never mince our words. And I, too, will never do that. And I am proud of that. No-one will be able to silence me.

Moreover, members of the court, for me personally, freedom of speech is the only freedom I still have. Every day, I am reminded of that. This morning, for example. I woke up in a safe-house. I got into an armored car and was driven in a convoy to this high security courtroom at Schiphol. The bodyguards, the blue flashing lights, the sirens. Every day again. It is hell. But I am also intensely grateful for it.


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November 2, 2016

Quick Pix: Geert Wilders – Make The Netherlands Great Again

October 31, 2016

Britain SAVED democracy with Brexit and Netherlands WILL follow, Dutch MP vows

Britain has become the trailblazer for the rest of Europe to escape the “prison” that is the European Union (EU), Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders has vowed.

Mr Wilders, favourite to become the next Dutch Prime Minister, said he wants the Netherlands to follow the UK’s lead and cut ties with the 27-member bloc because it is “the only honourable thing to do”.

The leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) launched the scathing attack on the Brussels club and blasted the crumbling bloc as “bullies”.

Mr Wilders also assured the UK it should not bow to the EU’s threats because it is in their “best interests” to keep trading with Britain.

In a column for Breitbart, he said: “True to its undemocratic nature, the EU does not like it to see countries leave the pan-European prison.

“That is why Brussels is currently bullying Britain, threatening that Brexit will have a negative impact on UK trade because the EU will not give Britain easy access to its markets.

“But, as everyone knows who ever had to deal with bullies, one should never give in to their threats. Britain is Germany’s third largest trading partner, France’s fourth largest trading partner, my own country’s fourth largest partner.

“After Brexit, the UK will remain the largest trading partner of goods of the EU.

“Hence, it is in the interest of the EU itself to give the UK access to its markets. If it doesn’t, the EU member states will severely harm themselves.

“Only fools will harm themselves because they want to punish others.”


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October 15, 2016

Geert Wilders Will Face Trial on Charges of Inciting Racial Hatred

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders can be tried on charges of inciting racial hatred, a court in The Hague ruled on Friday, setting the stage for a politically charged test of freedom of speech laws in the Netherlands.

Judge Hendrik Steenhuis dismissed Wilders’ lawyers arguments that he was being singled out, saying prosecutors have broad leeway in determining when they think someone has crossed the line from offensive speech to discriminatory speech.

Wilders is accused of discrimination and inciting racism for remarks in 2014, televised live, in which he led a roomful of followers in chanting that they wanted “fewer” Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Steenhuis set the start date for the three-week trial on Oct. 31, meaning a verdict would be likely in December – well ahead of national elections in March.

Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party is neck-and-neck with Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s ruling conservative VVD Party in popularity polls.

Wilders response to the ruling was that he was being “prosecuted for what millions (of Dutch people) think.”


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