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Complete Classic Movie: Mercenary For Justice (2006)

In this crime thriller, mercenary John Seeger (Steven Seagal, “Exit Wounds”) attempts to break into Eastern Europe’s most impenetrable prison and free the son of a notorious drug lord.

Steven Seagal named head of California Rifle and Pistol Association

According to the group, the CRPA was founded in 1875 and has tens of thousands of members throughout California.

The well-known martial artist and film star was recently named the director of the National Rifle Association’s affiliate in California and pledges to fight back for gun rights.

“All my life I’ve had a profound appreciation for the freedoms that America offers. That includes the right to keep and bear arms,” Seagal wrote in an introductory message to the organization. “I have a unique perspective on this, given my experience with Eastern cultures and my law enforcement experience. I respect the fact that the Founders of this country strongly believed in, and many people over the years have died for, our freedoms. I’ve risked my own life countless times deploying for these principals. And that includes the freedom to choose to own a firearm to defend yourself or your family.”

The veteran actor has more than 70 entries in the Internet Movie Firearms Database ranging from when he packed a Colt Commander in 1988’s Above the Law to a more updated Glock 17 in 2012’s Maximum Conviction.


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Website of the Week: Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is a man of diverse character whose spiritual beliefs and humanity are woven into every aspect of his life.

Most of us know Steven for his roles as an action hero with an acting career that was launched from his Los Angeles Dojo in the late 80?s where he taught Martial Arts to the likes of Sean Connery, James Coburn and the famed talent agent, Michael Ovitz.

It was Mr. Ovitz who paved the way for Steven to co-write and star in his first and hugely successful action film “Above the Law” in 1988.From this initial success it launched a career that now spans over 22 years and nearly 40 x movies, plus 2 x major Television series and $2 billion in box office revenues.

Steven immerses himself in his work on the screen, writing, producing, directing and acting.

His films include box office successes such as Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, Out for Justice, Above the Law, Under Siege, Executive Decision, The Glimmer Man, and Exit Wounds to name a few, are all loved for their storylines and fast paced Hollywood action.


Steven Seagal Official Website.

Complete Classic Movie: Belly of the Beast (2003)

Stars: Steven Seagal, Byron Mann, Monica Lo. An ex-CIA agent’s quest to find his kidnapped daughter leads him on a trail of political intrigue, corruption, danger and betrayal; he will stop at nothing to save her.

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Driven to Kill – Fight Scene

“The magic is as wide as a smile and as narrow as a wink, loud as laughter and quiet as a tear, tall as a tale and deep as emotion. So strong, it can lift the spirit. So gentle, it can touch the heart. It is the magic that begins the happily ever after.” – Unknown

Steven Seagal about Obama, Putin, Russia and the United States (Video)

Lawman and vigilante, fighter and peacemaker. He has played many roles in his career, but few seem as likely as an ambassador between the US and Russia. From disarming a nuclear weapon to helping with the War on Terror, can an actor become a true action hero, succeeding where countless politicians have stumbled? Steven Seagal joins Oksana to thrash out these issues.