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July 3, 2022

Confronting a Geopolitical Strategist on Putin’s Big Plan | Ep. 640 (Video)

The Vladimir Putin-led invasion of Ukraine has been an ominous threat to the Western world for years. Now that it’s fully under way and being met with stiffer Ukrainian resistance than the Russians were expecting, the reasons for Putin’s continued aggression in the face of monumental losses, mounting sanctions from the rest of the world, and the unexpected solidarity of the West seem ill-advised. What does Putin see for the road ahead that we in the West do not?

June 27, 2022

Stephen Kotkin: Putin, Stalin, Hitler, Zelenskyy, and War in Ukraine | Lex Fridman Podcast #289 (Video)

Stephen Kotkin is a historian specializing in Stalin and Soviet history.

June 2, 2022

The TRUTH is coming out in Ukraine and it’s stunning | Redacted with Clayton Morris (Video)

The Western media seems to be realizing that Ukraine is not winning its war to push Russia out of its borders. So now what? Some say that Russia could keep going to take over more territory or it could work to replace the Zelensky government. Would the West stand for that?

March 4, 2022

If Only Putin Had Invaded Mexico by Ann Coulter

“You know who else didn’t want to sell lethal weapons to Ukraine?”

As World War III looms in Europe, we must put narrow partisan differences aside and tap the brain power of the greatest minds among us. It is time for the Biden White House to call upon … Jared!

Speaking of the best and the brightest, our foreign policy mandarins must have felt like it was Christmas Day when a senile dementia patient became president. Finally! No meddling politicians to get in the way of our beautifully designed plans worked out at the Council on Foreign Relations. Although Joseph R. Biden is technically, in a strictly legal sense, “president,” it’s progressives running his domestic policy, and think-tank geniuses running his foreign policy.

Things are going great!

Let’s review the consistent position on Russia from our ruling class, informed by the whiz kids of international affairs.


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November 5, 2021

Putin: Wokeness Is Dismantling The West: Cancel Culture First Happened In Russia During Bolsheviks! (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the far-left woke ideology is causing societal ills in the West, saying that it is no different than what happened in Russia during the 1917 revolution.

October 22, 2021

‘Simply monstrous’: Putin says teaching young children they can easily swap genders is a ‘borderline crime against humanity’

“And this is not new,” the Russian president went on. “In the 1920s, Soviet culture-warriors invented a so-called ‘newspeak,’ believing that in this way they would create a new sense of consciousness and redefine people’s values.”

A growing campaign in the West to do away with gender-based language defies reason and is subverting human nature, Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed, arguing children should not be taught biological sex does not exist.

“The discussion about the rights of men and women has turned into a total phantasmagoria in a number of Western countries,” Putin said in a speech to dignitaries and reporters at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia on Thursday. “Those who risk saying that men and women still exist, and that this is a biological fact, are virtually ostracized.”

He listed examples, such as banning words like “mother” and “father” in favor of terms like “parent one and parent two”, as well as “banning the phrase ‘breast milk’ and replacing it with ‘human milk’ so that people insecure about their own gender wouldn’t get upset.”


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May 2, 2021

Putin: The New Empire (Documentary)

Since Russia was brought to its knees in the 1990s by crippling debt and the grip of the oligarchs following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin has made it his mission to return superpower status to Russia. While not partisan to Putin’s wrongs, this insightful doc examines the logic and motivations of Putin’s vilified regime, and why he is so loved in his homeland.

Click here to watch Putin: The New Empire.

March 5, 2021

‘They’re bugs & we will crush them!’ Putin issues fiery warning about activists & criminals taking advantage of children online

The president gave a stark review of online safety, insisting that the internet is being used “to promote completely unacceptable content: for the distribution of child pornography, prostitution, for driving minors to suicide.”

Russia’s president has condemned “criminals” using the internet to target children for nefarious purposes, such as encouraging attendance at political rallies, like those in support of jailed opposition figure Alexey Navalny.

In a meeting with civic volunteers on Thursday, Vladimir Putin claimed that some accounts were even encouraging minors to commit suicide, arguing that they would feel the full force of the law. “When the police get to these freaks,” he said, “they might be Rambo on the internet, pushing a boy or a girl to jump from a roof, but they will fill their pants. When the bastard is sitting there in front of you, he’s a bug and we don’t mind just crushing him.”

The president’s comments come on the back of another colorful comparison aimed at those taking advantage of children online. During a meeting at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Wednesday, Putin told officials that more action was needed to crack down on people using the internet to “try to take advantage of children in cold blood [in order to] achieve their own selfish, ‘ferret’ goals.”


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January 28, 2021

‘Where is the line between global business & attempts to control society?’ Putin asks Davos as he calls out power of Big Tech

These events have shown that Big Tech companies “in some areas have de facto become rivals to the government,” Putin said.

Technology giants have become powerful rivals to governments, but there are doubts over the benefits for society of their monopoly positions, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told the annual World Economic Forum, on Wednesday .

“Where is the line between a successful global business, in-demand services and consolidation of big data – and attempts to harshly and unilaterally govern society, replace legitimate democratic institutions, restrict one’s natural right to decide for themselves how to live, what to choose, what stance to express freely?” Putin wondered.

“We’ve all seen this just now in the US. And everybody understands what I’m talking about,” he added.


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November 27, 2019

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Riches (2019) Documentary

Vladimir Putin has been accused of corruption on a breathtaking scale. His critics say he’s used his power to amass a secret fortune, so is the Russian president really one of the richest people in the world? Reporter Richard Bilton meets former Kremlin insiders who say they know how Putin’s riches are hidden.