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Predator Poachers Catch Vile Pedo! (Video)

Today, a new sexual orientation just dropped and it might be the dumbest one yet, our very first exclusive collaboration with Alex Rosen and Predator Poachers

NEW YORK SH*TTY: White People Not Allowed to Defend Themselves! (Video)

Dem. Ohio Representative Ismail Mohamed won his primary on Tuesday. His victory speech was EXCLUSIVELY in Somali. Yesterday, a judge ruled that Daniel Penny will stand trial in October for the choking death of Jordan Neely. While Penny will stand trial for being a good samaritan, the rest of NY isn’t faring much better. We also discuss Biden’s CHIPS Act that he bragged about.

Inside The China Plot to Destroy America From Within: Triads, Drugs & Murder | Documentary (Video)

Our team went on the ground to find out exactly how the Chinese Communist Party is propping up the trade of illicit narcotics, human trafficking, and even murder, to destabilize the United States. What we found will send chills up your spine…

The Pedo Files: Who is Hero121? (Video)

Louder with Crowder has released a new investigative report into an email address allegedly associated with BlackRock Managing Director Abigail Gold Geller. The email address in question was found on a leaked database of registered users of ‘dark web’ site known to the Department of Justice to engage in child exploitation. The website was shut down in 2020.

LWC EXCLUSIVE: Nashville Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leaked! (Video)

Steven Crowder


In this video, WATCH as my team and I confront one of the most insidious and powerful corporations you’ve probably never heard of – McKinsey & Company.

Steven Crowder | PBD Podcast | Ep. 243 (Video)

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Steven Crowder and Adam Sosnick.

I Stand With Steven Crowder (Video)

I proudly stand with Steven Crowder. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

Steven Crowder: I didn’t want to do this… (Video)

My response to the Daily Wire: It was never about the money. Here’s the proof.

We Took On ARMED ANTIFA at a ‘KID-FRIENDLY’ Drag Show | CROWDER UNDERCOVER | Louder with Crowder (Video)

Activists once again messed with Texas and brought one of their “child-friendly” drag shows to a local restaurant. The LWC crew was on hand to expose the degeneracy and was met with armed Antifa security. Things went downhill from there.