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February 25, 2017

University Free Speech Chair Slams ‘Stifling Politically Correct Left’

Geher’s Free Speech Task Force has already hosted events on campus, one of which was a talk by Dr. Jonathan Haidt on victimhood culture, safe spaces, and political correctness.

The chair of a university Free Speech Task Force bashed what he called the “stifling politically correct left” and is planning to create content and events pertaining to free speech.

“Censoring, just banning someone on campus and saying we consider you dangerous because of your ideas, because of [sic] what you said doesn’t have a lot of educational value,” said Glenn Geher, Chair of the Free Speech Task Force at State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz. “This is a place where all voices can be heard, even if some of them are unpleasant.”

The cancellation of SUNY’s debate with Accuracy in Media (AIM) director of investigative journalism Cliff Kincaid, yet again puts the university at the center of the national discourse about free speech on college campuses.

“What I find troubling, which people don’t seem to be talking about that much, is what is the point of bringing people who are essentially hate mongers to a college campus?” said SUNY sociology professor Anne R. Roschelle. “I disagree with the idea of a university spending money on someone [sic] is a known hate monger.”


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February 17, 2017

Interview with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson | Free Speech & Social Justice (Video)

In this very exciting stream, I interview University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan Peterson about the controversy surrounding his opposition to Bill C-16, the importance of free speech, gender issues (including non-binary identities and pronouns), and the current prominence of social justice in academia.

February 8, 2017

The Free Speech Wars Have Begun (Video)

“From Gamergate, to Ben Affleck’s ‘Gross and Racist’ tirade, to trigger warnings and safe spaces, to Hillary’s ‘deplorables’ comment, to punching Nazis, and now to the mayhem after Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak at UC Berkeley, the battle over free speech is now front and center in the American psyche.”

January 27, 2017

Free Speech, Not Sharia! (Video)

Faith Goldy of says we need to stop Canada’s Liberal government from passing anti-free speech “Islamophobia” laws.

January 23, 2017

College crackdowns on speech to get worse in response to Trump

‘Tighten up the reins’

Founded by a Justice Department prosecutor who took on the porn industry 30 years ago, the Alliance Defending Freedom just named a veteran of the education culture wars as its next leader.

Michael Farris, the founder of Patrick Henry College, recently became only the second CEO, president and general counsel in the religious-liberty group’s 24-year history. Alan Sears remains as founder.

Known for its lawsuits on behalf of conservative Christians, the alliance has also jumped into more general lawsuits against campus infringements on free speech in the past few years.


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January 4, 2017

Blasphemy & Bravery – Danish Cartoon Crisis in Retrospect – Douglas Murray (Video)

This was part of the conference:
“The Danish Muhammad Cartoon Crisis in Retrospect”
Copenhagen, Denmark – September 26, 2015

December 31, 2016

Facebook Content Creators Fight Back Against Site Censorship as Pages Removed

Like the meme page revolt earlier this year, which included some of Facebook’s largest meme pages, #PowerToThePages seeks to raise awareness of the censorship that is currently taking place on the platform.

A group of nearly a thousand of Facebook’s top page owners are attempting to put a halt to the site’s increasing censorship.

“I have lost 4.3 million likes on one of my pages with a reach of over 183 million daily, and was gaining approximately 15,000 fans weekly,” claimed page owner Jason Karpowich, who has allegedly lost around four other pages with 1 million likes each, and around 50 with between 100,000 and 500,000 likes. “Overall, with all of the Facebook page purges, I lost around 12 million fans and with the loss of these pages a few families have lost their income due to these unjust Facebook purges/unpublishings.”

“We have been trying to contact Facebook for months to no avail,” he continued. “The only response you get is from a bot and auto response, so we formed a group called #PowerToThePages to get the Facebook page owners together.”

Social media entrepreneur and WTF Magazine owner Jason M. Fyk, who is also a part of the #PowerToThePages group, told Breitbart Tech that Facebook’s purge of pages meant that he had to let go of his former employees and rethink his business steps after they reduced his traffic substantially. He was even sanctioned by the site for posting a picture of Family Guy cartoon star Peter Griffin dancing while holding his digital man-boobs.


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December 24, 2016

Superstar reporter warns ‘fake news’ panic is censorship trap

Sharyl Attkisson: ‘I’m really nervous about someone saying we’ll decide the truth’

If you want to spot a forged painting, ask an art expert.

And if you want to find out what is “fake news,” ask perhaps the top investigative reporter in journalism.

Sharyl Attkisson spotted the fake news trend long before it became a recent catchphrase.

And she doesn’t portray it, as do many in the mainstream media, as some right-wing conspiracy. In fact, Attkisson told WND she often sees the mainstream media as prime culprits when they push suspect stories.

So, what is really behind the mainstream media’s war on fake news?

“I think the anti-fake news movement itself is a campaign for a narrative-driven propaganda campaign that started about September,” reflected Attkisson.

And what’s the purpose of the anti-fake news movement?

“I think there’s an agenda to censor the news as opposed to actually trying to eliminate fake news,” she said.

Attkisson won five Emmy Awards and received an Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting during her stint as the top correspondent for CBS News from 1993 to 2014. Before joining CBS, Attkisson was an anchor and correspondent for CNN from 1990 to 1993.


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December 20, 2016

CA lawmaker takes aim at campus speech restrictions

Newly-elected California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is calling for increased intellectual diversity on college campuses, focusing his efforts on overturning unconstitutional speech restrictions.

With the recent tide of censorship and free speech restrictions sweeping colleges across the country, one California lawmaker has had enough.

In a press release Monday, recently-elected California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley called for more intellectual diversity and discourse in the face of increased speech restrictions at California universities.

“California’s universities are a world-class asset,” he observed. “If they are to fulfill their full potential as centers of innovation and academic excellence, we must encourage a diversity of ideas and ensure differing viewpoints are protected.”

The press release also cites the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s recent report on speech codes, which in part addresses the rise of bias response teams, which FIRE believes are detrimental to free speech.

“We should be vigilant in ensuring that even well-intentioned policies do not inadvertently serve to limit free speech,” Kiley remarks. “I am looking forward to working with university leaders, student groups, faculty, and other stakeholders to promote diversity of thought, free expression, and an open exchange of ideas on our state’s college campuses.”

Kiley also praises University of California president Janet Napolitano, who wrote an October op-ed in The Boston Globe defending free speech, saying, “As president of the University of California system, I write to show how far we have moved from freedom of speech on campuses to freedom from speech.”


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December 17, 2016

Students Fight Back Against Anti-Trump Targeting

College Republicans resist threats of retribution to expose unhinged professor’s rant.

After one of the greatest upsets in political history, teachers and professors across the nation have not been adjusting well to the incoming administration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Some professors have resorted to “preaching, not teaching.”

The old ways of campus repression of conservative thought are returning.

And despite Trump’s successful campaign against, and mockery of, political correctness, there is no sign it has been pried from campuses. If anything, it is growing stronger in the wake of Trump’s victory.

One student in Costa Mesa, California, decided to fight back.

The student, still unknown, decided to record the ranting of a psychology teacher at Orange Coast College. The teacher was Olga Perez Stable Cox, who was supposed to talk about human sexuality.

Instead, she suggested Trump supporters were terrorists.

It’s unclear when the video was recorded, but it definitely happened after the Nov. 8 election, because Cox boasts that Republican-leaning Orange County finally voted “my way” — against Trump.

In the video, Cox said, “The nation is divided … It’s an act of terrorism. One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us.”


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