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Illegal immigrant who kidnapped FBI specialist on Pine Ridge headed to prison

Sentencing comes amid conflict between Gov. Kristi Noem and tribes over Biden border policies, drug trafficking

An El Salvadoran man who carjacked and kidnapped an FBI employee on a South Dakota Indian reservation will spend 35 years in prison.

Judge Karen Schreier signed the judgment and commitment order for Juan Francisco Alvarez-Sorto on Tuesday after handing down the sentence in court on Friday. In addition to the 420-month sentence, Alvarez-Sorto, 25 – who was in the country illegally and had previously been deported – was ordered to serve five years of supervised release and pay more than $4,700 in restitution.


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Hector Berrellez: Cartels Own Tourist Resorts, 37,000 People Disappeared Last Year (Part 13) – Video

In this clip, Hector Berrellez sheds light on the horrific violence and corruption employed by Mexican drug cartels and the apparent impunity granted by the Mexican government. Hector shares chilling accounts of cartels torturing, decapitating, and murdering their enemies or their families, to intimidate and assert dominance

Houston rapper accused of holding a homeless woman captive for at least 4 years

That room included “a makeshift toilet that did not flush,” a mattress “covered in fresh vomit” and a few packages of chips and Twinkies, the affidavit said.

A Houston rapper allegedly kidnapped a homeless woman and held her captive in his garage for at least four years before she managed to get access to the suspect’s computer to call rescuers, officials said.

The woman allegedly held by Lee Carter, 52, was found in April but the arrest on a charge of felony aggravated kidnapping only happened on Thursday, court records and Carter’s attorney said.

Records do not explain why it took authorities nearly nine months to arrest the suspect. The condition of the woman, who prosecutors say was 70 pounds and pregnant when authorities located her, was unclear Monday.

Court filings showed Carter posted $100,000 to secure his freedom on Sunday. He was no longer in the Harris County Jail on Monday, a sheriff’s official told NBC News.


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The FBI-tainted Whitmer ‘kidnap plot’ that’s been hidden

Ramaswamy: ‘It was entrapment’

In a fiery exchange last month, CNN anchorwoman Abby Phillip told GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy that there was “no evidence” to support his claim that federal agents abetted protesters at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Ramaswamy shot back that the FBI conspicuously has never denied that law enforcement agents were on duty in the crowd. He argued that federal officials have repeatedly “lied” to the American people about not only that investigation but one that has gotten much less attention: the alleged failed plot to kidnap and kill Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan in 2020.

“It was entrapment,” Ramaswamy said. “FBI agents putting them up to a kidnapping plot that we were told was true but wasn’t.”


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Kidnappings, suitcases of cash and tons of cocaine: Inside the Brooklyn trial of Mexico’s former top cop

But, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn argue, while García Luna was making headlines for high-profile narco arrests and garnering praise from American law enforcement partners in Washington, he was secretly conspiring with the same criminals he claimed to be trying to take down.

The most compelling true crime drama of 2023 so far is arguably playing out on the eighth floor of a federal courthouse in downtown Brooklyn.

Over the past four weeks, a steady stream of characters, including convicted members of some of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels, government officials, and current and former law enforcement agents from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, have regaled the court with firsthand accounts of one of the most violent periods in that country’s recent history.

Their testimonies included tales of kidnappings, murder, suitcases full of cash and millions of dollars’ worth of drugs flowing in and out of Mexico’s major air- and seaports. They’ve described encounters with drug traffickers wearing official police badges and uniforms and federal law enforcement agents in Mexico driving luxury sports cars and carrying gold-plated handguns — narratives that shed light on the tangled web of corruption that has long plagued efforts to dismantle the country’s vastly profitable drug trade.


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A FABRICATED PLOT Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep437 (Video)

In this episode, Dinesh reveals through telling detail how the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was fabricated by the FBI, leading to the conclusion that the accused men were actually framed by the U.S. government. Dinesh examines New York Times columnist Charles Blow’s new concept of “lite privilege.” Larry Elder joins Dinesh to talk about how the GOP can put forward a black empowerment agenda. Dinesh considers what happens when Muslim parents mobilize against the leftist agenda for public schools.

Special Report – Chinese Gov’t Kidnaps Protester in England (Video)

China Gets Screwed from Biden Chip Ban – Xi Makes Scary Speech at 20th congress.

The Nigerian Warrior Hunting Kidnappers | Hunters (Video)

In northern Nigeria, Queen Hunter leads a group of vigilantes who hunt down kidnappers and extremists who have been threatening their community.

China Kidnapped Americans! (Video)

China not only Brazenly kidnapped Americans and Canadians, but are now encouraged to arbitrarily kidnap more…

Grand jury indicts 9 MS-13 members on charges including murder, kidnapping

MS-13 is a violent gang originated by Central American immigrants with the motto ‘kill, rape, control’

A federal grand jury has indicted nine MS-13 gang members on a 60-count indictment with charges including murder, kidnapping and assault — after a federal investigation led to their arrests, government officials announced this week.

Officials said that the MS-13 sub-unit, the Thompson Place Los Salvatrucha clique, operated in Nashville, Tenn., since at least 2014, using murder and other crimes to protect its power and generate income. Funds generated give support to gang leaders and members, including those in jail in the U.S. and El Salvador.

MS-13, also called Mara Salvatrucha, was set up in Los Angeles by Central American immigrants and has expanded across the continent — particularly in Northern Triangle countries like El Salvador and Guatemala. It is known for its particularly horrific and gruesome crimes, and its motto is said to be “mata, viola, controla” — which means “kill, rape, control.” 


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