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March 27, 2017

Texas Woman Bound, Kidnapped After Helping Illegal Immigrant

An illegal alien tied up a woman and attempted to kidnap her and steal her car after she gave him food and water for three days.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Carrizo Springs Station in South Texas received a call for assistance from the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office about a woman seen walking along a highway. The woman reportedly had her hands bound with rope. Agents quickly responded, along with sheriff’s deputies, to assist the victim.

Agents learned the woman helped an illegal alien she found in her backyard. She provided the man with food and water for three days, information obtained by Breitbart Texas from Del Rio Sector spokesman Dennis Smith revealed.

She said that after helping the man survive for three days, he unexpectedly jumped her, tied up her hands and feet, and forced her to get in her car. As the illegal alien attempted to start her car, the woman managed to escape and flee on foot.

Callers reported seeing the woman walking along Farm-to-Market Road 1917 with her hands still bound with rope.

Upon arriving on the scene, the agents and sheriff’s deputies observed footprints leading away from the woman’s home. The deputies and agents, joined by a K9 unit, began searching for the suspected kidnapper. Agents eventually came across a man matching the description of the alleged attempted kidnapper lying in the brush.


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January 8, 2017

Another violent crime live-streamed on Facebook

Baton Rouge pair accused of stabbing, failed kidnapping.

Two Baton Rouge people were arrested late Sunday after they live-streamed on Facebook a failed attempt to kidnap a man who they later slashed with a knives and whose vehicle they purposely crashed into, police said.

Tony Green, 23, and Keeston Davis, 25, went to the victim’s home in the 6800 block of Titian Avenue, where they opened the front door and unsuccessfully tried to pull the man outside, according to Baton Rouge police reports. They then busted the windows of the home and left.

“This incident was documented live and in progress on (Green’s) Facebook page,” an officer noted in one of the arrest reports.


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January 6, 2017

Chicago Kidnapping: What They’re Not Telling You (Video)

Lauren Southern joins Paul Joseph Watson to expose how Black Lives Matter rhetoric led to the racist hate crime kidnap, torture & racial abuse of a mentally disabled teen in Chicago.

December 16, 2016

114 arrested in Polk undercover human trafficking investigation

“We are thrilled that we arrested two men who prey upon children, preventing them from doing so. We are extremely disappointed that we arrested a high-ranking official within the Osceola County School Board, whose occupation focuses on teaching and mentoring children.” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd just made it a little harder for a lot of people to have a merry Christmas.
Undercover detectives arrested 114 people in an online sex sting called “Operation Not So Silent Night.”

They rounded up suspected prostitutes, johns, and human traffickers by placing ads on Backpage, Craigslist and social media sites.

One of the most high profile is Dr. Matthew Phillips, director of elementary curriculum for Osceola County schools.

“He is married,” said Judd. “Bet his wife is really proud of him today.”

One out of four suspects is married. Judd says a lot of wives are going to demanding answers now.

Michael Campanero is a law enforcement officer from Clermont who works for the prison system.

“His wife thought he was at the gym,” said Judd. “I guess he didn’t explain to her what kind of exercise he was going to do.”

Matthew Irvin told his wife he was going Christmas for the kids.


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December 3, 2016

Papini Abduction Likely Work of Mexican Sex Traffickers

Private investigator says evidence suggests a brutal cartel kidnapped and tortured California mom.

Recently freed California mom Sherri Papini who was tortured and branded by her captors was likely the victim of a kidnapping gone awry by a Mexican sex-trafficking ring, according to a private investigator who worked on the case.

The case seems to underline how America’s porous borders enable criminals and other bad elements to enter the United States seeking victims. Mexican crime syndicates have become more active north of the border in recent years. The Redding area in Northern California has become an important corridor for sex-traffickers in recent years.

San Diego-based private investigator Bill Garcia volunteered to work on the case of Sherri Papini, a married mother of two, who was abducted while jogging Nov. 2 near her home in tiny Mountain Gate, which is near the community of Redding on Interstate 5 as it stretches through Shasta County in Northern California.

The Redding area is a primary sex-trafficking corridor, according to Garcia.

Papini has been “cooperative and courageous” while working with law enforcement to track down her captors, county sheriff Tom Bosenko told reporters at a news conference.


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September 2, 2016

Long-missing U.S. student reportedly kidnapped in China in ’04, forced to tutor North Korean dictator (Video)

The province where Sneddon disappeared is in the far southwest corner of China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma. When Sneddon’s father and two brothers traveled to China to retrace his footsteps, they encountered a dozen eyewitnesses who saw and interacted with Sneddon before he disappeared more than 70 miles beyond the gorge.

An American college student who disappeared in China 12 years ago and was believed to have died was in fact kidnapped and forced to work as Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor in Pyongyang, where he remains to this day, according to a South Korean activist organization.

David Sneddon, then a 24-year-old Brigham Young University student, disappeared in August 2004 while hiking in China’s Yunnan Province. When Chinese police and the U.S. Embassy could not find him, China said Sneddon likely fell to his death in Tiger Leaping Gorge — a theory his parents did not believe plausible.

Sneddon’s family claims on a website devoted to the search for him that they believe Sneddon was kidnapped by North Korea and is being held hostage there. The claim appears to have stemmed from information gathered over the years and recent comments from Choi Sung-yong, head of South Korea’s Abductees’ Family Union.


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May 29, 2016

Captured: Laughing ISIS child rapist who bought sex slaves

Green- and blue-eyed girls fetched most money at Mosul bazaar.

An ISIS rapist who was filmed laughing as he bartered for Yazidi women at a “slave market” has been captured by Iraqi Kurd forces, it has been reported.

The 2014 clip from Mosul, Iraq, shows the ISIS militant negotiating the price of the girls from the Iraqi ethnic minority with traders.

Blue and green-eyed young girls fetch a higher price at what one of the men dubs “slave market day”.

The footage begins with this man saying to the camera: “Today is the slave market day.”


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April 24, 2016

Report to Say Mexico Thwarted Probe Into Disappearances of 43 Students

A team of independent investigators to dispute government’s account and blame government for preventing them from verifying what happened.

In their final report on the disappearance and likely killing of 43 college students at the hands of Mexican security forces in league with criminal gangs, a team of independent investigators is expected to report Sunday that the government’s version of the event isn’t true but that they were unable to verify the fate of the youths, several people close to the investigation said.

“We aren’t going to resolve the big issue,” said one of the people close to the investigation on Friday. “We have not found the political conditions to keep working in Mexico.”

Several people close to the investigation said that the specialists sent by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights a year ago were frustrated at every turn by Mexican government agencies. The commission is the human-rights arm of the Organization of American States.

In a statement on Friday, the Mexican government defended its work with the investigators, saying that it “has shown at all times collaboration and disposition to work” with the experts, “giving its full support to uncover the truth on these tragic events.”


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April 15, 2016

Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Murder, Kidnapping in New Jersey

A previously-deported illegal alien from El Salvador faces felony charges after he allegedly stabbed a man to death outside a New Jersey nightclub and kidnapped a woman.

According to police, Salomon Rosendo Gomez-Serpas, 23, stabbed 30-year-old Mario Ortiz outside the Imperial Latino Lounge after the two got into an argument Saturday night, and then he kidnapped an unidentified woman who was later found unhurt.

Despite being deported from Arizona to Guatemala in 2012, and charged with alien inadmissibility, Gomez-Serpas made his way back to the U.S. to illegally hold a job. In 2015, he was charged with assault and trespassing.

On Wednesday, Gomez-Serpas listened to proceedings via a taxpayer-funded interpreter during his first appearance in court on the murder charge. Bail was set at $1 million.

Establishment media, as it so often does, ignored the dramatic background story of illegal migration and deportation.


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April 10, 2016

Two Illegals Charged With Kidnapping, Raping a 12-Year-Old Girl

Two illegal immigrants living in the Washington D.C. area have been arrested and charged with the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old Maryland girl, officials report.

The Montgomery County Police Department announced the arrests of diverse migrants Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, of Wheaton, Maryland, after a sting operation conducted via text, according to the Washington Post.

Police say Carbajal sexually assaulted the girl in her Washington D.C. home, then kidnapped the child and took her to his home in Maryland where both illegals raped the child again.

Carbajal reportedly knows the parents of the child and had called asking if he could visit her at her D.C. home. Police say the mother refused the visit but Carbajal went anyway telling the girl that her mother had given him permission to enter the home.

Police charged that Carbajal assaulted the girl at around noon on March 26 then put her in his van and took her to his home in Maryland.

Carbajal is said to have then introduced the child to Tome as “fresh meat” and the two forced the girl into a bedroom and raped her again.

According to an announcement by the D.C. Metropolitan Police, Carbajal was arrested by police in the increasingly diverse Montgomery county, and charged with first degree child sexual abuse, as well as first and second-degree rape, false imprisonment, and kidnapping.


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