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Dave Smith: Russia, Israel, Trump & the Swamp, Obama, and the Media Attacks on Joe Rogan (Video)

Dave Smith is a Libertarian, comedian and hosts the podcast, @PartOfTheProblem. Check out for upcoming tour dates. In this conversation, Dave Smith explains how neocons wrecked the country.

Tucker PICKS APART Christian Zionism With Bethlehem Preacher (Video)

Due Dissidence

Psychiatrist Breaks Down Woke Media’s Effects on Your Mental Health (Video)

Tucker Carlson Network

Exposing the Dark Side of Amazon (Video)

What’s it like to work for Jeff Bezos? Here’s an account from someone who sells for him.

Exposed: Loophole in U.S. Law Allows Illegals to Vote Without Penalty (Video)

Will foreigners be able to choose our next president? As it turns out, yes, maybe even legally. Catherine Engelbrecht has discovered a federal law you may not have heard of.

Ex-CIA Agent on Capturing Che Guevara, Who Truly Killed JFK, and Election Predictions (Video)

Che Guevara was executed in 1967 in a remote Bolivian village. One of the last people to speak to him alive was CIA officer Felix Rodriguez. Here’s his story.

Tucker Carlson Unfiltered (Video)

A year after his shocking exit from Fox News, Tucker Carlson sat down with Moms for America. In this exclusive interview, one of the most recognizable names in conservative media shares his story. Tucker talks about the importance of family and the hot-button issues that moms care about most. As someone who has had his finger on the pulse of the conservative movement, Tucker has great insight to share. You do not want to miss this!

Klaus Schwab, Transgenderism, and AI | Russian Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin (Video)

Aleksandr Dugin is the most famous political philosopher in Russia. His ideas are considered so dangerous the Ukrainian government murdered his daughter and Amazon won’t sell his books. We talked to him in Moscow.

Tucker’s rolling logs over. Let’s see what crawls out. (Video)

Vivek Ramaswamy

FULL SPEECH: The Most Important Lesson to Learn From Teddy Roosevelt (Video)

Tucker Carlson’s 2024 speech in Scottsdale, Arizona for the International Order of T. Roosevelt.